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  1. Gurr is i agree. Samuels hasnt looked any worse than ramirez and jet tho
  2. Keeper w/ pulse Mccrorie bates mckenzie Brown Ramsey fergs longstaff campbell Jenks Samuels Shake it up
  3. 5 4 3 2 1.... fire the manager thread surely launched
  4. Would aberdeen be any worse off incorporating more of these prospects in the youth side
  5. I wonder about this too. Vets get signed like ramirez and brown that arent exactly bums. A young cm gets loaned in who could be decent, the youth side of things is doing their bit sending up talent... and Motherwell still topples us by 2 goals.
  6. I see him starting at RB after a big transfer goes down. Unless the venezuelan comes back and beats him out off loan. Hard to understand that situation.
  7. Have you played sports? There literally is on court and on pitch chemistry that takes effort and practice (learning each other) to develop. You cant just take a player off a plane ( or a train) and toss him on the pitch and expect chemistry. I'm not selling 2 windows. My statement was just about applying common sense.
  8. Looks like a hell of a player on red tv
  9. Well all these new signings will need time to gel.
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