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  1. Spent more time in the Ministry and Bex Bar than at Pittodrie. Fair bit of time in the former on the dance floor, when out ‘injured’ utterly honking as a player.
  2. He deserves time and at probably several transfer windows, which I hope he gets, although i suspect he won’t. The vultures are already circling. He’s inherited a bag of squirrels and we’re a rank rotten team. We have a short and medium term of mediocrity ahead of us and I think we need to accept that. He needs a win against Dundee and then we can at least put this season to bed. Not sure he will get it though. that said, he’s made some strange decisions and he appears to have alienated more than those that he’s told, arguably prematurely, that they’re off. Not starting Calvin R today was mind boggling and as someone said on another thread, trying to play Ross M as the furthest forward of the 3 today, just didn’t work and we can all recognise why. Swiss Tony made his appointment so quickly and in hindsight taking time to reflect and better consider other options would have been wise, but we are where we are. Big summer ahead and I hope he sets his sights higher than trying to sign current and former St Mirren players, which frankly doesn’t inspire. how do it come to this
  3. I love your optimism mate i really do, but this is grim as fuck. Is that 2 wins in 15. Something like that. I just can’t see where it’s coming from. Imagine needing something in the last game to avoid the play offs. our confidence is shot to fuck, decisions are going against, we don’t look like not conceding in any game and frankly we don’t look like scoring. in ‘the season’ when it got to this stage we had momentum, we have none now… trying to be optimistic but it’s fucking hard.
  4. 5 immediate observations. 1. We have a 4m rated, specialist right back on the bench but start with a journeyman holding midfielder in that position, who gives away a penalty. Fucking bizarre from JG 2. would need to see it again, but how is there boy not sent off for our pen? Thought the rule was now last man and off if you didn’t make an attempt to win the ball. 3. I’m fucking shitting myself we that we get further and further dragged into relegation territory. Said it before that we had to win today. 4. that ref was an utter fucking balloon 5. we’re pish and league tables don’t lie more fucking meh…..
  5. Gary Hackett was terrible player from the Porterfield era. He was hard on the eye and i mind him tripping over the ball a few times at Tynecastle or Easter road. Ben Thornley- honking
  6. St Mirren are basically trying to help by saying the lad is shite, you can have him for free but we’re insisting on paying. Fair play to them.
  7. In. Not feeling positive at all. Wonder how many leavers will start. Hopefully, none. 0-1 and the pressure being well and truly on for the remainder
  8. It’s coming, loon. 1/4….Bobby Madhun won’t want that lottery of penalties…
  9. What odds a questionable hun penalty….1/5?
  10. Not that I give a fuck about the outcome of the current bigot fest on the telly, but from the 15 minutes I’ve seen in the pub, how the fuck is Bobby Madden allowed to referee anything….the cunt it a fucking clown…
  11. He could sign the entire St Mirren starting 11, that would be a good start. Probably not that expensive either. He can spend anything remaining on those that he’s worked with before at st Mirren that are high quality but have lost their way under lesser leadership.
  12. I thought it was a great signing at the time. i also thought that if he played well the team would have a really good season. He’s always been a cunt, but he was our cunt. he’s a quality player and there were times we saw that in abundance. Technically, he was wag better than j ever gave him credit for. Not sure his leadership on the park really shone through though, well not consistently. By and large I thought he was pretty good and far better than most of the rest. Lost interest towards the end though. if he did call Goodwin a fud at Tynecastle, time will tell if SB was right.
  13. ‘St Paul’s first letter to Ramirez’ ’get yourself back state side ASAP, fuck these sheep shagging bastards. If they question your decision tell them that God told you directly to sign for the tampax bay dolphins…..amen etc’
  14. That’s surprising, coz he came with a high pedigree and a host of top European clubs after him. We were fortunate to get him. Jim is just protecting him and playing cunts that he’s already decided are for the off. all part of the grand plan, loon.
  15. His (mark lardley) brother was a hibs casual, I’m assuming he ate him too. he makes jet look like Karen Carpenter
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