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  1. I’m torn on them Zeus.Without a doubt some excellent tracks, West End Girls, Heart, but for synth pop duos Erasure are far superior imo.
  2. Working in/around the big smoke all week.Hotel room living for the next 5 days.
  3. Love Pet Shop Boys (not really).
  4. On paper he was a great signing, just didn’t work out, for whatever reason. He didn’t help his cause a lot of the time when it seemed he didn’t give too much of a fuck, but then pretty much the whole side could’ve been accused of that at times.
  5. Parked her under the cameras Bri
  6. Aye we saw that when we were looking at places to eat the night.Think we’re eating at the hotel. The Goat looks good though.
  7. The forecast for London, so far, looks alright.
  8. Driving to Welwyn Garden City to overnight before Stones in Hyde Park tomorrow.
  9. 5 in, and obviously Scales apart, no link to either of those vile institutions. Hopefully won’t be fearful when we play them.
  10. YorkDon


    You’re out of the loop hanzo.You’re the weirdo for nae doing it loon.
  11. YorkDon


    Always have a swig of the vinegar after finishing a jar of pickled ingins.
  12. YorkDon

    In the News

    Arite with a meal out with the Mrs but nae when out for a session. It’s the cost in a boozer, the mark up must be huge.£6 for a glass of wine, when the bottle at cost would’ve been a tenner.
  13. Wanderers fans on Twitter seem genuinely gutted at losing this guy.Hopefully bodes well. Scales and Stewart first choice pairing with one of Bates and Gallagher as back up? Surely one will leave, hopefully Gallagher.
  14. Thick skinned me mantits even tho hanzo is still attempting a wind up…
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