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  1. 1:12 ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEnRMwCZa_0
  2. Mentioned before on here, I watched a Celtic game online last year where he started - they were playing him in a kind of wing-back role and he looked dangerous going forward. Good shot on him too. My main reservation would be, once he gets a season here to show what he can do, they might not want to let him go...
  3. And a fourth. This fitba thing is quite good you know.
  4. Disagree. FFS, last season I remember replying to "How did Kennedy get on?" with "He just made a bolt for the pitch and the steward's werenae quick enough to stop him." But I've been impressed with him in pre-season - if he keeps up that form he will be challenging for a start, and I'll change my opinion of him. Not the right time to sell.
  5. Betfair has them at odds of 4.1 to qualify against Union. Even if they manage that, I don't see them getting past Monaco / PSV in the playoff. Sadly, it looks like the Champs League will have to soldier on without the mighty Sevco and their toilet-swilling support...
  6. I see after the huns' humiliation at the hands of the mighty USG ( 2-0 going on 5-0 ) wee Bazza is pushing for wee Gio to reinstate his old mates Greegs and Davis. Wouldn't surprise me - can see the 77-year-old duo being joined by Arsefield too. I remember when they re-signed those three, ra berrs were all "Aw naw... but they won't be starting. No no, they won't be starting." Obviously didn't reckon on their new signings being utter dogshit...
  7. Zheyr bit, if you don't mind. Respect the Hibees' pronouns, min.
  8. Whatever happens, it canna live up to the Brechin coverage. Automated camera, situated in a position from which only the centre circle is visible. Have to admire that tbh - nae concessions to the streaming media bentshots.
  9. Before my time, but I inherited a fitba card with him on it, and was always impressed by his epic coupon. Poignant news somehow, if he's gone.
  10. You've got tae admit he's been dogged by controversy.
  11. See Celtic are being linked with Mohammad Abu Fani, due to their relationship with his agent Dudu Dahan. IMO they're really intae Dudu if they sign that Fani.
  12. Just Dandy


    Fucking hell, bit of a gamechanger that. IMO, James Corden is a rank wrongun. If he is part of the New World Order, then reluctantly I'll have to be overthrowing dat shit...
  13. Just Dandy


    "Why are you buying it?" "I need something I can fractionally distill, to remove impurities."
  14. Just Dandy


    It's often hard to tell the rants from the satire on this forum. Have to love it.
  15. Just Dandy


    As usual, the policy was likely designed with the English in mind. They underestimated our resilience in the face of additives. Just tan it, likes.
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