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  1. Thought that was weird the way he went on at that, yet the likes of Dean Campbell and Ethan Ross are marginalised or bombed out completely.
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/live:bbc_radio_scotland_mw 19:17 is when it starts.. he's raging right from the off!
  3. "Willie Miller, probably your best pundit by the way" - brilliant stuff
  4. Prawcess prawcess not my mate lived an hour down the road prawcess prawcess only losing by one goal prawcess
  5. "I think he said a few things that weren't very professional"
  6. This cunt fucked up the Skovdahl miniskirt quote. Retard.
  7. Glass will be fucking cringing here with his boss airing all this pish on national radio.
  8. I hope so, this is fucking comedy gold.
  9. Prawcess prawcess prawcess I can tell you prawcess
  10. That is a very real possibility, certainly the Brown factor will have a big influence on what happens with Glass's replacement and Lennon is a very realistic candidate
  11. The only way I see it being viable to keep him in post longer is if we get an experienced Yogi Hughes type in as assistant manager come Monday morning, someone who can work with Glass to point out where he's going wrong and try and get him heading in the right direction. For what it's worth I don't see Glass making a success of being an outright manager, he's probably more suited to youth coaching than first team management in a competitive league and I think we should be cutting our losses and getting rid now.
  12. Get this cunt the fuck out of my football club by 8pm tonight.
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