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  1. I looked back literally one page. I’m sure they will appreciate you trying to White Knight them though, you absolute hero.
  2. Of course it’s childish, throwing your toys out of the pram because we take a player on loan from Celtic? You’ll not cancel anything anyway, full of shite screeching drama queen. Lol, shut up ffs
  3. Absolute drama queens as per. The state of people on here.
  4. Can’t be bothered reading page after page of pathetic mewling but it was a dead rubber, we are good on the ball and at keeping possession but no end product. Barron is a fantastic wee player. McKenzie had another good game. Usual suspects on here foaming at the mouth about everything as usual.
  5. The state of everyone jumping on the bandwagon now Millermong and Del Monte must have made 90% of the posts in this thread yet still somehow seem desperate to tell everyone how shite he is. Fucking get over it
  6. But I imagine both teams will be happy to play out a 0-0 tonight so
  7. What? Saints need a result here or it will go to last game of the season to decide who finishes bottom.
  8. Well this has a different angle now after the Dundee game. Saints will be desperate for the win while we fanny about with Connor McLellan
  9. It’s down to the player though. Play at a no mark team like Bologna or one of the best in the world at the moment. The club can’t force him to sign for a club he doesn’t want to go to. The naivety on display in this thread is incredible. As soon as a player knows a club like Liverpool is keen to sign them then all this “we should hold out for 10million” is irrelevant nonsense.
  10. Why does Ramsay have a much higher ceiling than Barron?
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