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  1. Welcome aboard, Vicente! ADO Den Haag are in the second tier now and are a bit off of the top. Could be an indication as to why the bigger clubs in the Netherlands haven't signed him. They are a high scoring side though, which is promising for us.
  2. They are. The "one genuine racist thing" that you've heard in the past 20 years is clearly not a representation of the footballing world as a whole, but I don't need to tell you that.
  3. Just to confirm, you're using PMQs, the Ashes and Top of the Pops as your rationale to stop doing it? Racism is rife in football and until it isn't, clubs should carry on spreading the message at every chance they get.
  4. I heard Man Utd scouts were at Pittodrie last night, so we can fully expect a bid from Middlesbrough in the summer
  5. Why does it have to have a timeframe? It's not a wee gesture to show support for a local cause, it's literally about people being murdered and abused around the world due to the colour of their skin.
  6. Don't think Glass will make the same mistake he did at Raith but I'd imagine JET, McGeouch, Gallagher and Campbell will all start
  7. The fact it's being described as a "political debate" is definitely part of the problem
  8. Nonsense. Why does there need to be a timeframe on it? It's a sign of support (which takes 5 seconds before kick-off) for an ongoing issue within the game and around the world.
  9. Scott Burns just throws shite at the wall and hopes it sticks. I've never seen anyone so OTK act as if they're ITK.
  10. I hated when Scott Wright signed a pre-contract with that lot, so we know how it feels but can Hearts really afford to leave their best centre back in the stands? Souttar playing and not playing could be the difference between European football next season and none.
  11. I'd like to think Cormack & Co would be more savvy than to accept a deal like the one Cagliari are supposedly offering. Ferguson to Watford for £4mil once they're relegated from the EPL. Thank you for your service and goodbye.
  12. I did see that on another thread straight after I commented on here. True dedication
  13. How is it possible to get -1,567 downvotes That's next level shit stirring
  14. Joining us from the year 1843.... ThomohawkKid
  15. I thought my post was getting too serious for AFC Chat so threw in a sly dig All of the above and still..
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