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  1. Seemingly at the request of St JOhnstone, but nae fully sure why
  2. Seen Fuchs had been linked with clubs down south so doubt we'd be able to compete with the finances on offer. Wouldn't mind us going for Watt, seems to finally have found his feet
  3. Agreed, Rooney was a great poacher but the rest of his game lacked, Ramirez is great at dropping deep to get the ball and puts one hell of a shift in, in terms of work-rate
  4. OR get the luxury of the media blowing smoke up his arse and making him out to the best thing since sliced bread
  5. For me I think with how St JOhnstone will likely play having someone like Jenks whose work rate will be better than JET's I'd rather that Jenks starts from the off. Nice to have some selection dilema's for a change!
  6. PLeasantly surprised how well he's done since he joined us. Second top goal scorer in the league, he's shown if he gets some support and a bit of service he can score, long may it continue
  7. Aye bar not set high but he looks better in a more forward role, did well to help link up play and was quite direct in his running. Wouldn't begrudge him getting a start over JET next week tbh
  8. Similar to how Chich Young is a St MIrren fan aye?
  9. Thought he did quite well when he came on, best game for us so far. Hopefully more to come from him
  10. Good result and great attacking performance, few worries defensively but can't complain too much about a 4-1 win!
  11. Hopefully more of the same, going to hope for 2-0 although can see St Mirren being stuffy and hard to break down. Ramirez and Hayes goals
  12. Funniest was Birmingham fans thought we were being bitter when we said he was honking. Still least he's able to fufill every lads dream and play in the Papa Johns Trophy
  13. Aye hopefully, just signed a new deal too. Only way we can show to younger players they should come here is by giving constant opportunities to youth players, which bar Mackenzie/Ramsay hasn't really happened a lot in the last few seasons
  14. IMO I'd look to play a 3 when Gallagher etc are fully fit; McCrorie, Gallagher, Bates as the centre backs with Ramsay/Mackenzie at wing back either side
  15. Glaringly obvious that he's gonna be off since about August, any time a player is "keeping their options open" it almost always ends up with them leaving. No doubt head down to England and earn treble the wages but no doubt fade into obscurity ala Cosgrove
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