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  1. Not one to start a rumour. So I'll just say, based on nothing I've heard. But Martin Boyle. Team relegated. His other half wants to come home. Aberdonian. You lot have Ramsay cash.
  2. Personally I think Grant is a first XI signing so don't think we'll be spending big for his understudy. And can't see both starting. Although Grant played wide left at Lincoln. And can play deeper. Ronan is out and out attacking number 10. So maybe. Kickback says we're in still. But also we're not. Who knows. Glad to help.
  3. Ha. You don't have a single decent defender on your books. Anywhere. From keeper through your back 4, you need major surgery. Compare your keeper and defence as things stand with Gordon, Atkinson, Smith, Siddick, Neilson, Halkett, Rowles, Kingsley, Cochrane. And we're still looking for another quality CH to start. Gallagher, Bates and Boogie is it?
  4. You need better come-backs. You just sound a really angry boring guy.
  5. You finished 7 places behind us. SEVEN. In a 12 team league. And apart from losing Souttar, no significant losses to our team. Even Simms was only part of the season. We've likely 7 or 8 new faces arriving. STs now nudging 16,000. We're getting min £3m euro money. Likely £2m for Hickey. And you think we're gonna be overtaken after one transfer window by the team that avoided a relegation playoff by 6 points? Still got Gallagher and Bates at the back? Kye Rowles STARTS for an international World Cup team. Focus on a top half finish. Leave us to deal with big boy shit like cup finals, Europe and the top end of the league. Taking Forrest off Livingston will help yous. You're welcome.
  6. Biggest fan owned club in the UK. And certainly the most philanthropic community club in Scotland. Don't worry bout our morals, potty mouth.
  7. Tbf when Naismith was up for it, he was on a different level, some player. But on the whole if a club of our size was spending 20k a week on two salaries, I'd have wanted a better double act up front, with resale values. There are exceptions. We're paying a lot for Craig Gordon. Which I'm happy with.
  8. Between Boyce and Naismith including bonuses etc we weren't getting much change out of 20k a week. I wasn't impressed to learn this at the time.
  9. Apologies. We're at 15,000 STs and ready to sell out. Bout 120 left. Pressure to open up few remaining bits of Tynie used for walk ups. Bursting out our 20k stadium. How are plans for ur 16,000 seater coming on? I'm sure it'll look sweet when it's done. PS. Love your remember when stuff. Weren't you guys big in the 80s? Like Ultravox.
  10. He splits the Hearts support. Personally I think he's underachieved. He's on about 8k a week. I don't think he's ever looked like the Ross County player. He seems slow. Ponderous. Sometimes a poor touch. Poor pass. Doesn't impose himself. Plays too deep, but that might be Robbie. At 31 with a year left I'd love to see us get a fee and him off the wage bill. 8k would go some way to getting Simms back on loan. Not a huge Shankland fan. But more excited by him than Boyce. I'm not even fussed Boyce going to a rival. Good luck, as you burn through the Ramsay money.
  11. Got 8 guaranteed Euro games. Been in 3 out of last 4 Scottish Cup finals. 3rd place finish. And strengthened. 14,000 STs sold in first few days. Confirmed both Glasgow clubs will receive less than half Roseburn to accommodate our growing demand. Hickey money likely. Minimum 3rd in the bag.
  12. Sounding like fees agreed by Hearts with clubs for Lawrence Shankland, Jorge Grant and Alex Cochrane. Tours and personal terms stages for all 3. Adding to Kye Rowles, Alan Forrest and Lewis Neilson. Expecting still more arrivals as we look to compete on 4 fronts.
  13. They were paying Mueller 16k a week. He was a sub. Then released. Their signings are managed by the owner's son. I'm pretty relaxed. Still trying to replace Boyle by buying up lots of mediocrity. Will push for 6th.
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