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  1. Does Boyle play on the right? He’s surely not going to try and match ojo against Boyle…
  2. I know…his persistence with him is unbelievable. What is he seeing that we aren’t…mind boggling
  3. Santa?….apologies, he’s not on the list..
  4. Cormack ‘meat’. Some also have Cormack Mash and Cormack beans on the top. Neither are very good, sales have been slow, but he stands behind his decision to launch them, despite the performance of proven pies that have all performed better . He could have invested in those pies, but he wanted to put his own pie stamp on things, despite the fact it’s not a market he knows well.
  5. Agreed. But what is our/his style? The possession bit I get, the slow based possession I don't. Must be so easy to play against…
  6. Agreed. I think we’re in ‘real trouble’ already. There is nothing to suggest that things are going to change, or we’re just not getting the breaks. The disappointing thing is his persistence/ arrogance of doing the same thing Over and over again and expecting a different result. Don’t think he knows his best team and I would love to know what he sees in ojo in that role, when everyone on here can see it doesn’t work.
  7. It’s depressing as fuck…..please just do the decent thing and hand in your notice. It’s like watching Ian Cathro all over again… Quite conceivably bottom of the league in the next few weeks… utterly honking…another one of the back room staff sent off too, which is embarrassing. I think that’s 4 so far this season…
  8. Maybe we could give Charlie Adam a bit more time on the ball, let him take a few more touches and spray the ball around the park. Making the fat hun look like Pirlo..
  9. Not seen much so far that suggests a different outcome, although hope I’m wrong. Still very pedestrian and don’t see any value in ojo playing in that role. Just slows the game down even more…
  10. Master Bates spends a lot of time rolling around the ground. Get on with, min… another dismal result. Didn’t see this coming after a decent 1st half. Never mind, Celtic next week. Can’t see glass seeing out October mood spoiled for another weekend. Fucking meh….
  11. I haven’t seen anything in Jenks. Samuels is at best, ‘raw’. Has pace but also makes bad decisions. Goes outside when he should go inside and vice versa. First touch isn’t the best either. I maintain if Hayes is fit, he should get the nod ahead of him…
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