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  1. Nae big hopes for this one , scrappy draw on a bitterly cold evening. Will go ppv as I'm working.
  2. Our run of penalty wins has got to come to an end sometime , certain amount of luck involved in this and we have had our share.
  3. Only really County lagging behind us in the relegation battle we are now in. Hopefully avoid the play offs but we can forget European football for next year. Top 6 would be an achievement from here.
  4. Ukraine will be hard to beat , even with a passionate full house. You never know though.
  5. Longshanks wtf and it was a second bookable offence.
  6. According to some at cop 26 a beach site will be flood plain by 2050 if we don't all buy electric cars this year. Better Kingsford and we can stay there for the next 200 years at least.
  7. https://linksharing.samsungcloud.com/fYfZ5OfaKf1A
  8. I don't think they will get anyone high profile in. Whats my salary ? How much money do I have to spend on players in the next year ? These will be key questions
  9. Yes , maybe bring in Kent as a squad player
  10. No he doesn't , you are right , but if he wants him the number crunchers at villa will know the huns will accept any offer over the 7 mill they paid for him to free up some finances for the new man to bring in some of his own guys.
  11. He will take Kent , 10 mill max as he knows their finances. Morelos I think he is glad to see the back of.
  12. We will shit it away in a strange land , similar to Georgia a few years ago , bounce back with a draw v Denmark. Go out on goal difference or something like that , back to being glorious failures like before we got good at penalties.
  13. Bombscare every time under pressure , other teams know this and will target him. He needs a time out soon as possible
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