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  1. He’ll get one more chance to keep me satisfied
  2. Always on your mind Kilgore.
  3. To be fair any dickhead wearing a balaclava to a football match in August isn’t there for the love of the game. And anyone spotted wrecking seats in their own stadium should be getting a kicking from any decent fan.
  4. Haha no... i would never stoop so low as to be in the employment of either of the Glasgow bigots.
  5. To give him his due i'm pretty sure he's been to more games in the last 5 years than most other die hard fans that don't live in the UK.
  6. Coming from someone who stated that... 'As an example, I think anyone who saw Ryan Fraser's early games for us knew after about '20 MINUTES' that he was BRILLIANT.' and 'For the record, Miovski is 'BRILLIANT' and will be a great signing for us. Be surprised if he's with us for more than a season though, such will his 'BRILLIANCE' be.' Priceless.
  7. I saw Ryan Frasers early games for us, i thought he looked very decent and clearly had potential. I wouldn't personally have said after 20 minutes he was brilliant because that would have just been fucking stupid.
  8. You do make me laugh, you angry little fish.
  9. Di Rocco had potential to be a good player for us, had him on loan from Sedan in France. But he eventually decided the standard of football wasn’t good enough and so went back to France.
  10. As I pointed out if you had the brain capacity to understand… Miovski has played 3 games (a grand total of 190 minutes), Zerouali was with us for 3 years (1 year out injured). People can have formed an opinion on Zerouali one way or the other because they had time to form an opinion, whether they liked him or not. It’s impossible to form an opinion that Miovski is going to be fantastic based on 58 minutes against Raith and 71 minutes against St Mirren. As I’ve also said I think Miovski has the potential to be a good player for us, I’m not going to commit to him being incredible however based on his 190 minutes so far. Not sure why you can’t get that through your thick head.
  11. He didn’t ‘critique’ my post. He made an assumption that because I liked Zerouali after his 3 years at Pittodrie I shouldn’t criticise people cumming in their pants over Miovski after 3 games (one of which you’d barely have known he was on the pitch). As I’ve said countless times I think Miovski is going to be a big player for us, just don’t get the fawning over him for scoring a tap in against St Mirren. Now please, please, please go fuck yourself. Thank you
  12. I was being facetious regarding the ‘greatest player of all time’… I guessed that would have been obvious. There are however some posters bigging him up as the greatest thing since sliced bread though based on him sliding in to score from 2 yards out against St Mirren. As far as getting a bet on him, 50/1 or 66/1 is great odds. Good on anyone that jumped on it. If we get same amount of penalties as last season there’s no reason he can’t be there or there about.
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