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  1. He died - assume heart attack
  2. Boy died in Archibald Simpson’s, still not worked out who he is? Nae good
  3. Totally out of order if that is true, but I’ve never seen him do anything like that But completely unacceptable behaviour
  4. He’s nae as bad as his reparation, he is hardy but most of his pish is just bluster with booze and coke But because he has a reputation folk want a go with him all the time and he is getting older now so gets found out now and again
  5. Fuck sake, he’s more of a threat to himself these days than he is to anyone else
  6. Arlene Fraser and Madeleine Mcann aren’t deid Aliens exist Durrant didn’t dive
  7. Fridge

    In The News

    All these boys are ledge’s, Putin, Boris, Trump They have my respect for being completely off their heads and yet somehow getting voted in. Hope for us all yet
  8. Amadeus was absolutely shite on a Friday and Saturday but during the week was cheap drink and full of absolute tarts
  9. Fridge


    Fuck me what has that neep been up to?
  10. Fridge

    In The News

    Ha, I have no reason to fight anyone unless they start on me or any of my friends, nae need for violence unless it’s against Huns
  11. Fridge

    In The News

    All these boys are complete wankers, why they would go into a ring to show their manliness is fucking ridiculous Just batter your bird behind closed doors In all seriousness though you see it in bars all the time, someone wanting to be the hard man. There is always a bigger fish around the corner.
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