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  1. Given the option of selling him or keeping him then I’d rather he stayed. I think we’ll see this the best of him more often enjoy this season with us carrying more of an attacking threat. Need to get him signed up asap before teams start lurking around come the winter window.
  2. World rankings have nothing to do with how the actual league quality is. Gurr is an unknown so I’ll leave my judgement until he’s played. Hayes has played left back before so I’ve no problems with him there. There needs to be some patience with the summer signings, we’re on the end of a pandemic where the clubs been losing £1 million a month so aye maybe they won’t just be signing players for fun. Our own Coefficient is so false, the level of Scottish football outside Celtic & Rangers would have us no where near being ranked 11th. That’s where the expectation comes from seeing those 2 qualify and thinking it’s should be just as easy for the rest of us. I seen us struggle to beat the likes Dumbarton last year so I’m under no illusions that Thursday will be easy. I admit to some of you concerns about the squad but I just don’t see it as being as bad a team that we have as some people are making out. Match fitness is a concern but hardly the clubs fault that 2 opposing teams have had Covid outbreaks. So what’s your prediction for Thursday that we’ll get beat? Or that they’ll pump us? Is a draw the worst result in the world? These first Euro games have always been tricky for us.
  3. Roll on Thursday then we can find out if all of this bed wetting will be a reality. There’s enough quality in the team to get a result. Folk comparing it to the Sigma game are forgetting how woeful we were then. Also the Czech league is at a higher standard than even our own league. I’m going for a 1-0 dons - Ferguson to score the goal.
  4. It’s not great but the Cove situation was out of their hands. Hopefully they’ve cranked it up in training instead and had a bounce game which would have been just as useful.
  5. Presuming it means we’ll have 2 separate 11’s so every player will get 90 mins.
  6. I’d say he has been backed to a degree but not as fully as we were all hoping for. I can only assume that Cormack is hoping to see fans back in the ground and money coming into the club before he starts opening his wallet again. Hopefully this and if we can get into the group stages in Europe will see some money spent on quality players but that would be nearer the end of the window.
  7. I’d be open to given Ruth some game time but my thinking was someone from an academy down south. It all could change once this new chief scout gets announced he may have some players on a shortlist we could target straight away.
  8. They’ve said they’ll only add quality to the squad so hopefully that rules out Hendry. But I wouldn’t mind signing a young striker with potential for a small fee but it looks like our focus is on the short term by the business we’ve done already.
  9. Same was getting said about our games at the start of the year. Like a few have said on here we can only rate him on what he does in an Aberdeen shirt. I hope he hits the ground running, end of the day all we want is a goal scorer so let’s hope we’ve found one.
  10. Fair enough I guess, considering he’ll be moving up here and all that. Any signs of Devlin in training this week or is it looking like we only have 2 cb’s so far?
  11. When are we expecting Gallagher in for Pre-season?
  12. Will the other clubs not be playing their league cup games soon? So unsure of who we’ll face in pre-season.
  13. Clarke will stick with his favourites, he won’t be bold enough to play Gilmour. I at least see Che Adams starting over Dykes though. I see us getting pumped 3 or 4 nil, don’t actually see us to scoring at this tournament at all
  14. Decent, I think the one thing the Euros is showing so far is that it is possible to have fans back even if it is reduced capacity.
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