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  1. Great night. Thanks for asking. Hope you all enjoyed Netflix.
  2. Yous would be impressed. Talking a 9. I'm doing well. I'm only an 8.5.
  3. If any old school on here, Hi-Tec Squash 24 quid on Amazon. Dunno what this pish above is all about. But it saddens me.
  4. I'm having a bottle of Merlot then meeting a 39 year old scorcher later. Spiceworld
  5. Actually. Tynecastle pitch could be changed E/W instead of N/S. New stand would then be a 7,300 stand behind the goal. Pitch made bigger. Need to acquire surrounding land especially behind Wheatfield. Lots of planning permission and land purchases needed. Plus investment of FOH and Mr Anderson plus possible naming rights invesrment. But we could arguably build towards a 35k stadium with proper Corporate. Assuming away end of c4k we'd need to have 31k Hearts fans. To fill that we'd need cheaper pricing. 19k capacity plus ludicrous pricing is strangling us. At least I'd like to see ambition to grow. And even if 10k empty seats for some games, it'd still be 25k. I think bigger crowds plus Corporate and increased match day sales and walk ups would see us above current income levels. The guys at Hearts and Hibs aren't here to maintain Status Quo. (Left that open for a joke...).
  6. The fuck are Dundee involved for? Minnows with a track record of deceit and vote changing. Hearts are now owned by our fans, EXACTLY the kind of example where our ownership needs a voice. Should have refused them a seat at the table. Or invited them, then changed our minds at last moment. Agree with other four who should be pushing for a fairer distribution of TV money outwith Glasgow. Also pricing. The Glasgow two can nearly charge anything. And still play to full stadiums. The four of us should be pushing independent pricing at 15 quid a ticket. With discounts for kids, OAPs, and disabled. And therefore playing to twice the crowds. Also TV deals can't stipulate Glasgow two getting away games live all the time. Live big games from our grounds harm our attendances. Glasgow two protected with only home games are against each other. Dare say reconstruction also back on the table. A 16 team top league. Breaking into two. Generally good things happening at Hearts, Hibs and Aberdeen. Our top league should be getting more investment to support this further. Doncaster out. There's a start. He couldn't sell a glass of water to a man on fire.
  7. Hearts. Andy Halliday. Barrie McKay. Aberdeen. Ross McCrorie. David Bates. We done?
  8. A total lie isn't really bants. I wouldn't try to get a rise out you by saying Dundee Utd are bigger than Aberdeen. Hearts are so much bigger than Hibs that we nearly bought them. Also. You're picking on a team above you in the league. That must feel, dunno, rubbish?
  9. Welcome Barrie Mckay. Decent set of wingers / width / attacking MFs at Hearts. McKay. GMS. Woodburn. Ginnelly. Walker. Good signing on eve of smashing Lochend Celtic. Again. And going clear at the top.
  10. The honest answer is I've no idea. Me and my pals went into the 1874 bar in the new stand. Had to leave cos Hearts fans were that annoying. Just cos you support the same team doesn't mean group think. I'm sure Aberdeen fans annoy you too. Now imagine 9,000 as shareholders all feeling an inflated sense of entitlement around their views. They'll be at each others throats about what picture to use on the Report and Accounts. It'll be an adventure as you say.
  11. I like the concept of fan ownership. And I am genuinely proud of the fan base for what we've now done out of adversity. Of course it doesn't mean fans run and manage the club. Or we'd have Rab fae Muirhouse going into one about playing with a sweeper. Or wee Jimmy fae Balgreen saying his mate could manage the bar. We need to have a professional Board. But. It'll have a fan shareholder on it. And fans can sack the Board. We ultimately are the majority owner now. And can hold votes as such on major decisions. As I watch clubs down south sell themselves to Dubai billionaires. And move out of town to plastic bowls. I applaud Hearts for only cememting ourselves into our local community more and more. I know we all think our clubs are unique. But this honestly makes me proud of Hearts. And I think Aberdeen and Hibs especially should follow suit. Scottish football could be like the German model. Even more so.
  12. Hearts headlines today. Hearts become the largest fan owned club in the UK and field congratulations from clubs all over the UK from Crystal Palace up to Newcastle. With Newcastle saying our actions specifically made them start the same process. Hearts fans being their inspiration. Aberdeen headlines today. Michael Gove was out nightclubbing.
  13. If. If if. If me auntie had balls she'd be me uncle... Brent.
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