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  1. We now are one of them so called "smaller clubs" thanks to the prick of a chairman who can fk off any time he likes and take Dim fkn Oddwin with him. Shambles of a club and cormack is to blame
  2. As we cannot keep a clean sheet then will go with at the very best for us 1-1 but probably 1-2 Dundee with McGinn getting the winner for them.Also St Johnstone to beat St Mirren, Hibs and Livi to draw thus creating a 6 point gap over St Mirren and us St Mirren and us remain on 36 points St Johnstone up to 34 points and it's well and truly squeaky bum time.
  3. Out. 0-2 Livi as we will continue to be utter shite, Bruce Anderson scoring both. Furthermore, St Johnstone to beat Dundee and St Mirren to beat Hibs and then the pressure will really be on ffs.
  4. Surely with comments like that you are taking the piss
  5. Not really arguing with any of that pal, I just think the club and in particular JG could have been a bit more diplomatic on how it was handled. That being said agents over the years have royally fucked the true sportsmanship of the game, and are way too influential. However Andy could have and probably should have told his agent to get a fekin grip, but he didn't and all got way too messy, but JG acted like a spoiled brat, but hey ho back on topic. Who would I keep: McCrorie, Ramsey, Gallagher, Hayes, Barron, Vicente and Ferguson (if we can) the rest can GTF any day the like. I realize in there I have Hayes who will be 35 by the start next of season, but keep him always gives 110% and would be a good squad player, Ferguson is likely to be sold but I would keep him if we can (doubtful) That really leaves on 5 players and that is a true reflection of how fucked up the total place is top to bottom. Massive rebuild required and JG is not the man to be able to do it, I don't know who is the right man but in my opinion he should never have been given the job, i's not my job to find, interview and select the clubs manager I don't get paid to do that but I do know who's job it is and they have fucked up now twice on the trot big time and we are in serious shit because of it. Oh and just for the record I was on the wind up and taking the piss with my "pitch" for popcorn teeth Lennon but holy fuk I got a good few bites on that fishing trip.
  6. Do you mean thrown under the bus by Jim fkn Goodwin
  7. If we are playing in the Championship, or have scraped SPL survival through a play off game then irrespective of how long JG has been in the job he should get sacked and not be around to make any signings, we move on after another horrific managerial appointment.
  8. well well well what a fcukin disastrous season this has been. Glass should have 1) never been given the job in the first place 2) at least been sacked immediately after the Raith Rovers result, but Cormack's fcukin ego drive did not permit that to Happen. We finally sack Glass 6 months too late and make another lazy appointment in Goodwin who is never going to be the answer. I don't think we will automatically be relegated as thankfully Dundee seem to be too far adrift and that could save us, however we are genuine contenders for a relegation paly off spot and if that does happen and irrespective of the outcome that should be enough right there to show Goodwin the door, no matter how long he has been in the job. At least whatever happens we will start next season with 4 league cup games being assured in our present situation that needs to be considered as a cup run ffs, the problem there is our LC group could well be Fraserburgh, Buckie, Peterhead, Cove and us and I would not be betting any cash on us being able to progress out of that group. Thank you very much Cormack you w@anker, please just do us all a favor and fk off back to America and take your fcukin ego and your prawcess with you
  9. Hoping that this is shite, but nothing would surprise me anymore. Is Clangers currently on a bus heading north.
  10. He stood up straight on the touchline before he came on, not slouched shoulders were well back, both socks were at the same length on his legs and his boots were firmly laced up and well tied, he looked the part.
  11. C0ck some folks will just never recognize fishing for bite, got a fair haul with that spin. not sure I deserve to be classed as an imbecile tho What a kn0b jockey now run along
  12. What are the chances of Broony joining up with Lennon in Cyprus? I would suggest not beyond the realms of possibility.
  13. Great news if that is true (aye Jet that is) not fussed about Brown. If Brown plays out the rest of the season then fine, if he doesn't then also fine, but as for fcukin JET hope he never pulls on a dons top again ever, fcukin useless chunt
  14. The chances of that (fat cunt) superstar we basically swapped for Bruce scoring one goal post split is highly unlikely never mind 19 ffs. Fkn useless wage thief, cannot understand why we ever signed him in the first place utter mince. Again, well done Bruce Anderson, congrats on an award well deserved loon.
  15. Speaking about ex dons and where are they now, this could be tin hat time for me. But anyway, congratulations to Bruce Anderson for his SPFL player of the month award for February, it's a shame that he never really got a fair crack of the whip at the dons, decent player and a decent lad. Well done Bruce.
  16. Just being realistic pal just being realistic
  17. JET has been a horrific signing, another in the same mould as stevie may and Clitoris Main, couple of ok performances against us, the odd goal or two we then sign them and they go on to be worse than shite for us. I fear Jim fcukin Goodwin (or nae win) is going to be the same, managed saint midden to a couple of wins over us, their first win of the current season and all that, we sign him up based on that and he goes on to be shite. Anyway that horrific appointment of a manger will unfortunately be here for the summer transfer window, I wonder if he has it him to do what is desperately needed and does our ego maniac prick of a chairman have it in him to at least back the lad to give him a try, I doubt it we are all doomed, doomed I tell ya
  18. Strange one really, Campbell a few years back was showing massive potential then all of a sudden he has at a helluva rate of knots and I'm not really sure why. A good friend of mine is a lifelong killie fan and season ticket holder (he's a precious soul) but anyway he was just telling me the other day that Campbell has been utter mince since he went there and hence the reason he has been dropped, he is just not up to the task, not sure when his contract is up but I would be surprised if he was offered an extension,
  19. 0-0 at the very best, we are a fcukin pathetic outfit and we are where we are in the league because that is where we deserve to be, and as for appointing Jim Goodwin as manager that says it all. Joke of a club being ruined by ego cormack.
  20. Hello Dave. FFS take off the red tinted glasses min, we were fkn woeful got what we deserved from the game and are where we are in the league table because that is also where we deserve to be. Disgrace of a team and rapidly becoming the laughing stock of Scottish football, thank you Dave
  21. Serious question, is there anybody still thinks that post split we will be in the top six? My opinion is mathematically we still can, realistically we have no fcukin chance, from our remaining 4 games before the split I don't see us getting more than 3 points at best but possibly only 1, and the very real possibility of relegation playoff match against Kilmarnock and that there is something that I would very much rather avoid, worrying times indeed. Thank you very much Mr Fraud Cormack you pr1ck.
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