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  1. Ive just looked at that and cant see him? Where should I be looking??
  2. Surely the complimentary tickets that hun players received would be for somewhere in or near to that reserved for corporate and that's where he'd be sat, likely next to the McCrorie parents? I've not seen any video of him in amongst the orc hordes
  3. No chance Even when he's officially with Liverpool he won't get a call up prior to our World Cup interest ending........unless there is a massive run of injuries to our established right backs. Ralston and Paul McGinn are still ahead of him in the selection stakes for now. But once our WC interest is over, be it in the play offs or in December if we make it to Qatar.......he will then move ahead of McGinn and Stephen O'Donnell (fair chance one or both will retire from international football anyway). That just leaves him needing to usurp Patterson, probably Hickey and Ralston.
  4. Well maybe so. But he played for the huns too. A shitload more than his brother has to date. A fair number of the players last night were his team-mates up until a couple of years back. So he has 2 reasons to be there. It was done in his own time, it wasn't interfering with any preparations for him playing for us as our season is complete (thank fuck) and he hasn't been plastered all over social media extolling his love for der Hun. His penance lies in how shit he must feel as a sevco supporter that they lost. He'll also be acutely aware that 100% of the Aberdeen support (excluding Millertime and Fyvie) are overjoyed that they blew it. And will be even more overjoyed if they blow the SC on Saturday
  5. That's as maybe so, albeit there was no widespread internet usage when they were playing nor social media for them to be caught out on. However that isn't the point. It was said that we shouldn't be signing anyone with a history of supporting Rangers/sevco or Celtic. I was merely pointing out that if we had this policy, it would have ruled out signing those players in the past. As for McLeish....I've no idea how old you are but I was always aware in his time with us that he grew up supporting deadco
  6. Are you telling me that Willie Miller wasn't a Rangers supporter growing up pretty much in the shadow of Celtic Park?
  7. McCrorie's twin brother was on the sevco bench. Do you expect him to disown him? As has already been said........can't think what Bates has done other than being utter mince for most of the season (there was a 2 month period in Sept/Oct when he actually looked half decent although the results were still horrendous as nearly everyone else at this time was shite). He did choose to turn down a new sevco contract when he was with them in favour of a move to Hamburg. Ferguson....yes his behaviour last summer was pretty despicable. But remember he is a member of the Ferguson dynasty. Not exactly noted for their outstanding intelligence. He hasn't had the best of seasons for sure but he's certainly been one of our top 3 performers nevertheless and will net us a tidy profit when he is sold. And as for the list of Tims and huns from our Gothenburg side ( I didn't even include the injured Dougie Bell or indeed our then manager.......presumably you would apply the same rules to managers as you want to do to players?).......whilst I cannot recall any overt instances of hunnishness or dhimmery in their time with us, nevertheless I'm sure prior to joining us they would all have been guilty of the odd rousing performance of "The Sash" or "Hail Hail" at some point.
  8. No Rangers won plenty cup finals Sevco on the other hand.....
  9. Which would have ruled out Miller, McLeish, Leighton, McGhee, McMaster, Rougvie and Weir from our Gothenburg side
  10. Clyde1 phone in on until midnight.....first caller in tears. Lovely stuff
  11. Fucking whoooopppeeeeeeeeeee Feel sorry for the good citizens of Seville for what's about to occur in the next 24 hours. A couple of Glasgow bound charters falling nose first into the Bay of Biscay tomorrow please
  12. A great pity it wasn't @Dad If he had put cash on sevco to win, Frankfurt would have been 3 goals up at HT
  13. I'm really not sure where anyone on here expected McCrorie to be other than in Seville tonight. Foreby the fact we signed him from sevco........his fucking twin brother is in the sevco squad and will have complimentary tickets for his family. Now nobody expected sevco to be anywhere near a European final this season but it's something we are going to have to live with. Hopefully it ends in tears for the McCrorie family and all other hun cunts. But we knew he was a hun cunt when we signed him. It is what it is. He'll also be at Hampden on Saturday when his twin will have even more chance of playing an active part in their match. FTH
  14. 30 on his next birthday, a high earner and fitness issues that have plagued him ever since his Hibs days. When fit he was decent but for what we've spunked on wages on him in the past 30 or so months we just weren't getting a decent return on our outlay. Someone else can take a chance on him (love Abba) going forward. Probably on a lot less money than we paid him.
  15. Prime Minister's Questions Boris kicks it all off by opening with wishing sevco all the best tonight in Seville. And Starmer seconds it. Hun sympathising cunts
  16. That hasn't stopped Patterson from getting 8 of them so fully expect Ramsay to get a few under the same circumstances. His only problem might be what Hickey is viewed as at international level. IT's unlikely Hickey will get at game at left back if Robertson and Tierney are fit (admittedly Tierney frequently isn't) so he might end up at right back more often than not.
  17. I thought McGeouch might end up there too until I was reminded about their plastic pitch. Probably can rule him out on those grounds. The shout about Dom Ball signing for them could well be a good one though. Campbell didn't exactly shine in his loan period there, doubt that will happen. And Considine's knee probably rules him out on similar grounds to McGeouch
  18. We have enough Canadians on here giving us bum steers as to who we will be signing already TYVM
  19. Get some golf balls with Ramirez' coupon printed on You'll be knocking 300 yard drives before you know it
  20. I think he'll still be with us at the start of the new season but will go before the end of the transfer window. Clearly he wishes to be elsewhere and if we can't get him sold before the summer transfer window ends his transfer value will start tumbling as his contract starts to wind down
  21. I liked him at Hamilton, limited ability but is a true hard-man and every squad needs one of those. Something we have lacked for a while. If he was relatively cheap contract wise I wouldn't be too averse to signing him but there are far more pressing needs that need addressed first
  22. Goodwin's just said in his radio interview that the ref apologised to him for his performance. Said it's all very well apologising but both big decisions that he got wrong (ruling out McCrorie's goal and the penalty) cost the club a place in the final league positions and some useful prize money. Miller especially giving the club pelters for the way Considine's situation was handled.
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