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  1. I really haven't. I barely contribute here. He looks completely and utterly disinterested.
  2. Joe Lewis is playing like somebody who's pissed off he was stripped of the captaincy. The 'club captain' moniker is obviously a waste of time as we all know.
  3. It appears you are the pleb.
  4. Or we have the same source. I'm not here for the kudos anyway, just passing on the info I've got that I can share. Adios.
  5. As I said in the OP - we are interested and that remains true. Can't reveal my source but I do know someone within the club. I'm not even going all out to say he is definitely signing as I don't know that much.
  6. We're interested. Plays for Houston Dynamo.
  7. Campbell out of his depth, McCrorie woeful. Just shockingly shite here.
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