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  1. And another nail in his coffin at this rate
  2. Somebody let Del know it’s a perfect gig for him at Charlton
  3. Would we be sponsored by coke then
  4. If he stays he needs an experienced spl coach/ assistant to help him now! Not in 4/5 weeks when it’s likely too late
  5. Simple as this! Unless DC does something now we are relegation fodder and his legacy at this club will be getting us relegated! Shame on you DC sort it out now.
  6. SG needs support on the training field to get his ideas across as this is clearly not working at the moment! What ever DC decides changes need made over this next 2 weeks, not necessarily sacking people but looking at the set up and getting a better handle on the situation before it becomes a massive problem in November and we are looking at a relegation battle we might not get out
  7. As has been asked let us judge who were the other candidates DC??
  8. I’d imagine your hibs mate could produce a picture of Sturgeon in the crowd at a Tory conference in a blue suit
  9. Covid has helped DC fly under the radar but his stewardship of the club needs sorted out! Either step up or step away
  10. Maybe Russell Anderson on a very short based contract could help to bring structure to one of the shakiest defences we have ever had.
  11. Nottingham Forest job or Derby coming soon big pressure jobs with limited money
  12. What a disgraceful comment about Dundee in this context!! They are a Scottish club and deserve to be involved im actually surprised no Saints involved initially! It’s this kind of comment that keeps the OF in total control of Scottish football
  13. So about 6 months into SG reign! League season started, 1st window navigated and unfortunately out in 2 cup competitions! as we are not actually sitting exams what score would he get? A Pass, A Fail or A Could Do Better.
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