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  1. even in yer pic yer alone..zoom in n ye see yer huddin a camera..pointin it it a mirror.. how did ye git this lonely n desprit
  2. ^ demise o a loner failure..lovely viewin
  3. ^ sittin in a utility rim watchin everton oan a tablet..loneliest cunt evir shat intae creation..git beck tae eh 90s ye pitifil decrepit pyle o shyte
  4. Arabian Knight


    git beck tae curry club ya mongo cunt..least ye hud sum company in ther..yer chookter bawsack o a faither
  5. fuckin pleb reject..shunted fae brewdugs forum in 2010 n crawled up here..ehm ganna post up yer auld posts..yel feel awkward n hide...fire oan..yev bn hidin yer hale life ye cowardly decrepit mess
  6. aye shil be ridin like..thir auld noo..bluto wis brewed fae an auld mans spunk in an auld chookter fish wifes womb
  7. eh liket eh cut o glesses jibe..ez unfleppabl..ez a gade attitude..ehd taein thon cunt ower mcinnes ivry diy
  8. blutos faithers flyin ower tae delft this xmas..its aw hush hush.. dinna siy onyhin..e sterts actin awkward
  9. yev been cryin oot fir a ride fir many a month..yer wifes fannys dry n baron efter shytin oot big heeded bairns..some fuckin gash oan it likes.. liket paris catacombs..thats nae grippin yer wee cornetto helmet..
  10. blutos faither did stripteaz fir him in ez pram 1980...cunt turnd grey age 5.. turnd tae drink age 11 efter sookin ez first purple wand
  11. cunts faither yist tae swan aboot the hoose in eh scud..thats how greysack endet up liket that
  12. yer wifes ridin ither men oan yer street ya failure
  13. Arabian Knight

    Day Trading

    yev jist revealed yersel ther..workin fit a bank an affa shime..a cagey needy whimperin wee salary slave like yersel pliys yer cairds clase tae ye yer chist..ye made a cunt o it ther n noo ehm perchd here ready tae swoop..yev nuthin aboot ye..ye jist skulk aff rether thin beleev in onyhin
  14. git beck in eh widwerk ye auld simplton..shyte like yesels nae plice in a modern world
  15. even fir a droolin simplton thats hun chat..the cunts gan n e winna b beck
  16. wearin same claze is a tactic tae git cunts chattin tae him agen..cunts empty n loast
  17. bluto yer a fuckin mongo bastart
  18. e sez e disna want cunts oan here seein ez krew so e gits thim oot the wiy fir ez pics tregedy o a man..nuthin left apert fae a shell
  19. bluto checkin this thred fir new post evry 3 mins...live fest, die age 43
  20. whin yer oan 150 posts evry diy n eh doorbell rings
  21. ^ anither cunt thit wis silenced in eh 90s..by ez auld mans length doon ez horn tooter
  22. stvs a low rent piece o shyte..its eh bluto o tv chennels..it gits wan percent o itvs budget tae dae stv news n a few ither pyshy wee low budget hings n fuck aw else..worthless emberrisin crep..shidda pilt eh plug oan eh cunts 20yr ago
  23. nae funcy a pair o 'pub shoes'
  24. yer a pathetic mongol pile o shyte #kerma
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