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  1. Where did all the threads disappear to? Did the edgelords take it too far?
  2. There’s posters on here that can barely go a day without bringing him up in every thread. This forum will be full of weeping tragi-cunts when he dies.
  3. Absolutely no chance we will win this now, simply won’t be allowed. 6 or 7 nil to the huns.
  4. Should out the ones sending his wife abuse. Probably that weasel poodler, seems the type. As for harassing the players, you can just tell Millermong does it, desperate for a retweet or reply.
  5. Aberdeen fans being negative abuse arseholes aye? What a shock. Imagine sending his wife abuse ffs, utter fucking pond life in our support.
  6. Was that in the box? Ref couldn’t wait to give it.
  7. Ah, your wife is some yank you met on the internet, not a Thai bride? Why didn’t you say so.
  8. Interesting that the SPFL highlights on YouTube cut where Ramirez celebrates with glass for an extended shot of the crowd instead
  9. Aye because we beat the huns all the time at Ibrox You are honestly one of the biggest fucking idiots on the planet.
  10. We’re not used to holding on to a lead. Longstaff though I agree.
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