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  1. I don't think he will. Kennedy is persona non grata. Has he even made one bench domestically this season? But I can't stress how much of a weak link Ojo is in that attacking midfield role. He's forever out of position meaning we surrender possession in midfield on the break. And he can't be trusted to play a decent final ball or to finish. So what's the point?
  2. Left footed midfielder on the right wing? What a fucking mess our squad is in
  3. We don't have one. Apart from maybe McLennan? The rest are all left wingers, some of which have been used as inverted right wingers.
  4. Aye he was. But playing Ojo there is even worse.
  5. Would be better playing as a ten than he was as a wing back last season. At least he could take a ball side on and play a pass as well as take a man on without running it out for a throw like he did on the left wing
  6. The week that Cormack and Glass went over to the States to secure the release of Jack Gurr was the first real alarm bell.
  7. Big fuss about nothing. We'd be better questioning why Gallagher couldn't be fucked closing his shot down once he'd cut inside Ramsay.
  8. This is up there with Thurso 's refusal to accept that John McGinn might be a good player.
  9. Even forgotten man Matty Kennedy would be better at it than Ojo.
  10. So he just translates and lays out cones because you've decided he's a shite coach?
  11. Did you miss the bit about being with Benitez at Newcastle?
  12. Can't remember even the last time we had one that could take on and beat his man on the ground.
  13. When was the last time we had a striker who could make chances for himself without relying on others putting it on a plate for him every time? Been a long time.
  14. Looks like Bates and Considine might be our best two centre backs. Which doesn't say a lot for Gallagher and McCrorie when a 34 year old on his last legs is better.
  15. Brown was OK on Saturday. But he's 36 and can't do it all himself. The other 2 in midfield (Ojo and Ferguson) were a shambles.
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