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  1. What are you actually angry about? A melodramatic reaction from grays? Must be more to it than that unless you’re mentally ill of course, which could be a strong possibility given your posting history. Just calm down and piss off.
  2. Because he’s a dramatic gay lord. Also has aids.
  3. Heard good things about his brother, Nick.
  4. Bebo is a reasonable man. I think him outing me was a bit unsavoury and something I don’t agree with but at least he is consistent.
  5. Aye and thon woody is up there with the saddest
  6. Very weird player to pick out. Are you mentally ill?
  7. Glad I missed most of that being at the boozer. Last 15 was laughable stuff. Don’t envy glass trying to repair that mess.
  8. Studebaker-90


    Sturgeon looking tasty on the update
  9. McLean was arite. Might well be a hun but never showed any tendencies during his spell at the dons. Not to mention a great player for us who we managed to recoup some cash for. Fuck you poodler.
  10. Thank god for this thread and those in it
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