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  1. Agreed. Would be typical Scotland to win the game by a couple of goals, but still go out by some weird permutation and wretched luck.
  2. It would be amazing to get through, and we have a half decent chance, but I think we fucked it in the first game. Croatia, whilst nae the same side of a couple of years back, are still more than capable of turning us over.
  3. He’s gender neutral or non binary or some shit. I fear for the future, I really do.
  4. Funny as fuck living here when they get found out. So many social media posts about how shite they must be if they couldn’t overcome us. Posts about having European finalists, best league in the world etc, without the realisation that their top sides are packed with some of the best foreign talent in the world. It’s fucking great!
  5. Credit the hun in the studio for not accepting that all we did was frustrate England and little else. We were the better side and he rightly pointed it out. Feels dirty saying that.
  6. Right leg is Kid Creole & the Coconuts
  7. Back to normal work today after rubbing shoulders with some high profile folks the last couple of days.
  8. YorkDon


    It’ll become compulsory to be fully vaccinated to travel abroad.
  9. YorkDon


    It’s the AstraZeneca that’s meant to be bad, nae the Pfizer ya big poof etc etc
  10. Feature film That’s usually Bri’s line! Just a wee side project.Doubt it’ll lead to fame & fortune, but if it does, I’ll buy into the Dons and you can all come to my executive box at the new stadium for when we pump the Huns on the last day of the season to win the league.
  11. Heading for a set outside York.Two days of filming.
  12. Recorded it and watched til the second went in.Fast forwarded the rest.Huge anti-climax. Terrific strike from the lad but WTF was Marshall doing out there?! Hendry has to play that wide, horrific decision to take the shot on.
  13. On paper it’s the most winnable of the group games. Whilst it’s a definite must not lose, if we want to have a realistic chance of qualifying from the group, it’s a must win.
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