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  1. Romulo Otero was told he's surplus and needs to be gone. Venezuelan international. A play marker and someone that must be marked deep outside the box.
  2. It'd be interesting to see how he plays as the top wage earner with a bonus for top 3 finish and a bonus for group stage football.
  3. I guess I'm just holding cormack to his word. He wants to compete with the old firm and get to group stage football. That will not happen without a couple 10 to 12k wages. I also think transfer fees should be spent on 19 and 20 year olds to flip. I'm not sure the money is being spent wisely. In a few years these guys will likely leave on a free with no transfer or development fee.
  4. I understand that. I'm just saying if Ferguson bought in long term that'd be a very good thing for this team. I don't think people like admitting he's the best player on the team. But he is.
  5. Probably not. But the grass isn't always greener elsewhere. Lewis may look back and decide his time at AFC wasn't so bad. This organization could make him the captain and take care of him financially. I personally think it's best for all involved to make him the highest paid player. But he has an agent and uncle in his ear. The 2nd division of England isn't a better gig than competing for European football at AFC.
  6. Jerking off to a connor mclennan analogy. You're a true fan
  7. Just not to celtic please. You'd think selling Barron to Italy could pay for a massive wage increase for Ferguson
  8. Susan boyle/ Roseanne barr gray ones no less
  9. I get the impression Goodwin will give it to him. Kennedy is irredeemable. But connor mclennan is younger and came up with afc
  10. Money solves a lot of things. Ole Money Bags Cormack could always offer a massive extension. Walk the walk
  11. Are they much better? Didn't that team in Macedonia get relegated?
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