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  1. When you said 9 days I doubted my maths. My point still stands that we’ve two weeks before the window “slams” shut, so nae dampening my sheets just yet. I, along with everybody else, wish we’d be a lot more decisive, and get our business done early.Unfortunately we never really seem to. Would assume (hope) folks are furiously working hard behind the scenes to get things done.
  2. Reading it back, you’re probably right enough tbf. They apparently had other options.Maybe we were haggling over a few £k and they’ve fucked us off?
  3. @Ernie McCracken it’s more of a playful jibe than an insult.We’ve every right to be concerned. We all want to see movement on the transfer front, and it’s worrying that each is saying differing things regarding transfers. The last few windows haven’t been great, so it’s hugely important we get this one right. However, there are more than two weeks to go.If we get to the last week, and nothing else has happened, then I’ll begin to get twitchy.
  4. Agreed. Tho not as bad as some make out. When he concentrated on the simple stuff, winning tackles and headers, he was ok.It was when he thought he’d suddenly become Maldini when played us into trouble.
  5. I see some are starting to pish the bed already.
  6. Nano robots in the Covid jab. It’s more polluting to the environment to produce electric cars than ice ones.
  7. YorkDon

    Thread O Twitter

    Cheers RubberToe, followed you back.
  8. YorkDon

    Thread O Twitter

    The block tells you all you need to know.Posting about other fans being scum when you’ve got a songbook like theirs is unreal.
  9. YorkDon

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    Haha tbh Consi, I was stuck for something to say on the blurb, and I’d written some shite a few years ago that I stuck on.
  10. YorkDon

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    All because I asked if thousands singing sectarian songs every week was more scummy than the few hundred Aberdeen fans at Ibrox singing about a dead Hun.
  11. YorkDon

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    How many bicycles tho?
  12. Bri won’t be happy, gay stuff is his domain.That, and men shagging your Mrs when you’re out in a cuckold style. Should keep his fantasies to himself imo.
  13. YorkDon


    If only I got the chance to.Square on the Womble looking cunts chin.
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