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  1. Lowest crowd of the season expected Lucky if 6500 can be arsed to turn up Who could blame them
  2. British Rail died just like the old club It's now franchise rail Thier fuck wits
  3. Check the annual accounts just released. More losses Not surprised during Covid but it's around a 5 million loss. Having said that it could have been a lot worse Perhaps are chairman will dip into his millions to to bale us out
  4. Just seen the Ojo incident on film. Initially he was assaulted by the fan However, and I appreciate it was a heat of the moment response he should have not run up the steps to confront the idiot it could have really got out of hand if it turned into a fight On the positive side that's the fastest I have seen Ojo move all season
  5. Recruitment in Jan very unlikely We don't have cash to splash so that won't happen unless we for some strange reason we actually sell somebody for a decent fee
  6. Only 10 tickets left on the AFC website Best away support in Scotland Proud very proud
  7. The Hun board needed a former player to come on board to pacifty the Orcs Hardly the greatest appointment Did McClueless turn them down once again
  8. There well know for stealing charity donations
  9. Have you ever seen a deal sealed so early he simply could wait to get away and who would blame him Vile bigoted club in a rat infested city no wonder he walked away The writing on the wall he was never going to get any funding to buy players and with the annual financial losses declared unlikely the next guy we get any either. The board clearly desperate for compensation didn't seem to put up fight at all Never won a domestic trophy and only won the league due to Celtics implosion last season. Callum Davidson won more trophys in one season than he did Villa never do much domestically. Financially, they might throw some cash his away, but there's far bigger and successful clubs in England with cash to splash If he fucks up at Villa he will never get the Liverpool job
  10. The Servo board are so dumb they would probably have to pay Swansea more in compensation that they get for SG That's how they roll
  11. Should not be anywhere near the first team Just not up to the job Bottom line he is shit and has no confidence in his own ability Dreadfully signing
  12. Beaten by Raith Rovers in the Ramsden cup final at Easter Road 2014 One of the funniest days in Scottish football ever
  13. 150 million is not a great deal when you look at it long term Aberdeen city centre looks tired and needs regeneration The beach area with additional sporting facilities would be ace Go for it no more stalling let's just get it done
  14. Spot on Robetro the Daily Retard always defends the Huns and finds a different angle to defect thier actions Great to see the Danish Police getting stuck in they don't take any shit
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