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  1. Agreed, wtf is Jet doing in training that this arse is being picked ahead of him. Fingers crossed this cull of crap is to make way for decent replacements, and the cull continues.
  2. True, though I can't see Jet being dumped so soon, but hey, you never know. McLennan's miss of Ramirez's cross is fucking criminal, he needs put down.
  3. Just Ojo to ship off, when is his contract up?
  4. Agreed, he just came over as sore loser and a bit of a fanny.
  5. Cool, thanks for creating a thread for this, badly needed!
  6. You want me to shave my pubes, is this your preference? You really are weird!
  7. Fuck that, the wilder the better, put the shits into the attackers.
  8. Agreed, I am more than happy with this if it happens, would prefer some movement in other areas, but hey ho!
  9. Is this not why he employed a director of football,, are you saying DC has no faith in the prawcess??? ffs have some faith.
  10. More likely pure shite coming from the powers that be.
  11. I know they are different players, but I would love to swap Hedges for Mcgrath in this window, lets be honest we have the versatile Ojo to fill in any holes...
  12. https://the72.co.uk/259718/report-shares-latest-on-ryan-hedges-aberdeen-future-amid-blackburn-rovers-interest/
  13. I'm sure I read in the reliable press that Blackburn are looking elsewhere. I don't think he will go in this window, I hope he does.
  14. He's playing in Glasgow in March, I think, I have tickets lol
  15. Do we think he will actually go in this window?
  16. Check this shite: https://www.footballscotland.co.uk/spfl/rangers-urged-make-calvin-ramsay-22746014
  17. We probably got a pat on the head from the parent club!
  18. Looks like Hernadez has moved on... https://www.dirtysouthsoccer.com/2022/1/11/22879229/bocanegra-ronald-hernandez-to-join-atlanta-united-on-permanent-transfer
  19. Fair enough, thanks for being honest. I don't think they are over acting on this one though, it seems a reasonable response to the news. I get a prawcess takes time, and has to start somewhere, it just seems we are kicking the can of change down the road with signings like this.
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