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  1. Take any of these tbh, can see us going for McCarthy at St Mirren for obvious reasons, big window ahead, let's hope Mowbray and co get it right
  2. Agreed, really wanted it to work for Mackenzie but it's clear the loon just isn't up to the level we need. Hopefully Ngwenya is able to step up in a similar vein to how Barron did
  3. Thank christ the season is over, be glad to see the back of half of the useless arseholes @minijc when can we expect transfer news/players leaving to be annouced?
  4. Wouldn't be shocked to see our released list be annouced at 2.30 almost straight after the FT whistle Hopefully Mowbray has worked some magic with regards to transfer cause boy do we need a shit ton of quality
  5. In, will be a shite game. Probably 1-0 them with Main outpacing Considine to score. Thank christ the season is over after this game
  6. I'd like to think £3.5 mill with add-ons however depends what clubs offer us, as we can see with Ramsay we aren't getting top dollar for good talents. I can see Watford going in for him as they had interest there and no doubt they'll be losing a lot of players after being relegated
  7. McGinn had a year left on his deal though did he not? That's our advantage that Ferguson does have 2 years left on his deal and despite what his hun prick of a father thinks we aren't going to sell him for pennies (even if we only pay him £500 a month or whatever shite he was havering)
  8. Personally think Barron would do alright further forward, was able to get the ball and drive at Saints defence in patches yesterday, certainly couldnt hurt to try him further up
  9. Aye exactly, how it should be, hopefully see guys like Ngwenya, Duncan, Hanratty (maybe) given a fair crack of the whip; be a damn site cheaper than bringing in dross like Kamberi, Hornby, JET, Wilson etc
  10. Thank christ, utterly honking player. Complete waste of a wage and an utterly pointless signing
  11. Was meant to go to Atlanta 2 but COVID stopped that, went off to Forfar and Derek signed his pal Leigh. Pretty obvious that neither Barron, Ramsay or Mackenzie would've been anywhere near our first team. Anderson was also criminally mis-used and not given a fair chance too
  12. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/dylan-mcgeouch-funso-ojo-time-26615536 Article from over a month ago indicated him and McGeough away once contracts are up, thank godness. Can't believe McLean suggested we are going to renew MOntgommery's loan, he is completely hopeless
  13. Mate of mine is an Arab, said he's on £10k a week, can't see anyone in scotland bar the ugly sisters getting him, will no doubt have offers in England
  14. Think with Anderson he wasnt going to sign a new eal with us and we did a "swap" so that we didnt pay a fee for JET and they didnt pay a fee for Anderson, pretty clear who benefitted from that - utterly horrific recruitment
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