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  1. What a fucking bizarre last Arbroath penalty, why did he rush it and the shitey short run up too.
  2. Inverness doing their best not to get promoted here, down to nine men after a 2nd red card in extra time. Probably still win on penalties though.. hope we're not robbed of shootout drama as the game has been utterly shite so far.
  3. I fucking hate you for posting this, but yeah it puts perspective on to the timescales
  4. Note to Goodwin - no loans from Celtic this summer.
  5. Those cunts should be giving us compensatory payments for the title winning prize money we missed out on when they recalled Danny Ward to keep their bench warm
  6. Goodwin said: “I picked the starting XI who are all under contract for next season. “Of the nine subs, six have already been told they’re not getting an offer or are surplus to requirements. “With that there is always a bit of tension and frustration within the group.
  7. Can't we get Juventus to give us £10m for him?
  8. Fair fucks to the huns, when the old club got to the UEFA final it was shithousery and bus parking all the way... these guys have rattled the goals in. They're still cunts though.
  9. Michelle Keegan getting nervous...
  10. Whoop-de-fucking-doo, I'll put a photo of the cheque up on my wall next to my Willie Miller Gothenburg print and Russell Anderson lifting the League Cup.
  11. Worked for Sevco when they went on to win the Third Division in their first ever season.
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