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  1. Ismael from Barnsley new favourite, Del moving further out by bookies
  2. Croatia v Czechs! Best result for us a Croatia win??
  3. I’d have made him play on and when totally broken claimed on the insurance
  4. Surely if he retires the contract would be null and void if Hearts wanted too
  5. Pre season to be held at Cormack Park, very sensible by the club in taking no risk of flying somewhere in case rules are changed beforehand or during! I would also imagine saves a decent few pennies too that can be used elsewhere
  6. It’s mad that clubs like Sunderland who admit where 200 million in debt 3 years ago are allowed to pay this kind of wages! The authorities really are shocking
  7. I think the fact he is fine dropping down to championship with ict says it all really
  8. Money and the next stepping stone I imagine is his thoughts
  9. Aye 1 to hold it and 8 to turn him around
  10. Wouldn’t imagine they talk much at all really
  11. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/transfer-news-live-rangers-celtic-24319884#480199
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