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  1. So our wide players tasked to deliver to the forward(only mioski after sulky boy fucks off) is injury prone Kennedy, mongo McLennan and lightweight not proven at anything, diving besuijen, hold me back wae excitement need width and players with crossing ability, which we don’t have
  2. A would rather take nothing than him going to them
  3. Indeed, like a council version of kuato out of total recall.weird ”we need more air”
  4. Dons79

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    https://inews.co.uk/news/ukraine-war-girls-women-raped-bucha-basement-russia-sexual-violence-1569962 what are these feckless woman to do ? A say woman but some as young as 14, war scenario, raped by the aggressors, nobody in there right mind would stay in labour after what’s happened.@Clydeside_Sheep sick all knowing/ever powerful god letting such things happen IMO
  5. Cringe of the highest order, your wee crew are as unpopular as RJ, that’s takes some doing in your short space of time posting, well done here’s your award you so desire and crave (look at me look at me) cmon down, take a bow, speech speech geojson maker WANKER
  6. Squad is shaping up nicely a few more attacking players and a keeper should do it, hopefully ngwenya kicks on and proves to be a useful addition as left back, or at least pushes mckenzie to be better, mioski signing has got me excited, bring on the title COYR
  7. No I have children thanks for asking
  8. Nonsense, I am hardly on here so a hold no relevance on here, he wouldn’t know of me or my posts, unless of course you are Barron?.
  9. It’s a bit plain da, cmon put some effort in
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