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  1. Ah yes. Took me a while to see what I’d done there.
  2. Hadn’t realised until yesterday that Bett played against us at Tynecastle in the do-or-die game in 94-85 season. Couldn’t have been an easy game for him to play in given his affections for our club found that out when Glexit talk touched on the fears of relegation.
  3. This shows your age, if you don't mind me saying. It's as yet nowhere near the levels of fear we had during the spring of 95. Especially at Tynecastle: from 4.20pm until 4.40pm, it was unbearable. We're not there, yet, but our board need to heed the signs. Maybe give Dave a copy of "Never Again".
  4. I think I am now done with him. wanted it to work. Was willing to give him time, until now. That’s it. Leave my club before you ruin it
  5. He hasn’t got a clue. he hasn’t got a clue. he came here from Atlanta Dave thought he should be manager we found out shortly after that he hasnt got a clue he hasnt got a clue he hasnt got a clue
  6. Posted here because anything about Aberdeen FC on UK national radio is unusual. A 12 minute slice of Gothenburg commentary from the "Replay" series, with an introduction from Colin Murray. I never heard this before, I presume it was from the BBC World Service broadcast. Notable for the commentator confusing Miller with Mcliesh, not keeping track of time, and Roddy Forsyth almost reduced to tears. I quite liked the commentator's roll call at the end of the broadcast. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p08bqfth
  7. Shearer's second goal in the first game - never tire of seeing it. Of our current players, I think only Ferguson is capable of that sort of strike. [caveat - occasionally].
  8. It was stupid, an act of frustration, and he was lucky. It's not completely out of character, he was red carded for a two-footed challenge against Celtic at Pittodrie, back in 2015/2016 or so. Deliberate attempt to miss the next match? Come on now...
  9. No. He's just gone to join McKenna at Forest for a season's loan.
  10. Easily the best in the last 15 years. Also, forever grateful for him staying on after his first season - first time in ages we didn't lose a player to EL1/EL2 the minute they became a standout in our team. For the next 4 seasons, we had pretty good record for player retention, and I think McGinn's decision influenced that.
  11. Aye. Smith was a class act first time round. I can’t quite remember how his second spell went, but I don’t think he was anywhere near as good.
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