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  1. It’s the principle Why the fuck should any sport be affected? I’m dreading the day Liz pegs it, the faux grief and mawkishness is going to be a hundred times worse
  2. An absolute fucking shambles if the fitba is in anyway affected next week I am sick of having mock grief forced upon us You want to watch some old cunt’s funeral? Crack on Let the rest of us watch the fucking fitba
  3. I agree it was a fair point and it was worthy of attention and discussion But considering Shay has drawn a line under it, you’re right it is time to move on
  4. Thought Shay came across really well on Sportsound last night I abhor racism but the virtue signalling types like the gadgie from the Red Final would do well to listen to it and put the pitchfork down
  5. This is balls out stuff from the Club Lets leave the pant pishing and holier than thou shite at the door, I’m all in
  6. Looking forward to the really helpful bile and tantrums on social media I’d shut Twitter down tomorrow if I could
  7. If Hearts go out to a Highland League team.....fuck me
  8. Fun reading https://www.hmfckickback.co.uk/index.php?/topic/191868-official-brora-rangers-v-heart-of-midlothian-match-day-thread/page/26/#comments Big hello to the joker on that page who thinks they’re the 3rd biggest club in the country
  9. I liked those interviews, particularly Dave who came out swinging in the right way Glass came across well, he’s giving up a very cushty job and life for this
  10. Richard Gordon has said 6 candidates were interviewed over the last week or so
  11. I am also choosing to have this attitude as the alternative is too depressing
  12. He’s under contract, very unlikely
  13. Scenes when Glass breezes in and wins the Scottish Cup Would put some dour folk’s gas at a peep
  14. Agree Lets get behind the new team and save the tantrums for when it goes tits up
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