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  1. Fridge

    In the News

    Inhaling too much radiator oil
  2. Fridge

    In the News

    I easy to do it but to be fair the majority of Landlords are oils would be quick tokeep the deposit if the tenant spilt shit out of the radiator on the carpet, probably safer as a tenant to leave it alone.
  3. I do the same with Death, there’s a few times folk have come into the office and said such and such died at the weekend. In no way can this be construed as funny but yet I find myself laughing to the extent I have to leave the room. Must be some sort of nervous reaction but it’s nae good when you are stifling tears and pulling a hernia over someone’s granny dying of cancer. I’m probably going to hell.
  4. Fridge


    Unless it’s Choi’s
  5. Fridge

    In the News

    And what happens when there are two 15 year olds in a relationship. Does that mean on the day of the oldest’s birthday they are a paedo? Happy Birthday, you are now on the sex register.
  6. The element of surprise was key, naebody was expecting these mad cunts to go about suicide bombing. If you got together 10 white Scottish boys completely under the radar , reckon you could possibly cause mass fucking atrocities @police I’m nae sure what your possible motive to would be right enough. Would never manage to hijack a plane, abidy would be two pished by take off.
  7. You know what I meant. The songs were good at the the time but same with the vast majority of bands, folk go to see you for nostalgia.
  8. If I was them I would get back together for one last tour doing their early stuff. Would make a fortune, then move on to new careers or retire. It’s now just the same stuff repeated. That said if I was selling out audiences like that still for playing pish be aswel.
  9. Fridge

    Pet Hates

    Solid testicular blow and some bailing hait soup over his dish would soon end that fight.
  10. Fridge

    Pet Hates

    Reckon Gordon Ramsey is either fucking game or it is all act and he would have legged it.
  11. Fridge

    Pet Hates

    Agreed. Ok 100% they where in the wrong. But if you are a celebrity and two pissed louns have a go at you, in my opinion the best way to dissolve the situation is to laugh and and say have a good night. Boy probably thinks he is a hero now. Or knock fuck out of them.
  12. Fridge

    Pet Hates

    Was not him. There were no innocent parties although despite me thinking Nairn is a prick was undeserved. Basically both were absolutely smashed and the boy spotted him and was giving it the usual pish, as in you couldn’t make an omelette or some shite. What should have probably happened is Nairn laughing and saying well you are you are welcome to come to my restaurant anytime have a good night or some shit. Instead he told the boy to fuck off and got smacked.
  13. Fridge

    Pet Hates

    Yes it was, nae me I might add @police https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-42454646
  14. Have you ever poured petrol over a Hun and set it alight?
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