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  1. Livingston are easily the worst team in the league. I thought when we played them at the Tony Macaroni and I thought it again tonight. We will be nowhere near relegation trouble but still a long way from looking a top 4 side. Bates and McCrorie look to be starting to form a nice partnership. We definitely could do with a couple of wingers though as the number of times we broke but lacked a winger to get a cross in.
  2. Was at Cove v Queen of the South today. Cove should have won but were denied by 2 awful decisions. Firstly the assistant referee awarding a goal when he was clearly nowhere near in position to tell if the ball was over the line and then a twicely taken corner for South's 2nd which seemed dodgy. Cove have nothing to fear from the replay in Dumfries.
  3. He just isn't a defender and should never be played as one.
  4. It's not quite at that desperate stage but it's getting closer
  5. https://ibb.co/X4sxzDx What the hell was this all about?
  6. We haven't had a plan B all season. As for Campbell he should have been replaced by Jonny Hayes much earlier than he was. He had a shocker but he wasn't alone in being poor.
  7. Didn't look like there were 11,000 empty seats today but the sight of so many heading for home before full time and with winter arriving yes I think a high chance of not needing to lie about the crowd size at the next home game.
  8. Paul Kane is the only player I've ever booed before a match kicked off. I really hated him.
  9. Proof Glass is a liar about delivering entertaining, attacking football perhaps? To not go all guns blazing at 0-2 was bizarre. Okay it may have led to us losing more goals but we were already losing so why not have a real go.
  10. I don't seem to remember this kind of fuss at the European matches back in July when stewards were checking tickets and ID. I also reckon there was a sizeable number of unvaccinated people at the games v Hacken, Breidablik and Qarabag so why is the 10,000 figure so important now? And who are the club seriously trying to convince that we got 13,007 v St Johnstone last month and then suddenly drop to 9,431 v Hibernian and 9,736 v Hearts.
  11. Longstaff is playing for his future as there is absolutely no chance he will make it at Newcastle especially now they are awash with dirty Saudi money. I have nothing against loans if they are of the quality of Danny Ward, Michael Hector and James Maddison but to me Longstaff is no better than what we already had on our books. If Watkins wasn't so injury prone I reckon he would be playing at a club in England.
  12. Nothing positive to say about that game tonight. I just knew when a large amount of the away end were singing about Griffiths being a sex offender he would get the last laugh. We are very much in a relegation battle and things would be much worse if we hadn't had a couple of wins to start the season. Glass has to go, wtf was with having Watkins on the touchline for over 5 minutes before bringing him on (during this time Dundee scored their 2nd) and what was the point of bringing JET on 6 minutes into stoppage time?
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