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  1. Pwoud, very pwoud as Aberdeen's greatest ever manager would say. Billy Gilmour will have a terrific career, what a talent.
  2. If he plays the same defence as yesterday then Sterling, Rashford, Kane, Foden and Grealish will run riot. Fearing a heavy defeat.
  3. Sadly I think you might be right on this. What a depressing thought
  4. To be fair loans can sometimes work as was shown by players like Danny Ward, Michael Hector, Ryan Christie and James Maddison but we have also had a number of poor quality loans too. Let's give Teddy Jenks a chance before slagging off the loan system.
  5. Attacking midfielder from the games I saw him play
  6. At last a proper rumour! Before he's getting capped by England at under 19 level he must have a fair bit of ability. Hope we sign him
  7. Notts Forest tried to sign him in January but were refused a work permit so I would think we would also fail to secure a work permit for him.
  8. I'm not believing a word until Scott Burns tweets. He seems to be ITK
  9. I started this thread but at no point have I ever said I wish us to sign him. It would always be a big fat no, I just feared that back in January when McInnes was looking for strikers that he would be interested in signing him. Hopefully Glass is well aware of how unpopular a signing it would be.
  10. The state of this https://mobile.twitter.com/PartickThistle/status/1400123999493967877
  11. Irvine was in several of this mornings papers raving about the Aussie about to take over at Celtic so I wouldn't be surprised if he moved there
  12. They only got 3rd as Doidge, Nisbet and Boyle were scoring regularly. They'll regret not selling any of their players last January as they were clearly gambling on being in the group stages in Europe.
  13. Hopefully he is cheap as chips.
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