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  1. I think Mcrorie can be our protector in midfield, just needs to be smarter not to get booked too soon in the match. That’s the position his energy and commitment best suits.
  2. If that’s his role, it will lead to a lot of red cards.
  3. Bates is a mystery man. I canny decide is he just shit, poor concentration or just canny be arsed. 1 minute he’s making a great challenge, or interception or picking a decent pass then next minute he’s letting some dross waltz past him. There’s defo some ability but it’s not consistently shown.
  4. He was a youth player at Liverpool. A bit different. This is a GK who has played first team and gone missing for two seasons. Just trying to clarify was he second choice or injured or on a sabbatical.
  5. Am no going back 30-40 pages. is your goalie any good? Seems strange he’s no played in 2 seasons.
  6. Oh mini, I’ll defend you, please be my friend. Don’t be so desperate lad. I hear things like every fan. Just filtering through what’s factual and nonsense. My info the other week was a solid source. I’ll stand by that until Siegrest pies us for elsewhere.
  7. Course you were you got a goalie on trial but 3 pre-contracts seemingly made up. there’s no shame in being second best info poster on the page after Alex
  8. Ano mate. He’s back peddling. Activating his 7 accounts to regain credibility that he told all these people something
  9. For a man with “dive” in his name, you canny spot a dive a mile away eh
  10. Did you not? You certainly implied plenty that pre-contracts had been done.
  11. Turned off after 1.48. Majority of those saves are fairly routine out with the pens. tbf that doesn’t mean he’s not a good goalie, just not an exciting show case. Is he the new no.2?
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