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  1. That would require Livingston to win 3 games in October. They are on 1 point, we have 8. Yes things are bad but we are nowhere near relegation trouble just yet.
  2. Probably because losing to St Johnstone isn't the disgrace it was a few years ago. Oh and to Big Hat Logan yes they are a well organised side but they really are a horrible team to watch.
  3. If the Livingston keeper hadn't thrown MacKenzie's shot into the net we would have been bottom 6 already. Sadly I think that's where we are heading.
  4. Only reason I stayed until the end today was because the supporters buses were parked right outside the away end. Defensively a total shambles until Bates came on but game was long gone by then. Motherwell will be 7th or 8th at best and they still had too much for us. Glass needs to get a plan B rapidly as Plan A is being easily torn apart by managers such as McGlynn and Alexander.
  5. Seriously? That can only be for the money as why else would he move there? And to think he would have been an Aberdeen player for £500,000 if John McGinn had gone to Celtic instead of Aston Villa...
  6. Are we finished with bringing players in for this transfer window? MainStandMoan was spot on last week but has been very quiet since
  7. Hibs also aren't only playing 3 players who were in their starting eleven last season. They look a more settled side at present while we are still trying to gel.
  8. Thought we badly missed Hedges today. Also we need to sign a right sided winger as Ramsay could do with someone to interchange with. Ojo isn't a wide midfielder and shouldn't be played as one.
  9. Ross County were much better than Livingston. Livingston are the worst team in the league. A frustrating result today but considering we were all berating McInnes' team for not creating chances and pushing for wins now we have fans complaining we are not defensive enough. This is going to be a transitional season. Today's starting eleven only had THREE of McInnes' regulars in Lewis, McCrorie and Ferguson (I'm discounting Ojo as he had been punted to Wigan). There will be more performances and results like today unfortunately
  10. It was nowhere near as bad as Olomouc, Bohemians and Zalgiris. Qarabag are a decent side. They have been in the group stages 8 years in a row now. You don't do that if your not decent. Where I think we went wrong was we stood far too far off their top players and they took full advantage. This is very much an Aberdeen team in transition but to suddenly expect us to beat teams like Qarabag is expecting too much. Hopefully next year we will be in a stronger position to challenge for the group stages.
  11. Ramsay was left exposed time and again as we don't have a right sided midfielder who tracks back to cover him whereas Hayes was tracking back to help MacKenzie.
  12. Well considering there was no Celtic fans allowed at Tynecastle then no.
  13. I booed at full time and make no apology for doing so. That 2nd half performance was a disgrace. We have yet to keep a clean sheet and have yet to play any of the top 6 Premiership sides or any quality opposition in Europe. Qarabag will hardly be quaking in their boots at facing this Aberdeen side.
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