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  1. Totally agree My concern is that Goodwin goes back to Celtic in January with an offer to buy him permanently and Celtic turn round and say "Ok but only if you sell Barron to us"...........and Goodwin agrees
  2. Why do you think he was made "club captain" when Brown was made team captain? If it hadn't been in his contract there was no need to do anything at all
  3. Ten Caat

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    Does have a cock (although very small), but was mistaken for a clitoris and is partially hidden by the "labia"
  4. Ten Caat

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    Real women have XX sex chromosomes Real men have XY chromosomes Its a myth to say that either sex only produces the hormones that Joe Public associates with being male or female......males do produce oestrogen in small quantities amd females produce testosterone in small quantities. By giving a transsexual the main sex hormone produced by the opposite sex, you can artificially induce some physical (and emotional/psychological too) traits associated with that sex.....so a female to male will grow more body and facial hair, will be able to increase muscle mass if using the correct diet and physical training regime.......and you might induce them to go bald on top. Male to females will grow breasts, put on body fat to make their hips more curvaceous and their body hair may reduce a bit. But ultimately you cannot alter the basic genetic code assigned on conception. You can perform plastic surgery to make a male to female transsexual look almost indistinguishable from the neck downwards to a real female. And at least you are in this instance removing the testes, the main source of their male hormones. But in most cases it's difficult to achieve a difference facially that is truly convincing. Female to male genital surgery is much more complex...the best way to describe it is that its a bit like making a swiss roll out of their labia to achieve a neo-penis...but its not very convincing, doesnt achieve erection and often the urethra is left underneath in roughly same position as it would be naturally and they still need to sit down to pee. And in this case, in most instances you arent touching the internal female organs so the uterus and ovaries etc remain. You cannot change a person's sex. Ever
  5. Ten Caat

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    Semenya was born intersex. Actually is male, every cell in "her" body has XY chromosomes and the reason why "her" testosterone levels are/were so high is that "she" has internal undescended testes. Presumably at birth was assigned female as what actually should be his bawsack was actually formed incompletely and resembled a vagina. At that point there was no suspicion of him being anything other than a girl. In reality, it's really a decent club level male athlete....but club level male athletes are still generally around the same performance levels as elite female athletes. By suppressing his testosterone, his performance levels were reduced so that the real women managed to outperform him comfortably. But was then decided that as he wasn't taking the testosterone artificially that forcing him to take drugs to reduce it would be against his human rights.
  6. Ten Caat

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    Which is precisely what I'm saying.....the myth that taking oestrogen negates having went through male puberty and the physical advantages that gives a male over a female is precisely that....a fucking myth. In fact it's more than a myth....it's a downright lie
  7. Ten Caat

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    There was a post earlier today which hit the nail on the head. And I'm not sure why all the women who are against trans-women competing in female events aren't shouting it from the rooftops at every opporchancity. And that is......if taking female hormones degrades a male to female transsexual's athletic performance to a level that makes it a level playing playing field for them to take part in elite female sports.............then it naturally follows that taking male hormones for a female to male transsexual should enhance their performance to a level where they could compete evenly in male elite sports. However, strangely enough, there are no female to "male" sportspeople getting anywhere close to doing that at any level of sport, never mind elite ones.
  8. I think the Supreme Court will rule it illegal and so Sturgeon will have to resort to her fall-back option of then fighting the next Scottish elections on a single issue case of independence.
  9. Maybe but he's coming into a totally new team playing, for him in a totally new country in a a league where he's absolutely untried. Of course it would be great if he flourishes but there have been plenty bigger names and better players that have come up from England expecting to stroll it and found they couldn't hack it in Scotland. Making him captain and then finding out he's not good enough to command a regular starting spot would be a bad look all round. I think for now it's best just to let him find his feet. Foreby that, Lewis still has his contract where it's written in that he's captain. They got round it last season with Brown by making Lewis "club captain" and Brown "team captain" but I don't see Lewis taking too kindly to that happening again. If Roos supplants him as first choice then it's academic...we would need someone to take on the role. It might be a case of taking a deep breath and holding our noses but the only obvious candidate sadly is McCrorie (on the assumption that Ferguson gets his move)
  10. Well I can reveal that Bates looks every inch the candidate for collapsing with heatstroke/sunburnt to a frazzle. And he fouls every bit as much in training as he does in real matches
  11. I must be hallucinating seeing pics of them training in the Spanish sun and finding out that Hanratty has joined Forfar on loan for the season then
  12. Boyle would be an excellent addition but fucking expensive wages. Nevertheless if he is available I'd snap him up and hopefully it'd put to bed any notions of Jamie McGrath joining up
  13. Not according to various sites this morning, including the Retard. Story they're putting out is that the Wolves manager wants to take a look at him in pre-season training before making a final decision on his future. Also seemed to be implying that if they were to let him go, it'd be as a loan.
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