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  1. Dons79


    No it’s cause folk bundle in the term “wearing face masks” as the same as wearing a wee bit of cloth and calling them face masks?,stated a million times it has to be ffp3 or higher form of mask to prevent Covid, wearing face cloths do nothing!.
  2. So, do you think using Watkins and samuels will be useful playing alongside Ramirez, for me that’s what I would do!.
  3. We all know that the powers that be favour the big 2 but to have 2 rangers in the same league is pushing it a bit
  4. That’s the mask of the mentally ill slipping in my opinion, auld fellow needs to come back so we can all keep an eye on things. pare auld fool.
  5. Aberdeen 2-1 St Johnstone Hibernian 3-1 St Mirren Ross County 1-2 Hearts Dundee Utd 1-2 Dundee Livingston 0-4 Celtic Huns 3-0 Motherwell
  6. Done his usual with the same posters as usual, bebo stepped in to say him and soops daily get together was getting boring, so in RS fashion decided to lambast bebo. Clearly wasn’t in a good mood and waved him off., hope he gets medical attention he clearly needs for his anger issues
  7. Dons79


    Not one bit, there just thankfull of another fully vaccinated person walking out there door, they are nurses, they don’t care the reason.it works, you can thank me later, mind not a shred of evidence do they ask for as it’s illegal to ask for other medical records barring your own. Wee loophole
  8. Dons79


    Phone up the nhs and explain your a “carer/helper”for someone immuno suppressed in your family and need the 2nd vaccination, they can give 4 weeks after the first if circumstances dictate.
  9. Dons79


    There’s plenty of evidence masks work?, has to be at a grading of ffp3 or higher to filter 99% of coronavirus particles.medical grade masks!, although the government didn’t have enough for medical/social care settings never mind the general public. Right at the start of the pandemic it was getting reported but nobody took notice. Even after the shambles in the care homes. Not one person throughout the eighteen months so far have a seen wearing a proper medical ffp3 mask!, face coverings only?, in the context of a coronavirus outbreak, useless!.and folk then wonder why they still get it!, and also label proper equipment that can save you gettin it the same as a bit of cloth. Hence the statement “masks don’t work”.untrue, ffp3 masks do, face coverings don’t.
  10. Dons79

    In The News

    Yep same in Crawley @Poodler by far outnumbered, Scots pub went mental that tournament, should have been battered but the Scots more than held there own, definately an English fear of the wild Scots going on.some would even say shitebags, few unlucky English cunts grabbed into that pub and leathered, good times
  11. Dons79

    In The News

    Hope theirs no road works or chippies open or he might get called out. #prayforclearroads
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