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  1. Practically non contact already when you see some of the penalties that are given these days for people challenging for the ball and slightly brushing against an opponent just before they win it. If you don't win a ball completely cleanly you've got a pretty big chance of giving away a penalty and at least getting booked.
  2. I think all four of those scenarios are probably more likely than us beating Croatia by 2. Hopefully Groups B and C pan out the way we want tomorrow then we'll know its a straight shoot out for the knockouts on Tuesday night.
  3. We'd realistically need to win by 2 goals to top Switzerland coz they've scored more goals than us.
  4. Turkey pull one back. A draw in that game would be handy for our group
  5. Nae much wriggle room for Wales if they're going to qualify automatically now.
  6. Aye its the hope that kills you. It will be another tough game. Croatia have slipped a lot but they're still on a similar level to the other two teams we've played.
  7. Possibly the least creative midfield pairing I've seen in an England team for a long time. Mount carries a threat at the head of their midfield three but the other two are just ball winners mainly. Our three handled them no problem. Their only threat was when their full backs got forward to support their wide players and they able to make runs into the box inside our wide centre backs.
  8. We'll know before the game starts how a couple of the other groups have finished. Since only 2 of the 6 third placed teams go out you'd be extremely unlucky not to be one of the four that goes through if you had 4 points.
  9. England only had one shot on target. At home. Great team performance.
  10. Well done lads. Great effort. Game on against Croatia now.
  11. Armstrong, Hendry, Cooper and Christie out McGregor, Gilmour, Adams and Tierney in O'Donnell survives! Decent line up apart from that though. Come on Scotland!
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