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  1. Studebaker-90


    Probably shadow boxing his pals hands whilst struggling for breath
  2. You wouldn’t have had anything approaching that level of passion from our previous sycophantic custodian. Some folk are never happy.
  3. Fantastic passionate stuff from cormack, especially digging out that hun cunt. The boy from the supporters trust was an abomination.
  4. Aye Leonard Nemoy did it originally
  5. Could also tell you to the minute how long it takes to get to and from an Aberdeen game
  6. What’s the fucking point in supporting anybody outside the old firm? That porteous red is the worst decision I have ever seen second to none. A complete disgrace and the cunt should be sacked for being a cheating fuck.
  7. You’ve got to have a serious mentality problem if you think what’s been on offer this season is acceptable. Root cause is glass, I’ve got no doubt about that.
  8. Studebaker-90


    Good to see this thread slipping down the popularity stakes
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