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  1. this wis eh cunt it ellon gordon..bottom richt..failure o a manny
  2. bluto : yitility rim hermit..cunts bin loggd in solid since 10 in eh morn..this is ez life
  3. bluto wis a shyte ride so it's nae wunner shis gan nxt door tae men thit fill her n pleez her while mongo man sits wi ez beer bik n ez teblet
  4. lyin spastik loner..yer ride wis gittin roasted in 116 whin u wir sittin droolin ower man u oan yer tablet ye fukkin reptile
  5. u ir scum..fuckin vermin..waste o life..pitifil haggard scroungin auld jakey cunt..cunts piy tax tae keep shyte like u breathin?..cunts spit it ye oan eh street.. fuckin scum bastart
  6. Arabian Knight

    In The News

    see this cunts aye wis in eh paper ez oan creck..twink.. weighs 3 stane.. rents oot ez hoop tae bears..thid snap eh wee cunt ffs
  7. jist seen an auld thred..bluto admits ez scared o dugs efter gitten bit by wan 30yr ago..ez scared o animals n hates thim..e canna even spik aboot thim..nae mare dug n cat pics ir e gits awkwird
  8. runs tae don fir help ivry time..fuckin snake..whaur wid eh cunt run if don hidna poppd up..
  9. e throws oot haha's whin preshirs oan..eel need a lot o haha's eh nicht ehm gan beck tae ez comments aboot yasin ez book tae provoke cunts..
  10. a fraud n a liar a desprit loser.. best bit is ez sittin wi ez son jaap it dinner spkikkin dutch munchin bitterbaws 'meine son jaap..mitten deh milney n di poodly n di berty.. pit the rod awa'
  11. lucky thon wicket keeper spastik only meneges 3 wee btls a nicht..if e drinks mare thin 5 e maks a cunt o ezsel n sterts lashin oot but nae cuntll tak shyte fae a pleb..cunt neckd 7 ales in 8 oor ither nicht n goat lairy e wis nevir a drinker but ez goat fuck aw else gan oan
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