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  1. Drove past Cormack Park today. Car park was full and pretty sure I saw some video folks and people in kits.
  2. A lot is going to rest on the Ramsey, Ramirez and Ferguson issues being resolved before we make more signings. I just hope we don’t leave it till transfer deadline day again!!
  3. I often wonder what Jess could have gone on to had he not had those horrendous injuries.
  4. For me it’s about showing class, respect and integrity as a professional footballer. We have a real deep rooted problem in Scotland with regards to the Old Firm. Supporting your direct competition speaks volumes about the real issues in the SPFL dressing rooms. In order to succeed you must believe and support the team you play for. Fergie instilled that belief in his teams and would never play you again for such a betrayal as visibly supporting the competition. It is what we do that defines us and if pining for the old firm or any other club is what you do then get the fuck out of MY club.
  5. I’d like to see Anderson back at Pittodrie. He’s had a fantastic season at Livi. I wouldn’t be adverse to Calum Hendry either. Van Veen and Cosgrove are non-starters for me.
  6. The city council has been given additional funds by the UK government as part of the levelling up scheme. We are also seeing companies move into city centre offices getting perks from ACC to do so to generate more business.
  7. I would keep Barron, Ramsey, Ferguson, Ramirez and McCrorie.
  8. It really isn’t political posturing. It’s about saving our city centre and ACC know they have to act now. The money that AFC playing at home in the town generates to other businesses simply cannot be underestimated. It’s bad now, imagine what it would be like if AFC move out of the city!!
  9. I disagree. I think the beach stadium will come to fruition. Kingsford would be fine and I would go along but the potential for a city stadium is a huge opportunity for AFC and ACC.
  10. I think there is a fair job to sort this team out. Goodwin must be given time to bring his team together and his philosophy through the club. We cannot go back to the managerial merry go round that almost destroyed our club in the 90’s and 00’s. I for one have faith in Goodwin and believe he will turn the club around in the summer and following season. A significant amount of change will come in the summer through departure and arrival and I trust we will pull together a good team. We have some promising youngsters coming through the academy too. This has been a hard lesson for Cormack who has been significantly quiet since Goodwin’s arrival. I believe he now knows his place and what his role is as Chairman. Goodwin has the character and attributes to succeed and I wish him the very best for the summer window and upcoming season.
  11. This was never Glass’s fault. Best of luck to Stephen and his family. I hope Cormack hasn’t ruined his career.
  12. I do have some sympathy for Glass here. He should never have been given the job. Cormack needs to take a step back and look at his decision making here. He’s keen and wants the club to do well but putting Gunn and Glass in to jobs has been a mistake and deep down he will know that. Now is the time to make that difficult decision. Hands up, make the call, and bring in a DoF with football knowledge who can then bring in his own man as manager. I’d like someone like Darren Fletcher for example who knows the game and is very well respected as DoF.
  13. I’ll be amazed if Glass is still manager next week. If he is, I’ll be going to watch Cove instead. What a complete disaster of a club we’ve become in such a short space of time. Davie Cormack - You need a proper football man making decisions. Take a step back, replace Gunn with a real DoF and get Glass, Russell and Apaloo off the payroll now!! Your business prawcess does not translate to football.
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