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  1. That season still makes me shiver when it is talked about. By god we were so close to the drop.
  2. This. If Cormack dosn't come out and call it out then our club are just as much to blame for the shambles that is Scottish referees
  3. Not to worry. We may lose the game but will beat them on stats so all is good!!
  4. Its ok. We have 63% possession which is all that matters.
  5. They would also leave Colt teams behind. Best of both world for them.
  6. He plays well in any position he is asked to play. Should be far more involved in match day squads.
  7. Followed up the win against Hibs with a well deserved point tonight. Well done to Glass and the team. The 5 clubs doing the review should sort out the shite refereeing before worrying about increasing revenue. If enough clubs speak up, they might force change. Would certainly galvanise the support if Cormack took the lead on it.
  8. I ask myself that question many times.
  9. Not when VAR will be run by the same cheating hun fucking cunt refs
  10. It wasn't but we al knew it would happen.
  11. Looks like he has found a bit of fire again about him the past 2 games. Good to see.
  12. Was just about post the same. Making it hard for ourselves.
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