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  1. Hearts will be struggling near the bottom by November and Neilson will be binned and replaced by Mcinnes absolute certainty
  2. Lewis - 7. Nothing much to do and made no mistakes Ramsay- 8 superb performance from the Youngster looks the real deal Hayes- 6 Gave ball away far too much and his touch was very poor at tomes Considine - 8 Solid throughout and got the all important break through McCrorie- 7 had a decent game, but thought he could have done better at the goal Brown - 8 slack pass in the first couple of minutes but apart from that never put a foot wrong. A true leader Ferguson - 9 Excellent game took his goals well and could have had another but for the post, benefitting from Browns presence Ojo - 8 Clearly much better in this role than a deep lying midfielder that Mcinnes thought he was Hedges - 7 Played well in patches and showed some quality. Much more to come JET - 9 Superb game, touch and power was a joy to watch, Swedes just couldn't handle him and for 25 minutes in the first half he was unplayable Ramirez - 8 very good debut great touch made some good runs and got his goal
  3. Had to queue for 40 minutes on Merkland Road part of the problem was lots that were in the 7-7.30 slot turned up early, didn't help that the turnstile didn't open until 6.35. Good job it was a fine night wouldn't want to be doing this in December
  4. Aye Mcinnes would have shut up shop at half time and we would have drawn
  5. Thats the most enjoyable game I have been to at Pittodrie for a few Years, football was superb and the attacking intent was impressive. Brown is the leader we have badly missed since Shinnie, JET and Ramirez were impressive as were Ferguson and even Ojo, but I thought Ramsay was man of the match
  6. I have seen this guy in the flesh a few times for Orlando and he was always one that stood out, obviously Nani is the big cheese at Orlando but this guy certainly has ability
  7. 3-1 Dons with an attacking masterclass, Ramirez, Hedges and JET with the goals
  8. Aye mine was delivered Today, very smart but is a bit tighter than usual especially on the arms
  9. Thought we competed first half but well outplayed in the 2nd half by a much better team technically. The midfield 3 of Croatia were superb and Modric run the show, he is 36 in a couple months and still looked the fittest sharpest player on the pitch and his finish for the 2nd goal was world class. We still have players like Dykes and O'Donnell that just are not good enough at this level
  10. AB21 and I seen him in Tesco last night and one night last Week
  11. I could be wrong but he didn't say they were doing away with cash only that they were introducing a card system. they may well have both
  12. If using cards cuts down on the kiosk morons from taking about 5 minutes to count your change out and you get your pie quicker its got to be a good thing
  13. Better team throughout but probably paid for not having the quality in the final third although Adams had a good game. Gilmour and Mcginn were the best players on the park
  14. Exactly get the Vaccine to return to normality and then but wait a minute we have to now protect the ones who haven't taken it. Utter shambles
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