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  1. Nothing like giving the man a chance before he starts.
  2. The sweetest finish ever to a European Championship. That will hurt them for years. Its coming to Rome
  3. How is this a great decision? All that will happen now is the away team in the 1st leg will go even more defensive knowing that if they get a 0-0 they potentially have 120 minutes in their home leg to go through. Its a total nonsense from UEFA as per usual
  4. Pwoud, very pwoud as Aberdeen's greatest ever manager would say. Billy Gilmour will have a terrific career, what a talent.
  5. Have a plus 1. Brilliant post.
  6. If he plays the same defence as yesterday then Sterling, Rashford, Kane, Foden and Grealish will run riot. Fearing a heavy defeat.
  7. Sadly I think you might be right on this. What a depressing thought
  8. To be fair loans can sometimes work as was shown by players like Danny Ward, Michael Hector, Ryan Christie and James Maddison but we have also had a number of poor quality loans too. Let's give Teddy Jenks a chance before slagging off the loan system.
  9. Attacking midfielder from the games I saw him play
  10. At last a proper rumour! Before he's getting capped by England at under 19 level he must have a fair bit of ability. Hope we sign him
  11. Notts Forest tried to sign him in January but were refused a work permit so I would think we would also fail to secure a work permit for him.
  12. I'm not believing a word until Scott Burns tweets. He seems to be ITK
  13. I started this thread but at no point have I ever said I wish us to sign him. It would always be a big fat no, I just feared that back in January when McInnes was looking for strikers that he would be interested in signing him. Hopefully Glass is well aware of how unpopular a signing it would be.
  14. The state of this https://mobile.twitter.com/PartickThistle/status/1400123999493967877
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