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  1. Yeah I agree totally. But as a fan I don't give a fuck if we get £3m or £4m for a player or whether we're getting a few hundred grand once they've played 50 games for their new club. I want to see good players in a red shirt for as long as we can.
  2. We've just got a bad group, mentally and attitude wise as much as anything. Some of the players are maybe OK individually on paper but as a group they just stink the place out.
  3. I think someone at the club got confused between possession based football and attacking football.
  4. I'm nae sure we'd even win games with a 443 with this lot.
  5. We definitely need to change formation. Every version of the 433 we've seen this season has been absolutely shite.
  6. I've no issue with us being a selling club. But the supporters should be focused on what the player does in a red shirt for as long as possible rather than wishing them out of the door to the highest bidder as soon as they can. It's folk getting excited about selling Ramsay so we can pay over the odds in wages for another year of Gallagher, Bates and Watkins that strikes me as odd.
  7. Aye. Willie Miller nailed it in his article today. All teeth and no class at Pittodrie these days.
  8. Aye. Some of our support seem more interested in the money side than the football side these days. As soon as a player makes the first team they're already obsessed with how much we're going to sell them for. Then when we do sell then they watch them more for their new team than they did for us in the vain hope that we'll cash in on an "add-on"
  9. Good luck to the lad. Almost 600 appearances and 40 odd goals is a great effort. Always gave his all in whatever position he was asked to play. Hope he manages a couple of years somewhere else before he hangs up his boots.
  10. No worries mini. You enjoy booing Andy tomorrow after 20 years of service whilst worshipping a mercenary who's fucked off early on his holidays.
  11. Doesn't prove that at all. If anything it proves that you are happy to hang on to minor points of detail as justification that everything you say is correct whilst ignoring the main thrust of the debate.
  12. None of which changed the main point which was we had spent a huge amount of money on old players
  13. There were actually two. And that was after McGinn left. But let's not let the truth get in the way of this little branch that you seem to be hanging onto. I said the squad was too old and you said it was a young squad with a 'smattering' of older players which was complete pish
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