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  1. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/lifestyle/food-and-drink/exclusive-aberdeen-club-promoters-launch-the-bike-yard-a-new-street-food-park-at-former-mcgowan-motorcycles-venue/ New outdoor food thing at Hutcheon Street.
  2. Fridge

    In The News

    Would imagine if he could barely stand and pushed himself the extra 60secs might have been a bit much for him.
  3. Fridge

    In The News

    https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/news/local/drink-driver-wet-himself-in-booze-aisle-of-local-shop/ Anyone want to own up? @daytripping
  4. Fridge

    Pet Hates

    Surely a niche in the market here canna be that hard to set up a micro moray cup brewery in your garage, I might just get myself 25 soda stream machines and fuck about with various flavours and sugar till I get it right. Be bigger than Brewdog by next year.
  5. Ha ha. Suspicious as in what? I’m actually a closet Hun?
  6. Why as Aberdeen’s biggest fan in the world with your million DNA accounts and season tickets on an Aberdeen Chat website would you give a flying fuck that a fellow lifelong Aberdeen fan hates the Huns? Would be my question.
  7. Because your only mate is your sister?
  8. What the fuck? Are you allowed to buy tickets and throw abuse at them?
  9. Fridge

    In The News

    100% correct.
  10. Fridge


    Ha, aye bet there are loads of unemployed barmen who could have turned there hand to mass producing face masks and pharmaceuticals kicking themselves now!
  11. Then add it to the Have you ever hit a woman, casual racism and start a “Have you ever been arrested threads.”
  12. Fridge


    What the fuck? Can it only jump one metre now, what fucking difference does that make, it’s either safer or it’s not. If they still see it as a risk why are we changing the distance at all.
  13. Fridge


    To be fair….. MSP for Aberdeenshire West, Alexander Burnett, said: “The case rate in Westhill at the moment is concerning and again highlights why we can’t get complacent with Covid. “These outbreaks are another stark reminder that this virus is still present in our communities and therefore we must all do our bit to help keep transmission at bay. https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news/aberdeenshire/3253984/mobile-testing-unit-deployed-after-westhill-and-elrick-record-scotlands-highest-weekly-covid-case-positivity-rate/
  14. Glad we’ve got casuals in the family stand to protect the kids!
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