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  1. Two terrible refereeing decisions settled this game and sums up the terrible refereeing standards within Scottish football
  2. How long will Goodwin get the benefit of the doubt. To be fair it is not his squad and it does need major surgery, but why tell players you are clearly going to need they are getting moved on surely this could have been left until the end of the season or when we were safe. Some of his selections have been poor and his substitutions are bizarre but most worrying aspect for me is his lack of ability to get any kind of reaction from any of these players arguably the biggest games of the season against Dundee, County and Livi and you would have thought these players were strolling out for pre-season games. Also the fact we continue to make exactly the same errors we have been for 3 years is also worrying especially as Goodwin told us tightening the defence would be an easy job !!
  3. Utter garbage again. We seem to be getting worse, same failings as usual, we lack any kind of creativity or imagination and seem to have absolutely no spirit
  4. So poor Yesterday but the most worrying aspect was there was no sign of the team being up for this and very little fight this is what worries me about Goodwin so far we look worse than when he took over
  5. He is probably seeing the deals the other poorer defenders are getting at the club and wants similar, surely Devlin must be following him out the door and Goodwin will need good replacements as the current crop of defenders at the club are very ordinary
  6. In for this. 0-3 Ramirez, Marley and Vinny. Dundee are dire and should be put to the sword
  7. Madden doing all he can for his beloved Huns, the blatancy of the likes of Madden is shocking and why Scottish fitba is so shite
  8. There wasn't too much to referee Yesterday but still Brother Beaton managed to give Huns everything he could including not giving the clear foul would before the goal. I thought Gallaghers Yellow card was mental as well Harvey was fouling him and then started rolling about and got Gallagher booked. I laughed at Polvara chasing after Brother Beaton after a blatant hand ball wasn't given and thought you better get used to that Dante and don't waste your time chasing him
  9. Funny that Goodwin picked out Bates and Gallagher for praise Today and I get the feeling he likes Kennedy also. Devlin has to be gone as I have no idea why he is still on the books. JET should be paid off also as he is absolutely useless and I cannot see Mclennan or Campbell moving on either
  10. He is a fantastic player who will only get better, would like to see a front 3 of him Ramirez and Watkins and think that 3 would get a lot of joy in this league. My only concern is that referees in this league seem happy to let the hammer throwers kick the shit out of him but so far it doesn't seem to bother him
  11. Anderson always had the ability to score goals and is proving he can in this league. We got unbelievable money for Cosgrove who has only scored 2 goals since he left and we replaced him well with Ramirez. I think if Anderson had stayed here he would have been still behind Ramirez and a fit Watkins so he has made the right decision and Livi must be laughing getting him in to replace the useless JET
  12. Hibernian 2-0 Ross County livingston 1-2 St Mirren Motherwell 1-2 Aberdeen St Johnstone 2-2 Hearts Sunday fixtures 20th Dundee Utd 1-1 Huns Celtic 3-0 Dundee
  13. I said on Wednesday if Woods plays at Well we will be out of the cup and the same for Tomorrow if he plays we will struggle to win, I would rather have Samson or Marshall than him. All Stj would have to do is get as many crosses in his direction as possible and they will score. He reminds me of an outfield player being put in goals
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