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  1. Disagree. He will come good. Everybody will be gutted when he leaves by end of the season.
  2. We yet again had enough chances to win the game. Here, don’t get me wrong it was far from perfect and below par - too much pointless passing too often, over reliance on the fullbacks to be high to cross and 3 midfielders all doing the same thing far too often- but with a few tweaks and some better finishing I think we’ll be good. Keep the patience lads. Glass isn’t gonna gel a pretty much whole new team wae a new style overnight.
  3. I’d be pretty confident saying Longstaff is better than Ferguson and we will see this next few months. I’ve seen him for Newcastle showing levels well above Ferguson. One of them should be used as CAM to Jan.
  4. I’ve been telling a mate or should I say Buddie all window we’re signing McGrath so I’d love it last day of the window as he’s been laughing it off. Get it done Aberdeen!!
  5. Well the goal wasn’t his fault. He actually made a very good save before it. Goalkeepers can concede and have a good game
  6. Let’s no start shitting on Ojo again. Had some v good CM performances. He’s only on wing temporarily due to injuries. I don’t think he’d ever claim to be a winger.
  7. Tbf he was very decent yesterday. Turned a corner hopefully.
  8. We desperately need a CAM, like a proper attacking mid to link things up. Somebody to play in front of Longstaff and Brown. I kind of hope Ferguson does leave at this stage as it would be a good earner and he’s back to his sitting deep pish which IMO is a waste of his talent. Especially with Brown sitting already. He was going proper box to box first few games which was more exciting. I think were well prepared for his exit and the fee could maybe get us that last CAM option.
  9. Me too. a think McGrath n Hamilton will both be snapped up next few days. The later by Hibs which would make it worse.
  10. Ferguson out, McGrath and Hamilton in would round that off nicely.
  11. Watkins and Hedges weren’t available mate, nor McLennan and Hayes was already on. That’s probably why Ojo was expected to
  12. Hamilton the players agent is very keen to get him a move. Hamilton the club might feel the pressure and lower their estimation.
  13. Aye a seem to be the only cunt that rates Gallagher so far I think he’s been very calm, composed and despite pen v hearts pretty assured defensively given our gun ho style at times. Lumps it when nothings on which sometimes is more than I’d like but thought he comfortable coped with ; most European games, livi and raith without rarely leaving second gear, so he’s more to give yet which is a good sign IMO. Put it this way I wouldn’t be blaming him for the goals other than pen v hearts n it’s fairly soft IMO. chipping it over GMS head is my personal highlight so far. I think if you ask a 100 people gallacher or Bates at least 99 pick Gallagher.
  14. He’s nowhere near Gallagher. May be equally as mistake prone as Mcrorie which isn’t exciting. It’s the sort of news that gives you dread.
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