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  1. JG mentioned that Hearts was the model to follow, they have targeted the English PL2 players, Simms, Baningime, Woodburn etc - I would imagine maybe a couple of trialists will make the flight to Spain from that 'new direction'
  2. His name was mentioned to me, probably on a list of possibilities, would be a calculated risk good pedigree however lacks experience and JG said ideally 24-28 age range which indicates maybe 100ish games. Out of contract at Spurs would be dependant on development fee via risk I would imagine. This transfer window is going to get us all excited or an absolute disaster, I just hope its not the latter. COYR
  3. This place would go into a meltdown if we signed Nicky Clark, someone has got to be taking the piss
  4. I really hope the signing 'at the end' of the week is exciting and gives us a bit of optimism for the weeks ahead, if its Montgomery extending his loan spell they can fuck right off
  5. Thank fuck that season is finished, need some signings announced this week to raise some interest for next season
  6. Fully concur, feeling optimistic for the summer re-build however felt that this time last year
  7. Previously I have coached junior football clubs in the Central belt and there is definitely scouts keeping tabs on any junior team / player that is doing well. The main issue is when do they hit their ceiling, not all promising footballers can reach their full potential / go onto Premier League standard. CR will go on and great career as long as he keeps progressing. 4M plus add ons is a decent fee. Liverpool have just bought Fabio Carvalho for £5M plus add ons who has played a lot more games than CR and in a stronger league. Aberdeen need to have a very good close season and sign 8/9 good players however that will be difficult to achieve in one transfer window. DC needs to back JG ..........We live in hope!!
  8. Thank fuck that episode is over. Not all SGs fault......too inexperienced and out his depth.
  9. Alex Neil off to Sunderland, therefore for me its Goodwin or Malky MacKay ............he's done well at Ross County
  10. Oh dear 5 or 6 tonight I think, another nail in the coffin for Glass
  11. Wrote off this season as a total shambles, off to Murrayfield to see memorable start to the 6 Nations..........hopefully
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