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    I sneeze quite a lot due to hay fever shit sinuses. I like to do it loudly as possible close to others.
  2. The last bastion of like minded, poorly endowed men who have little time for cancel culture and wokeness. It’s a refreshing change from the utter nonsense we are now exposed to by greeting faced Nancy boys who are so concerned about not hurting anybody’s feelings that they’ve evolved not knowing how to satisfy a woman.
  3. Rustico’s is closed on a Sunday now. Fit the fuck?
  4. That manager of theirs is all bluster. Hopeless and they are really there to be gotten at this season.
  5. It’s been a shit hole for as long as I can remember it. Really is a disgrace nothing has been done to refurbish it. Instead the council are happy to waste money on one way systems and temporary bus stops. Shambalino.
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  7. A place where you pay through the nose for property which is liable to be flooded at the nearest sign of rainy weather
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