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  1. Obviously it would be Woods. I don't think he's that far behind Lewis overall, his distribution and ability with his feet is certainly a lot better than Joe. As I've said before, I don't think Gnasher would be over enamoured with Lewis being benched given his earnings but a few games on the sidelines might concentrate Lewis' mind and get him to buck his ideas up.
  2. Looks like a 3-1 lead for USA after the foursomes unless Westwood and Fitzpatrick can pull off an unlikely half point from dormie 2 down Poulter and Mcilroy especially were shockingly bad
  3. You get weirder by the week. Using a chocolate/coconut bar ("they came in search of paradise....and found it in Bounty") to wipe up your spooge is just different level
  4. I'm certainly old enough, was the first season I was allowed to go to games on the supporters bus alone but I never saw him play. Because he broke his ankle or something in the very next game, was out for a while and Leighton regained his place. De Clerck never played another game for us and left for a Dutch club the following summer. Can't remember why Leighton had lost his place in the first place. Probably injury as I'm sure we started the defence of our title fairly well. We lost it almost exclusively to the combined efforts of Morton (our bogey club for no apparent good reason at that time) and Kilmarnock. Sure they both beat us twice that season.
  5. Ten Caat


    If I fly to Paris or Frankfurt or Rome and somehow manage to misplace my passport en route........when I present myself at their immigration desk I'm getting turned straight around and put on the first available flight back to where I came from. Especially now with Brexit, but even when the UK was in the EU, we weren't part of the Schengen scheme which would have allowed us to avoid passport control. The refugees/asylum seekers/economic migrants however are arriving on a southern European beach or crossing the EU border somewhere in Eastern Europe with no documentation at all, get processed by the authorities of whatever country they get caught in and are then free to march onward to the destination of their choice. Which is never the likes of Hungary or Slovakia or Romania. No siree, no interest in staying in shitholes like that. Even Spain or Italy are generally not good enough for them....places I'd love to live if I had the cash. Germany/France/UK/Switzerland or to a lesser extent, Sweden are where they want to be. Germany just encouraged them by letting in over a million in 2015. Mainly young men in their early 20s. Frau Merkel is apparently bitterly regretting that decision now. Europe cannot and should not be expected to take in hordes of disaffected Muslims from various Middle Eastern countries who don't like the regimes in their home countries. Turkey could help (mainly itself) by repatriating the 3 million odd they are hosting (mainly as a staging post for their onward journey into Europe).
  6. Harry Potter playing for Hogsmeade Rovers in the Wizarding Premier League
  7. Figures from last year suggest not but now that a majority of folk have had their covid vaccine it will be interesting to see how it compares after this winter Deaths due to coronavirus (COVID-19) compared with deaths ... https://www.ons.gov.uk › deaths › bulletins › deathsocc...
  8. If she was going to do that, I'd suggest she specifically asks for it to be Astra-Zeneca. I wouldn't like to hazard a guess as to how 4 doses of the same vaccine might affect someone. 3 would probably be ok given that we are about to start giving a third dose to vulnerable folk but a 4th I think would be too much of a risk. AZ has a totally different mode of action so I'd think that would be the safer option
  9. If you have a headache, you take 2 paracetamol tablets. So would your mother. It's also true that a child's immune system is still developing at a rapid rate of knots as they grow so the response to an immunisation will be more effective than your typical adult. Over fifties and those at severe risk from covid are about to start receiving third vaccinations as their immune systems are starting to decline so their response might not be as good as a younger adult. It remains to be seen if the third vaccine is the same type as the first two or whether those that received Astra-Zeneca will get a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine (they work in different ways so there is a theory that you might end up with a better overall protection that way). EDIT...as to why you don't just get one big dose as an adult......presumably the trials that were carried out proved that 2 separate vaccinations with a minimum 3 week gap elicited a better response that a single dose (they absolutely would have trialled this)
  10. Because they're physically smaller. Same as why children's doses of commonly used medicines like paracetamol or antibiotics are usually 50% that of the adult dose. Infant doses even smaller still
  11. When I was a kid in primary school, my auld granny from deepest darkest Lanarkshire called farts "poofs". It was unfortunate that she owned a dog that suffered horrendously from vile smelling flatulence. By the time we were about 10 and a bit more worldly wise, she would have my mates and I rolling on the floor saying shit like "oh no, the dog's poofed again" My mother eventually told her why. She was adamant that everyone in her area of her generation referred to farting as poofing
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