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  1. Celtic 3 v 0 Hibs Aberdeen 1 v 1 sevco Dundee United 0 v 0 St Mirren Hearts 2 v 1 St Johnstone Livingston 1 v 0 Dundee Ross Co 2 v 1 Motherwell Aberdeen 4 v 0 Edinburgh City
  2. Ten Caat


    I'd rather buy a megadrive game called "Rhona Martin Curling One Out at the Olympics" Featuring Rhona racing home to the Olympic village with various obstacles to clear and heavy objects to weigh her down (bonus points available per curling stone carried). Get her safely into her room and plonked on the shitter and you win. On to the next level. Rhona dashing behind a parked car and leaving a steaming pile.....start again. Rhona shiting her mid-sized briefs in public.....megadrive sent a program that causes it to blow up. Hoo fucking mama
  3. He's had his chance to sign for us. So fuck him. If things fall flat for him with potential Championship moves down south, he still has the comfort of knowing that St Mirren have offered to make him their highest paid player ever. We know that it must be on a contract worth more than £4k/week to do this. Presumably they won't be withdrawing that offer so he could sign that and play at a level that definitely keeps him in the eye of the ROI boss. Or he could try his luck in EF1 on the same cash but where his ROI place might come under question
  4. Earning twice what they were at their previous club. With the theoretical chance that they might win a cup medal at some point of the duration of their contract. But more than likely not. Sadly teams such as Burton Albion and Lincoln City in EFL 1 can easily match that. The likes of Sunderland, Ipswich, Portsmouth etc can all comfortably beat it (love Michael Jackson). They can dangle the carrot of possible promotion into the English championship and a reasonable shot at winning a medal in the Papa John's Trophy. Hoo mama
  5. Ten Caat

    In The News

    When we drank ourselves into a stupor we got put into bed and made to lie in our puke. Next day we then were told in no uncertain terms that if we were suffering the hangover from hell that it was fully deserved and maybe it would make us think about getting in such a state ever again. And it did....till the next time. We certainly didnt get ambulances called and end up on IV infusions overnight taking up valuable NHS resources. Whllst complaing that we must have been spiked EDIT.....interesting sub question You regularly see in the press reports of deaths or inquests into deaths where the poor fucker is quoted to have "choked on his/her own vomit". Has anybody ever choked on someone else's vomit???
  6. Ten Caat

    In The News

    Hallelujah to this Virtually every court case nowadays where the defendant admits or has been proven to be guilty seems to end up with the defence lawyer using mental health problems in mitigation for the guilty party's actions. And teenagers......don't get me fucking started on them. Whinging, self entitled cunts that think the world revolves around them and their needs and beliefs.
  7. I posted the other week I found it strange that we hadn't had him up for a medical and signing a pre-contract during the winter break. Now it seems we know why. Was never overly keen on signing him anyway, any time I've watched him he's never been anything other than bang average but he is a type of player we don't currently have so could see the sense in why we might be interested. It does look like the player and/or his agent has used our interest to spark further interest elsewhere. I suppose it's par for the course but at least we have pulled the plug early rather than hanging on hoping that he might not be able to agree terms elsewhere.
  8. Ten Caat


    Great at car insurance quotes
  9. He left us for Derby because our offer to make him the highest paid player at the club couldn't come close to what Derby were offering. Foreby the fact he wanted to try his luck down south anyway. Wigan might be EFL1 right now but they are free from the financial difficulties that dogged them in 2020 and are yet another club now Arab owned. They're making a strong bid for promotion and I can't believe that Shinnie will be signing for them to take a pay cut on his current deal. I suspect if we really wanted to we could probably match it but I dont think that's a good use of our budget for a player past 30
  10. Is he? He gave the tub-of-lard (now ex) Gillingham manager credence when he quoted him in the Sun as saying that Tucker would "go for millions when he eventually leaves the club" last February. They'll be doing well to get £300k for him less than a year later EDIT...but this kind of signing does make sense and hope we do manage to get him to move 500 miles north
  11. Believe me id love nothing more than seeing Murray win a big tournament again. Unquestionably he has been the greatest sports star to come out of Scotland. Pushes Chris Hoy into second place for that accolade. But he won't. Not with a plastic hip I'm just realistic I prefer to remember what he was than what he is now.
  12. Cracked open the bottle of absinthe you got for Xmas?
  13. Ten Caat

    In The News

    He obviously misread the "Join the IRA" advert in the Daily Republican It actually read "Experienced bombers wanted"
  14. There's not a cat's chance in hell that Murray will ever return to the player he once was. He deserves better than to play on, getting beaten by players who, if he didn't have to have a hip replacement and the subsequent long rehab process, wouldn't even be mentioned in the same breath as him. I absolutely accept if he wants to continue playing it's totally his choice but he was absolutely outclassed today by the guy ranked 20th in the world I don't want to see him embarrassed if he has the misfortune to draw a top 10 player in a Grand Slam Feel free to block me you easily triggered bellend
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