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  1. Brown could have been given the Sweeper role from day 1 in my opinion
  2. 4-3-3 or 4-3-1-2 is fine but dont think Ferguson wants to do the dirty work in a Midfield 3 which at times should be stepping into the spaces vacated by the wing backs and not blocking their runs. Rather try Brown with 2 from Longstaff,McCrorie,Campbell.
  3. I'll go with W.Millers recent assessment of McCrorie. Some of the poor defensive play in midfield including errors from Brown & Ferguson seems to be getting blamed on the central defenders.
  4. Jenks must be some player in training .Would give Campbell a chance in this game and Ruth now not making the bench so be aswell out on loan.
  5. Newly released drugs dont have indemnity.
  6. Ramirez and Ruth for Jet and McGinn worth a try second half. I presume Ruth doing well in training.
  7. Danish Health Authority /Stanford University IFR study / Former Head Scientist at Pfizer / The Director of Swizz Immunology/ NHS Surgeons / Swedish Epidemologists / Glasgow University / University of Bulgarian Pathology study / 15,000 Medical Scientists sign the Barrington Declartion = Right Said Fred.
  8. The lateral flow kits here are not even reccomended by the CDC in the USA. There is no standard of how many cycles the PCR test should be run at and up to 85% false positives at higger cycles and thats why calls for it to be withdrawn or lower cycles to be standardised. In India they now have 69% immunity ( antibodies ) and only 12% are vaccinated.They forced them to abandon crops and SD and now they are facing famine. Here the Vaccination of the population is 5 to 6 times higher and they want to carry on with restructions. Last week Cancer patients some with operations delayed for 7 weeks turned up at ARI begging to get treated while up to 25% junior of Doctors got pinged to isolate in one NHS trust. No reason why full capacity cant return immediately and only have to look at the stadiums in the Euros but if folk want to continue the % game decided by Councils then fill your boots but your destroying Fitba for no good reason
  9. Hayes had several clown like moments but watched the game back and defensively he did ok and pressed and regained pocession made some good forward runs/ assist for Ramirez but McKenzie at 20 looks well capable of first choice by end of season. 2nd Leg ? Lewis Gurr Gallagher Considine McKenzie Brown Ferguson/McCrorie Campbell Jenks/Ferguson Jet Ramirez
  10. What revenue will be generated from attendances this season ? Clearly Cormack thought fans would reject the anti science that is restricting attendances but ive checked the covid thread on here and unfortunately like the general public it seems most except or want to work with these restrictions despite world renowned Immunologists who say that enough data now in to prove that the death rate IS in line with flu after all. So if we keep punching ourselves in the face then cant complain about not signing players.
  11. Begging to be allowed 8,200 at Pittodrie while the Royal Family and England wank themselves into a mass Cecil B DeMille frenzy has zero to do with science.
  12. Ramirez > Rooney > Cosgrove
  13. Covid outbreak my arse - by now can folk grow some balls/brains on this and hold the covid restrictions to account.
  14. Michael Hudson is THE greatest living economist if folk knew how the money system worked the new Stadium along with other projects would have been built 10 years ago after the financial crash the fact that the council/government dither on infrastructure is partly why the economy is fucked
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