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  1. Longstaff wasn't his best today however he's young and his confidence is shot. A run of games and an improvement in results should bring the best out in him. So glad Watkins is back. Such a good player at this level. Was our best player last season prior to his injury. Absolutely vital we keep Watkins, Ramirez and Hedges fit this season.
  2. Would you take 5 million and a future sell on % if offered that in January or keep him and hope for more in the future transfer windows?
  3. Unlike Cosgrove and Rooney, he scores most of his goals from play and not the penalty spot. 2 more goals and he will equal the goals total scored last season by Main, Cosgrove, Hornby, Kamberi, Hendry and Anderson. Currently he's on track to equal/better Sam Cosgrove's personal best of 23 goals in one season with us.
  4. We played well today. Watkins was the best player by some way. Deservedly MOTM. Ramirez, Watkins and Hedges make a huge difference. MacGregor looked almost desperate to get sent off. Just to put things into perspective. Hibs on as equally poor form as ourselves. Not a fan of the RedTV commentator Andrew Bragh.
  5. Decent watch. Full documentary below.
  6. Squid Games is decent so far however I would still highly recommend Midnight Mass ahead of it. Another mini series I'd recommend is The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix. Another horror series suggestion.
  7. I highly recommend Midnight Mass on Netflix. It's a horror series. Only 7 episodes. Hamish Linklater is superb in it. 9/10 Away to watch Squid Games. Its appears to be getting rave reviews.
  8. I have gut feeling we'll go on a winning streak starting with Hibs. 2-1 Aberdeen (Ramirez and Ferguson)
  9. We have a more than decent squad. A competent manager would have us top 3 with the current group of players we have.
  10. Hayes, McGinn and Ojo are officially done with Aberdeen imo. Unbelievably poor. I can't believe we paid fee for Ojo. On another note, most likely mentioned elsewhere but teams just seem to score with virtual every shot on target against us. Our defence is utterly appalling. Individual calamities everywhere. The last time I felt this disappointed with Aberdeen was under McGhee. A lot similarities currently with that time period. Irrespective of what your thoughts are on McInnes, I don't think it's any coincidence that since the moment Cormack arrived at the club our league position has dropped lower and lower. We were a much more attractive proposition when McInnes initially departed and now I imagine potential candidates will think twice about joining us.
  11. He's just equalled the entire goal tally of Kamberi, Hendry, Cosgrove and Hornby for the whole of last season. Three more goals and he will have totalled our entire strike force (that includes Curtis Main who scored 3 goals) from last season. A change of manager and system and he could probably hit 20 plus goals this season.
  12. Season is well and truly over and its only October (9 games in). Getting beat off the likes of Dundee, Arbroath (I don't care if its a friendly) and Raith Rovers with ease. The recruitment on the whole this summer has been shocking. I don't want Glass/Gunn to get another transfer window as they'll further damage the club. Get a new man in now who can have the remainder of the season to assess the side and prevent relegation. Potentially get us a top 6 finish. Come back stronger next season looking to challenge for top 3. Alex Neil or Jim Goodwin would both be good choices.
  13. I was disappointed when we announced Glass as manager but like many gave him a chance. He failed in his interim spell at Atlanta Utd and he's certainly replicated that record with us in just a few months. It's time to end the experiment. Cormack blatantly lied to us about regarding the hiring process and as such its turned into an absolute sham. We most certainly are capable of being relegated under this current management and squad. What a mess we are in. Sadly it hasn't worked out and Glass needs to be replaced effective immediately.
  14. Some character to turn the game around. Fantastic result. "Hampden is rocking like it's the return of Oasis." BBC Sports Scotland
  15. Just finished watching a four-part documentary series by JJ Abrams called UFO. T his is a must watch if you enjoy Alien/UFO conspiracy theories.
  16. He's already one goal away from equalling the combined total of goals scored last season by Cosgrove, Hornby, Hendry and Kamberi. Overall he's been decent. Hopefully Hedges and Watkins are back soon as I think he'll do well alongside them.
  17. Over on Aberdeen Mad rico94: "Heard today that we are already sounding out other managers about replacing Glass. The experiment will be over soon enough." "The wheels are in motion already to replace Stephen Glass,it’s likely to be one of your out of work SPFL managers possibly until the end of the season. Most of the players think he’s clueless apparently,including some of the ones he signed."
  18. Unlikely he'd be interested but Alex Neil would be my pick.
  19. Very reminiscent of the McGhee days. McGhee also frequently claimed we performed well after a loss. Fully expect us to lose against Dundee.
  20. McGhee had accumulated 11 points after the opening 8 games of the 2009/10 season. McGhee went onto to be sacked on December 1st 2009 after only 6 months with the club and leaving us in second bottom place. He left the club with the 2nd lowest win rate (27%) of any manager in Aberdeen's History. Stephen Glass had a win rate of 26% after 5 months with Atlanta Utd. As things stand, he is well and truly replicating that form with us.
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