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  1. 0-0 at best or 1-0 the fairmers. Neil Lennon a step closer to coming aff the dole before Christmas.
  2. WIll give Jenks some credit for decent performance when he came on yesterday. Other than his 30 minutes +/- yesterday he has been a totally awful signing. But maybe he can take some confidence from a half decent 30 minutes yesterday and he can kick on from there, I still have my doubts but happy to be proved wrong if he does kick on, but like I say apart from yesterday he has been gash. Go on teddy ma loon prove me wrong.
  3. I don't really know what to think about Jet, as you say he has something about him, and at times he does show some much needed arrogance about him, that little pass through to Watkins in their box yesterday when he was clearly looking the other way, confused the fuck out of the defender, brilliant from the lad, he does appear to be lazy at times as you say. Thought at the time we signed him he was going to be another Stevie May, Clitoris Main type signing meaning he was signed by us after he had had a decent game or two against us, and once signed delivered the square root of sweet fuk all, thought Jet was going to be the same but thankfully he is not, he Don't think he will ever be the first name down on the team sheet, but when we pay with a front 4 again I think he should be a part of that as it seems to work for him. SF and COYR
  4. Good result and very happy with 6 points and 6 goals from two games, my expectation was a mere 1 point from 6 so very happy with that. Bit of concern that I still have is the way we continue to let teams get into the game, St Mirren's goal yesterday was always going to happen and I think most of us could see that coming a mile away, very pleasing how we responded, but we need to cut that sort of stuff out and keep the momentum going for 90 minutes, if we can do that then the future is starting to look a bit brighter than it had been of late. Some of the best free flowing football I have seen from the dons in a long time was played at times yesterday, that's the sort of performance and style of play we need to keep going with for 90 minutes, Glass an co, over you. SF
  5. Cormack so far = total cock and only full of his own importance, a plastic yank on a mega ego trip. fkn kn0b jockey.
  6. holy shit, that's nae very nice is it? Let me understand, so are you actually saying that you are happy to continue with Cormack's mate who is clearly well and truly out of his depth and showing that he has not got what t takes to turn things around, and let him and white teeth fuckwit cormack continue to drag us down lower than a snakes belly, rather than have them bite the bullet swallow his pride and ego, admit they were fukin wrong send glass back to Atlanta reserves (about his level just) then bring in an experienced proven SPFL manger (Lennon) on an interim short term gig till the end of the season, will ultimately save our blushes and also give our board from now till the end of the season/ close season to get the long term solution correct and appoint the right man for the job. I shaks ma heed if you are happy to continue as is. I'm not saying Lennon is the long term solution but without a doubt he is a pretty decent shout for a much needed short term fix.
  7. As many have already said, because of egomaniac fuckwit chairman I cant believe that it has come to this ffs but it's true. Wednesday night against fukin Livingston ff and then Saturday against St Midden are without a doubt fukin massive games for our season, holy fkn shit Livi and then St Midden two MASSIVE games on the bounce that right there is evidence enough of how far cormack and his mates have dragged our club down. think we will scrape a draw on wednesday night 1-1, but I will go for St Midden to win on Saturday. Then lets see if the fat yank twat does the right thing As have said on another thread, it's time to get Neil Lennon in till the end of the season to steady the ship.
  8. I genuinely believe Lennon would take the job even on an interim basis, and I also genuinely believe he would steady what appears to be a sinking ship. Glass does not have what it takes to turn this around, he is well and truly out of his depth and we need to change it now. Lennon is not the long term solution but he can be a short term fix, win / win situation for him and the dons, he gets to put himself back in the managerial shop window by turning our fortunes around, and board and our egomaniac chairman can leave him to run the day to stuff of football team and the matches while they set about getting the right man in the door for the long term. win / win
  9. Give the gig to Neil Lennon temporary till the end of the season just to steady the ship, and take from now till end of thee season to do our homework correct and appoint the correct man for the job who will be in it for the long haul and get us to where we all want the club to be at. Getting the club to the level we all want to be at is not going to happen under the current leadership that's a certainty.
  10. It's hard to disagree with any of that. Problem is that fuckwit Cormack won't sack Glass as that will be him admitting that he got the appointment totally wrong. Glass is well and truly out of his depth, but the bigger problem is the massive ego of our c0ck of a chairman. The facts you point out above is 100% sackable by any clubs standards. Cormack is letting his ego ruin our club.
  11. £4.50 a pint as opposed to £4.45 for a feckin toastie it's a no brainer, should have been 25 pints and a portion of chips, or was that 5pence just a bit too much
  12. Said on another thread that I thought when Master Bates signed that Glass had a pulled off a stroke of genius, but it's not. I also thought that it must be hard for bates but he will cum good and strong in the end, but he is not going to cum good at all. I now believe that the proper level for our Master Bates is sitting on the bench for the ladies team building up the muscles in his wrist and forearm, that's pretty much all he is probably capable of doing.
  13. Aye min, your relegation not being a bad thing post was indeed a belter and got a lot of folks going including masel. Anyway back on topic, it is hard to argue with anything of what you have said above, there is / was no way on God's earth that Glass is / was the best candidate for the job out of the supposed hundreds of top quality applications. It is well past the time for our lying twat of a chairman to send Glass back to Atlanta and back to his proper level, before it is too late.
  14. Aye DC and dinna forget that injury time goal was also well assisted by a classic howler from the Livi keeper.
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