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  1. There are those of us who remember 1995. It seemed unthinkable, no way it could happen, results will come etc. They didn't and as the realisation slowly dawned, it was horrific. Yes we stayed up in the end, but we did finish in a position which required the Great Escape playoff. No Aberdeen fan would have thought that was likely the previous October.
  2. I note there's no place there for Longstaff, Gurr, Samuels or Jenks. Makes you wonder why we bothered with them. Ferguson has been stinking all season. Get him dropped, see if McGeouch can do any better given a decent run. He'd struggle to do worse. Ojo needs to get himself to fuck. Two good games against farmers and posties in early Euro rounds and that's about it, but he seems to be one of the first names on the teamsheet. Bizarre.
  3. We haven't played everyone yet. Could be a very different picture after the next 2 games.
  4. Here's a quote for you : "Everyone in the media knows Kris Boyd is a wank" -Me
  5. As ludicrous as that sounds, I wouldn't be surprised if we get something out of that game. Their form is all over the place.
  6. Yeah, I thought so too. That is fucking horrific if accurate.
  7. Another one for the Collum AFC wank bank. We did make it easy for him though. My only surprise was that Hayes didn't get a straight red, he certainly deserved it.
  8. Not sure why you'd care. He probably gets ignored in his own living room.
  9. He's also been a consistent performer for us for years now. SG obviously doesn't trust Gallagher, McCrorie I've had my say on and Bates looks just as bad. Devlin is permacrocked and was garbage when he was fit anyway. tl;dr we have one competent CH and he's out for months.
  10. Kris Boyd is a smoothbrained hun throbber.
  11. He's a stick-on to do half-time punditry for the Huns game.
  12. McCrorie is never a CH. Centre halfs don't let the ball bounce in the box as often as he does. Gallagher is either unfit or just pish. McKenzie hasn't kicked on as well as I thought he might. Bates may come good, but he was fucking awful today.
  13. We've been utter shite from almost the second Considine got injured. Since then, Glass hasn't had a clue how to set up at the back, chopping and changing every other week. I don't think he has any idea what our best defensive set up is, and to be fair neither do I. Lots of square pegs in round holes.
  14. Nope. He is our Cathro, the longer we wait for the inevitable the worse it will be.
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