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  1. Think he is looking for a move down under!!
  2. Even with a top 6 finish, 1 trophy already won and a Scottish cup final to look forward to, Davidson should have been manager of the year.
  3. Fantastic result and achievement for St Johnstone. Top 6 finish and cup double on a small budget. Remind me again who won manager of the year?
  4. Agree. Contracted to us until 2024. Long time for him to sulk. Hopefully we get an offer we are happy to accept and its a win/win. He gets his move and we get to fund new transfers. Rather it didn't drag on too long so we get to move on some new players quickly. Good player but not had the best of seasons and can be replaced. No player is bigger than the club.
  5. 1 plastic pitch gone with Hamilton. Killie in the playoff spot as things stand. Don't see Dundee beating Killie over two legs.
  6. That Asian chap was quite right to deck the bigoted cunts. Wish he had kept going and finished off a few more. Be interesting to see what action wee Nic takes if any. Fan stadium ban for the huns required but I don't see her having the bottle.
  7. With a baseball bat?
  8. Agree fully with your point!
  9. - 2 goal difference is the most embarrassing stat of the season. Scottish football is utter pish.
  10. It should be left back - in the dressing room.
  11. 1st half summed up our season. Pile of steaming dog poo!! Glass has some job to do rebuilding a team for next season. Hopefully won't see many of the current squad back in the red of Aberdeen again as they don't deserve to wear it.
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