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  1. Don’t know why you just don’t write short stories for a living, I’d buy them!, like a darker and more up to date Adrian mole theirs definitely a Hans Christian Andersen in yae choking to get out.
  2. Must be the worst slut in history not getting her hole in 6 years
  3. Was Souter not supposed to be a dons fan but looks like he’s going to Sevco?
  4. Dons79

    In The News

    Prefer white widow
  5. Dons79


    Aye a had it just before Christmas and have grew a tail and now have more arms than goro from mortal kombat, if a squeeze my eyes shut I can make electricity shoot from my body and open any door by pointing ma wee toe at it, marvellous
  6. Jose chilavert Paraguayan keeper and Jorge campos Mexican keeper were old when retired, chilavert was outstanding as a keeper up until his last game
  7. Was the worst highlights reel I have ever seen on any player ever. If a was him I’d ask for it to be taken down, doesn’t do the boy any favours at all
  8. Dons79

    Casual Racism

    The point I was trying to make was the fact that you said you knew of other black folk that died that week by the hands of the police instead of the one case that was all over every medium telling you who to get angry at?. As I said in this particular case, both were wankers, does that mean floyd deserved to die?. Hell no, but using one case doesn’t prove Every officer corrupt for example, hate white knights piggybacking on a case and using it to support their own rhetoric to make themselves appear as if they care about the world, ok prove it? thought of any blacks names that died that week like you said yet bud?ones that weren’t on the telly or social media, or radio? strange for self riotous white knight to argue blind about let’s be honest not a very nice man.
  9. Dons79

    Casual Racism

    Good you will be able to mention the names of the others that were killed that week by the police?,seen as you care so much? Name one other black person killed in the same week as floyd? I bet you can’t without looking it up?.what about their death?their memories and life?, but you know everything to know about poor floyd? and why have they remained nameless all this time, their time on this earth not as important?, shame
  10. We signed a classic Russian dessert. Id call that even then.
  11. Usual rumours sweeping across the AFC pages again!, should be strong enough to brush aside any SPL defenders as long as he’s bristling with confidence, hope he’s tidy(up) on the ball
  12. Dons79

    Casual Racism

    No but their are definate parallels to be drawn between the 2, especially violence towards certain groups and races
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