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  1. I think you mean,… That was a terrible last 10 months. Weak mentally.
  2. As much as it pains me to acknowledge this, you’re right. I can’t stand them and their European run, it’s unbearable, but it’s hard to deny they were the better team in most of these games. I just don’t understand their levels of performances in Europe. God and fat Jesus, i hate them so much.
  3. Wait I'm not. I'm telling you that "the players believed the title was there for the taking". It wasn't uncommon to find doubts doubts being raised on this forum regarding the player's belief I'll pass on the schoolboy capitalised emphasis. Surely your missing eleven exclamation marks to really get your message through.
  4. That's a fair old statement, considering since then we have had Shearer, Gillhaus, and Jess (first spell only - he was midfielder in his 2nd). * Actually, I see Hans only scored 27 goals from 78 games in his 4 years with us. - that's a lower return than I'd expected to see. (0.34 per game) ** So looking at the others, I see Jess scored 50 from 201 games in 1st spell, and then 30 from 113 games in his 2nd spell - meaning he was more prolific (slightly) from midfield. (0.25 per game and 0.26 per game) To complete the set, Shearer got 55 from 152 games (0.36 per game) - not bad considering he came off the bench a lot towards the end of his time at the club (as far as I remember) and I think Christian is currently 14 from 33 (0.42 per game) So, maybe not such a "fair old statement" as I had first thought Also, I should make it clear I am not having a pop at the guy, I am a massive fan of the happy Ramirez.
  5. Start at 26.10. They're discussing the split of blame and responsibility between Glass/Gunn/Cormack. And from 2.36.30, Adam Rooney talks about the 2017 season. Mentions that despite what club told the press, the players believed the title was there for the taking. He bemoans the loss of Ward, and the fact he went back to Liverpool without playing a game for them.
  6. This is baffling and frustrating. I thought we were developing our own youngsters, not our rivals. and Glass cannot compare this to Christie - he was out of favour, and there was always the chance and intention to eventually sign him. Celtic have no intention of letting this lad leave.
  7. And Greg Leigh making an arse of himself for the third goal. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/59911421
  8. I agree. The Japanese guy is clearly ahead of the last defender, but I think he is behind whichever Tim squares the ball to him.
  9. Is this the first league game we’ve won by more than a single goal? Note to pedants - first time this season.
  10. Was that it a Scottish Cup 3rd round when Livi were in the championship (or the old first division). Think we lost 1-0 (or maybe 2-0). I thought I would take my old man down to watch us skelp a diddy team. He was very polite about his waste of an afternoon.
  11. Exactly what I thought. It’s taken over a full day for a statement to come out, and they were at pains to point out that Glass has now been able to watch the footage (I.e., giving him a reason/excuse for his earlier opinion on Ojo). it’s quite transparent.
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