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  1. Been told we’re looking at Chey Dunkley and Chiedozie Ogbene.
  2. It’s the club that accept or reject the bid, not Calvin Ramsay. A bid of £1 would turn his head.
  3. Polish left back I posted about is no longer happening.
  4. Jakub Niewiadomski. Left back, out of contract in summer.
  5. It hasn't been called the SPL since 2013. So, why can so many people not figure this out? Including our manager and his previous incumbent. Discuss.
  6. @mainstandmoan you still mega ITK? January didn't go how you said.
  7. Rather Ojo is there than at right wing.
  8. Is it wild to suggest putting him to right wing and sticking Ojo at right back?
  9. That was me that posted about Ramirez. I don't have any more news. I'm not some mega ITK, just knew the right person who was able to inform me about Ramirez. Same person has told me a couple other things but they're fairly well known - i.e. re McGrath, Hedges & Ferguson.
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