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  1. I just hope we're not a pushover for a move this window. 12m for Patterson. They can afford 500k plus add ons for Souttar. We're financially sound enough to keep him and not play him and write off any 100k bid.
  2. They probably want to announce on back of agreeing a move in this window and an agreed fee with Hearts. Believe we're trying to get a decent figure but hard once the other club knows it's them or no one else. Only thing we'd say is if too low, we'll just keep him til end of the season. Souttar would get a hard time from fans. And run risk of injury. He'll want away now. And I'd rather see a replacement signed, believe we've identified who we'd move for. Have to admit to being surprised no serious move from Celtic.
  3. Souttar passed a medical at Ibrox supposedly AND accepting less money than offered down south.
  4. Agree. Just media fans trying way too hard to help their club land players in Scotland. At the expense of clubs like Hearts, who are only really there to help the Glasgow pair, is their view. Again, hoping Souttar heads south but I'm doubtful now. Expect him to publicly say what's happening by tomorrow latest.
  5. West Coast press made a big deal when they seemed to find out his mum is a season ticket holder at Ibrox.
  6. Hey Shinn. Hope ur well. I think he's gonna go this window. Especially if it's west. Tynie would be a feisty place for him now, to agree to move west end of the season. I said here before the Glasgow two play a good game selling themselves. As for loyalty. Agents can twist that. The club had to legally do what it did. etc. You've a young family. Your injury shows what a fragile career it is. So on. Some manage the move OK. Some don't. I didn't hate Hartley. I hated Pressley. Souttar might be one we're OK with. Kind of. But still hope he goes south.
  7. Thought McKenna looked the business versus Arsenal. U see it?
  8. Feeling like Souttar likely to go west. Just a feeling. Likely 4 year deal and leaves Ibrox for England half way through for £6m. Seems like only Rangers, Sheffield Utd and Forest in for him seriously now. Meanwhile Dundee Utd land £2m for a youngster. Thanks for nothing John. Look after that Achilles.
  9. Local journo down here saying the number of clubs in for Souttar is into double figures.
  10. Think we got £1.5m and 450k went to Celtic. The sell on fee is a gamble. Higher sell on then less cash up front. So you're banking on future success. When you might also need cash. Now. Managers also think jam tomorrow for the club when I'm likely not here. Gimme money now. So will pressure Boards for cash up front to help their immediate transfer coffers. That said, Hickey was promised to start for Bologna, in Italy's top flight. And was 18 when he moved. Always likely he'd get a move for big money if he showed promise. I'd have tried to insist on as high a sell on fee as possible, especially if it was at the expense of a fee where Celtic were taking 30%.
  11. Source of conversation of Kickback. Seems wisdom varies. Anywhere between 5% and 15% if believing those who say a percentage. But. Our CEO in company said we'd get a 6 figure sum. Which leads some to believe it's a flat fee. Or a percentage that'll lead to 6 figures. No more. Pessimistically I don't think we've much in place. So don't worry. Wouldn't be surprised to see Hickey go for £10m-£15m and us getting 500k at most. Anything more a pleasant surprise. All that said. Celtic had a 30% sell on fee which hammered us. You'd think we'd have played that forward as best we could. He's meant to be absolutely flying out there and seen as one of Serie A's best youngsters. Would expect another Italian club or two to show interest.
  12. Since David Gray, Hibs have tried to fill RB. Jason Naismith. Paul McGinn. Chris Cadden. Even Martin Boyle at RWB. But now Clarke, brought up as a CH, is a stand out signing? Might be worth a punt, but calm down. Usual scattergun signings at Lochend as they get ready to sell. Like Gordon Brown with Gold. Selling Porteous, Doig and Nisbet when they all look average.
  13. Yup, my bad. Loan is up May 22. Contract at Birmingham til 2024. Would take him on loan at Hearts. Was a handful at Aberdeen.
  14. Never really read any of you mention Sam Cosgrove? Out of contract in May and has been poor at Birmingham, and Shrewsbury on loan. But was a player up here. Still only 25 or something.
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