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  1. Aye fair play to the club for getting this one over the line.
  2. I’m happy enough with the Stewart signing. I’d go with 4 CB’s for the season, last season went downhill as soon as Consi got injured. Looks like we’ve got plenty of cover there now so let’s focus on getting the creative players in.
  3. My thoughts exactly. Considering how much of a shit show last season was I’m happy with any signing as long as it helps us to finish further up the league.
  4. Going by Scott Burns tweets I’d say a signing is imminent
  5. I’m sure I just seen on LinkedIn that Willo Flood is Calvin Ramsay’s agent or he’s part of the same agency. I wonder how much commission would be on this transfer?
  6. Aye I think we need to put this Norwegian lad to bed and move onto the next target. CR9 is back in town so guess he’ll be starting against Peterhead.
  7. It’s not chicken feed but we are a club that can spend that kind of fee on a player. Mcrorie, Bates, Vicente, Hernandez, Ramirez all players we’ve spent money on lately.
  8. Never heard of him but he’s got to better than Gurr or Ojo. I’m happy enough with the club paying a small fee along the lines of the Ramadani deal. It shows that we’ve got money to spend on the right player instead of just scrambling about for out of contract like we do most of the time.
  9. Good thing I’m an Aberdeen fan, are we ever not disappointed?
  10. Yeah that’s how I see it going, hopefully someone else throws in a bid to get the price up.
  11. Not great but that’s when we’ve rushed into signings to get them in the door. I’d rather wait for quality than rush on quantity.
  12. Yes I would have liked us to have had more signings in by now but this is a pre-season that we’re not used too. Normally we need to do our business really early as we’ve got European games to contend with. I know the league cup group stage is coming up but if the current squad can’t beat the likes of Peterhead and Stirling Albion then we be as well locking up and throwing the keys away.
  13. Some achievement for him, MOTM today as well. Seeing him an academy player doing so well does show you that the club are doing some things right.
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