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  1. Haha fair enough you cunt yersel.
  2. Cheers Grays, nae til Tuesday though.
  3. Mrs & daughter took me to Go Ape at Dalby Forest for my birthday this morning.Decent zip lining thing.
  4. I have some insider info on current defences-at a cost of course.
  5. What can I say TT, i’m a glass half full kind of guy. Starting to think the glass is cracked and unfixable now though…
  6. Cheers Grays, but glad I didn’t bother.
  7. Don't know how quick Bates is,but maybe wants McCrorie there for his pace, as Gallacher isn't too speedy? If Bates is slow, then a CH pairing of him and Gallacher...
  8. Was gonna watch the game on PPV but blocked in England!
  9. I agree with you Ernie that this was an obvious problem. Worrying he hasn’t addressed it, though you could say the signing of Bates is an attempt to-he has to play him though.
  10. Aye Rosie Jones is a stunner.Lucky man indeed.
  11. He picks the team. Maybe Bates isna fully fit yet? One thing’s for sure teams have sussed out that if you play long into MCRorie there’s every chance he’s letting it bounce, and giving soft chances/goals away. Glass must be able to see this?
  12. That’s where MCRorie for me gets shown up.At the first goal is he tangling with Watt instead of dealing with the long ball?Ball bounces through and gets crossed in for a simple header, and a poor goal to lose.
  13. Any and every which way.
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