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  1. Ah yes, the Marxist fully unmasked. "Everything I say is right, and everything you say is wrong." No grey area or room for debate, and when challenged, straight to the 'far right extremist' tropes. We're done here.
  2. We have an entire month every year virtue signalling alphabet activists whining about rights they've had for decades, and one for black history because reasons, but you get a couple of days off work once every 70 years and use it to complain about something that isn't even close to being the biggest problem in this country. But hey, you be you I guess.
  3. No, but I don't see any reason to denigrate those who do. That's what lefty smoothbrains do, because the world revolves around them and we all have to listen to them cry about it.
  4. Scotland's still in a civil war, and there's only one dwarf rug-munching lying cunt to blame for that.
  5. This. If the UK was invaded, would I fuck be seen in a foreign country at a football match, and I'm twice the age of most of them. Game should have been played in March. Hope the taffs turn them over on Sunday.
  6. Absolute fucking shite. The only one that gets even close to pass marks is Christie, at least he looked like he gave a fuck. Non-league defending for the first two goals, you'd have been rightfully disgusted watching that at Sheddocksley. Special mention for McTominay who was utter gash. Why Clarke thinks he can play any position other than midfield is baffling. If I was McKenna I'd be raging. If I didn't know any better I'd say we deliberately chucked that game, cos if you're going to throw a game of football I'd imagine it looks exactly like what we just watched. Tepid, lazy performance that every one of them should be fucking ashamed of. We made them look much better than they are.
  7. Are they both circling the drain, or just one of them?
  8. Deleted, eh? You think he remembered he'd like the coaching job with his old boss?
  9. That's been coming for ages. Hearts have been fucking shite.
  10. A couple more safe countries and he could have claimed asylum.
  11. Just tuned in for a laugh. The Ramsay related cope is glorious. "He didn't cost a fortune, it's not his fault"
  12. Hopefully we get a chance to make his year even worse in a couple of weeks.
  13. Special mention for Trapp's save from the rat faced scouse mink with 90 seconds left. Not all heroes wear capes.
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