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  1. @GreenLisbon25 And anyone else who may be lucky enough to be in Portugal in the next few weeks.... Want to watch in a Scotland friendly bar with multiple screens and zero tolerance for the other lot? Not my bar, but there's a pint on me for anyone joining who passes a few simple tests. If we get a big enough group of people, we can get a piper too.... Down in the Algarve. Top of this lovely towns 'bar street', looking down on the lowlife bars where the Guffies will be. Should be some great days.... Anyone PM if interested & I will give details.
  2. Congratulations Sporting... the street has been full of cars honking tonight here (well inside Portimonense territory). They were seriously shitting themselves about being knocked out by us, and failing in the league. Strolled in the end. Still think you are a bunch of cnuts though. Portugals huns.
  3. A few things I remember from my time with (un-named) supporters club and our annual dinners. 3. Kiriakov spending most of the time in the car park smoking (some were cigarettes). 2. Billy Dodds being the life & soul of the party... he was genuinely a fucking great laugh, joined in all the songs, had a skinful and didn't want to leave ... sad how he went bad. And the winner: 1. Eion Jess and his utter hatred toward the Huns. He was fairly quiet about it, but it was genuine, heartfelt, and massively appreciated. Without a doubt the best player I ever met. Happy memories of a true Dons legend
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