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  1. Gilmour was superb. Should have played against Czech Republic. Dykes was the only player who I thought was poor. Pleasantly surprised by O'Donnell. Deserves credit tonight. England have massively overhyped their players once again. Foden was shite.
  2. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/dundee-united/2308870/exclusive-dundee-united-in-the-race-to-sign-st-mirren-midfielder-jake-doyle-hayes/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social
  3. He looks a bit like a young Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins.
  4. If true, Harry Chapman sounds like a promising signing. A young player will the potential to develop who would probably not cost much in wages.
  5. O'Donnell has been very poor. What was thinking when he walked into Christie. Needs to come off at half. Not convinced by McTomminey.
  6. That was really horrible to watch. I hope he's alright.
  7. I dont think the loan signing of Teddy Jenks will signal the end of our pursuit for McGrath. He appears to be the replacement for the soon to be exiting Ferguson. I just wonder if Brighton are in for Ferguson and this is part of the deal.
  8. Arsenal are set to offer 5 million for Doig. Porteous could be on his way to Galatasaray for 1 million plus add ons. I wonder if we were after Daniel Mackay. Apparently he's the next Ryan Christie.
  9. Ethan Ross has apparently snubbed out contract offer. Sunderland and Blackburn are leading the chase for his signature.
  10. Im quite excited by the sounds of Jenks. A good promising player that won't cost us much. Would be a good move if we could strike a deal for a buy out clause.
  11. Personally I think its a very smart signing. He'll be a free player that won't impede on Ramsay's development. He knows Glass and his system. He's just an interim signing until Ramsay has gained a little more experience and can solidify the RB position. Two years from now Ramsay could be a very good player that we can sell on. There's no point in signing a SOD type player when Hernandez will be returning in January. Ramsay and Gurr combined are going to be on peanuts allowing us to invest elsewhere.
  12. You suggested 2 players on aberdeen mad. Is Ramirez one of the two. Detective hat on, we've struck a deal for McGrath which may explain their recent transfer activity. I hope Irvine is close to signing.
  13. Im really pleased to see our player search expand beyond the British isles and applaud the club for trying something different. He can't be any worse then Main, Cosgrove of this past season, Hendry, Kamberi or Hornby. He's worth a shot and clearly wants to be here so good luck to him.
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