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  1. Certainly probably won't score a better one than the one he scored on Saturday. He hit it really sweetly.
  2. At least we have a new strip. Fulham handed their new one back to Adidas as it was the wrong colours......
  3. Max Barry is still raging at the way he was dumped by AFC. He was out to prove a point. His goal was a beauty but I thought Tom Ritchie was out of position.
  4. Ngwenya and Barron the pick of our players today although the highlight for me was when Willie Garner smacked his head off of the top of the stand. Certainly one of the more uncomfortable seats I've ever sat in at a stadium. Pitch was poor and Aberdeen's performance was disjointed but considering our first choice team were either absent (Stewart, Ferguson, Ramadani, Miovski) or split into 2 with some playing 1st half and some playing 2nd half then hard to read too much into it. Very good attendance though and Buckie were a lot better than I expected them to be.
  5. If they aren't committed then we should just look elsewhere rather than wait and see only for them to sign for someone else in a few months
  6. This 100%. I wonder if the club were quite happy for the weegia to be exploring the Boyce story as it took them totally off the scent for Bojan
  7. Problem being unless we add other centre halves our pairing at Celtic Park will be Bates and Gallagher......
  8. This is where selling Calvin Ramsay to Liverpool may have some influence as young English players may look at AFC and think that they can develop and get a decent move a few years down the line
  9. So that's Besuijen and Richardson both sneaked in without anyone knowing. Clearly whoever the mole leaking stories out of AFC is either tied up in a cupboard or at another club......
  10. To be fair to @minijche's not alone in teasing signings for the last 10 days. Goodwin said that he was very hopeful of an exciting left sided defender 2 weeks ago so are we classing Goodwin on the bullshit list too?
  11. Agreed. Our league campaign starts on 31st July. No disrespect to Peterhead, Dumbarton or Stirling Albion but if we can't pick up 9 points from those 3 League Cup ties from the squad we currently have then we really are in worse trouble than I think (I'm deliberately missing out Raith Rovers as I'm aware we lost to them last season). 9 points I would expect would be enough for us to progress through the group but obviously I hope for 12 points. Still plenty of time to strengthen before those group games.
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