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  1. Think of this as like an American Wrestling thread but better. Any golfers out there? (HH, Chimp, TF etc) I'm looking for a perspective. I'm thinking of changing my 3 wood. I've currently got a Callaway Warbird but after changing my driver last year I saw how much the new increased MOI technology can bring. I went from the 5 year old Steelhead III to the TaylorMade R7 TP and gained easily 35-40 yards. Anyway, back to the point I can hit my Warbird 3 wood about 225 yards off the fairway and I wondered if anyone had used a hybrid replacement or a new 2007 Ti fairway wood yet and if you can get much performance increase. To be honest I'm not sure I want to hit a 3 wood any further than 225 anyway but, sadly, the Warbird is looking it's age. Any suggestion? I was thinking of looking at the new Taylor Made Burner range or possibly even something like this this http://www.onlinegolf.co.uk/mens/golf-club...cog/2131pog.asp
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