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  1. Hope our fans don’t stoop to their level and besmirch our club by disrespecting the minutes applause which will no doubt occur tonight. Keep your opinions to yourselves if need be. Going to be a tough game tonight but with a lot of luck on our side (Broony winds up Morelos to get him sent off) a dirty win would be great. COYR
  2. The vaccine is designed not to protect you from catching Covid but to protect you from the worst effects of Covid. I have had a fit and healthy non smoker, non drinker friend die because he was apprehensive about taking the vaccine, due to the drivel being spouted by the antivaxers, and know several people who have had Covid after they have been vaccinated and, although felt crap for a week or so, are still here to tell the tale. Anyone who doesn’t understand that the passport is there to protect the vaccinated and non vaccinated from the worst ravages of the disease should realise the consequences of not complying are not backtrackable.
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