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  1. Ha, The Puddock by J.M Caie, a favourite of mine. Got myself an award in primary 7 with that poem. McGinn, dire for at least a year. I can only presume they wanted to give him a send off in front of fans and have him here for the season with crowds back as he did next to nothing last season that would've convinced anyone he was worth a further year. Maybe he's a good guy around the place, but he is a good guy on a tasty wage that should've went elsewhere.
  2. Maybe seeing Bates settle down a bit now, was better than he has been. McGeouch needs to start from now on, looks tidy on the ball and with corners. You'd think that when Ramsay is back, Ojo will drop to the bench. Really couldnt see Glass putting him back in that midfield unless injuries hit again.
  3. Another good result for him today. The players look like they are playing for the cause. Maybe Frank McAvennie can pop up and shed some light on the change noticed in the last week...
  4. Aye, I think the only other thing he had done in his career was a tackle in a game against Celtic where a newspaper interviewed him about it afterwards.
  5. Imagine being the sub that your team takes on to rally the team and get things going when losing.... Then the only contribution you make is to get sent off.
  6. Pathetic pen but we are not even shocked by it and haven't been regarding decisions like that for years. Decent dig from our patched up squad, grinding it out a bit. Can only boost confidence in themselves that they wll be pissed off they didnt get the win - even though it was clear cheating that cost us.
  7. Decent enough performace, was grinding it out a bit in the second half but Joe Lewis didnt have much to do. Massive change having Watkins as an outlet, decent on the ball and moves things forward.
  8. I have no idea why folk were quick to give this guy stick. A guy that seems genuinely positive about playing here and sticking the ball in the net on a regular basis. Massive move from America to here with his family and he just seems a real happy guy even when things are on the down side. No frills at times, scores goals when the ball is around the box and he has something to work with, not sure we need much more from him.
  9. Cormack came out fighting, shame its fighting a fire caused by a shambles of a situation and not to gee up the team to push on.
  10. "Hibs better come here and get something, I would love it if we beat them". Cormack Keegan vibes
  11. He's not covering himself in glory here. Sounds like he's ready to chin someone.
  12. I think he wouldve been good when the job came available with McInnes going. Now its a bit more of a scrap. I do think we shouldve went down the European coach route originally.
  13. Was it not him scoring a late double against Falkirk or someone similar in a cup game when we were 1 down to put us through? Pretty sure he dragged us through that and we had the likes of Michael Paton as our attacking options up front. At the back, Ifil and Diamond punting the ball up to them. Thought Hartley did some good for us before he died a death.
  14. This guy would've been interesting. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/marijo-tot-aberdeen-manager-pitch-23679646
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