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  1. To be fair, you think Gurr is a good player. I'm not knocking McKenzie, he's done OK most of the time. He's decent in the tackle and in most defensive situations when he's behind the ball. A useful player to have in the squad. But as an attacking full back or wing back he's limited.
  2. Or as a squad player at Aberdeen, which I'd have no issue with
  3. Aye I'd rather we had someone else in the Jet role but retain the 4 attackers. But who? Maybe in January.... Ideally I'd rather we played a back 4 because a back 3 bores me to tears. But we'd need to get the back 4 working better than it was earlier in the season.
  4. The Jet thing is an interesting one. Gave us a focal point and a target further forward to free up Hedges, Watkins and Ramirez a bit more. Good to have an extra body up that end of the pitch too. The benefit of a back four. With a back 3 and 2 full backs as wing backs you end up sacrificing an attacking player. Let's see how we get on with a back 4 against a better team than Livingston
  5. They've got it all sewn up with the SFA and spfl. They can make these decisions without any risk of retribution. If anyone complains they just get banned and/or fined. The only time a referee gets demoted or reprimanded is when they give decisions against the Huns or Celtic. Been like this forever sadly.
  6. This won't go down well but I think we're better without McKenzie. Not sure he's better than Hayes all things considered. We need a new left back though in all honesty. Not the first time in the last ten years we've said that.
  7. He's better when he gets given the ball high up the pitch and all he has to do is run at the defenders and shoot/Cross. That way he can be direct and have some value. Asking him to do anything more complicated than that normally causes a disconnect between brain and feet. But, saying all that, for some reason I like the loon.
  8. McLennan can be his own worst enemy at times. But he was better when he was in a settled position wide right in a front three. He's either been injured or played all over the place in the last 2 years.
  9. Better to improve the first team. That's how you keep raising the overall standard. Then the bench will automatically improve as a result of current first teamers sitting out.
  10. Showed a bit of confidence in terms of moving forward with the ball which was good to see. As you say the opposition weren't up to much but hopefully getting a goal as well will help his confidence. He's a good age and has got some decent attributes so would be great if he established himself
  11. No way Hedges is staying imo. We've seen this movie before
  12. This team needs to go on a consistent run of good results. And that goes for all the players too. They need to start performing consistently as very few have done up to now. Great to get 3 points last night but it can't be followed again by another run of defeats. Glass must be the first Aberdeen manager to be lauded for the odd win here and there.
  13. Cubo Torres might be fun. Erick Estéfano Torres Padilla is a Mexican professional footballer who plays as a striker. He is nicknamed "El Cubo" due to his large, cubical shaped head. Zero goals in 22 games for Atlanta this season though, unfortunately
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