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  1. Eugenefani

    In the News

    What does Joe Rogan think though?
  2. Haven’t seen Duncan play, is he ready to start games and make a big impact?
  3. What other clubs were trying to sign him?
  4. I reckon anyone would sign for the dons if you showed them around the city on this fine day.
  5. Assume Celtic have the option to recall him at any point in the season? What a farce if so
  6. Refreshing to hear him speak so positively about & showing massive respect towards the club.
  7. Would deal at £2m and let him get tf out of here
  8. Been told a private jet from Lisbon landed at Abz earlier.
  9. Things seem to have gone quiet on the Lewis Ferguson front.
  10. Eugenefani


    Such an angry angry man
  11. Eugenefani


    Do you get burnt waiting for your 4th boostah
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