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  1. Yes I'm glad too, let's hope we can follow it up with another 3 points on Saturday
  2. Fraser Fyvie x2, Mitch Megginson & Jamie Masson
  3. https://www.shieldsgazette.com/sport/football/matty-longstaff-aberdeen-fans-far-from-impressed-with-newcastle-fan-favourites-loan-spell-3474921
  4. Tbf 92nd minute and you'd let in 12 goals (I think she only came on at half time) you'd be pretty pissed off and not giving a fuck
  5. I hope to hell they don't go this way but this is a scenario... Wed Dec 1st Aberdeen v Livi - Livi Win Dundee v St Johnstone - Dundee Win St Mirren v Ross County - Ross County Win 7th Livingston 16pts 8th St Mirren 16pts 9th Dundee 16pts 10th Aberdeen 15pts 11th St Johnstone 14pts 12th Ross County 13pts Sat Dec 4 Aberdeen v St Mirren - St Mirren Win St Johnstone v Ross County - Ross County Win 11th Aberdeen 15 pts 12th St Johnstone 14pts Then our next game is Sat Dec 11th and it's St Johnstone v Aberdeen
  6. Was the result as bad as any of these? https://imgur.com/3JuPaPf (aye I dinna ken how to upload a photo)
  7. https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/newcastle-united-joe-white-longstaff-22209498 The midfielder - who rose to prominence with a wonder goal against Manchester United two years ago - had an exit clause in his contract in early January and could return to the Magpies if new boss Howe sees fit. Alternatively, Howe and his coaching staff could dip into their own contacts to find him a club that will ensure he gets the game-time he desperately needs. Since arriving at Aberdeen, where he was assured of a fair chance, Longstaff has been on the bench as an unused sub. With Glass feeling the heat and needing results, Longstaff has ended up in the middle of a political game.
  8. You would say that lol, pleased for Deano though.
  9. I just hadn't seen it done on such a cool way as today. The "push and altercation" between Brown and Hedges was a thing of brilliance and probably something we will only get away with once.
  10. It was just nice to see a real a real piece of guile from us again, but aye I was 8 then and still remember it like it was yesterday
  11. Dare I say it but shades of Strachan and McMaster 83 about it?
  12. I'm sure benigime running into Hedges was an unintended consequence, drawing away the attention of the 2 Hearts players in front of Brown & Hedges was deliberate though and a thing of beauty
  13. Definitely deliberate but maybe not in the way you think. Watch the clip I posted..the push was over and done with before Ferguson started his run
  14. If the push from Brown on Hedges was done to block Benigime then Brown is even more of a genius. For me it was done to distract the 2 Hearts guys in front of them opening the space for Ferguson to run into to, looked liked Benigime just was unsighted and ran into the back of Hedges But opinions and all that
  15. 7 points from 9 where I and many others expected 0...should have been 9 from 9 but for a cheating ref - we're back in the top 6...onwards and upwards
  16. Another goal and we move up to 5th c'mon!!!
  17. Richard Gordon thinks he was just too dumbfounded by the decision to protest.
  18. And there is the penalty...c'mon Joe!!!
  19. Wtf??? As if it couldn't get any worse for the home side! Substitute Cillian Sheridan has come on but is momentarily out of action as he loses his hair bobble. After some frantic searching, right in front of manager James McPake, he eventually grabs a spare from the Dundee bench.
  20. Think the old cnut Tyldesley might have been speaking sh!te about Wright
  21. Think he might have got injured in the warm up as commentator said he's not on the bench after all
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