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  1. Fridge

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    No he’s fine but he is away on the lash
  2. Fridge

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    I just spoke to that maniac, fuck knows what carnage he is away to unleash
  3. Fridge

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    Are you Peter rabbit?
  4. Fridge


    Ha well at least my ramble wasn’t a rocket three pages long one - I can produce a lot of pish in a matter of words
  5. Fridge


    Not tough talking genuine question I just don’t wear one and nobody in bars or supermarkets etc pulls me up but folk still do so I have no idea if you are obligated to or whether they do it for their personal choice
  6. Fridge


    I don’t believe it was a hoax but it has been a complete fucking shambles from all governments Not even sure what the rules with masks are now, are you still supposed to wear one? I just don’t bother and nobody seems to give a fuck
  7. I’ve been a few times it’s a hoot - basically think of going to Pittodrie and having to watch the horrendous pish on offer but you can get beer Then when someone asks you the score the next day you can honestly say I have absolutely no idea
  8. Well I take your point but it was a joke and in hindsight he shouldn’t have posted it but it is over with now Can we all just get back to ripping the piss out of Sevco please
  9. Possibly the best result to have happened For the love of fuck it was a joke that was a bit close to the bone Get yourself to mumsnet
  10. But it wasn’t funny to be fair, but still a joke
  11. Is he fuck, I’ve met him, top boy Folk can misconstrue things through posts, I’m pretty sure he was a deviant he wouldn’t be advertising it here!
  12. Fair enough - just don’t read it and sort out your burnt back
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