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  1. Club statement incoming now season over that he has asked for a transfer that the club have reluctantly accepted
  2. I’m assuming those saying miller was not correct, believe DC & JG are doing a good job in their respective posts
  3. Surely Charles-Cook on our radar too
  4. Jeez thought this post was about Ferguson
  5. Where does it say his value has been met
  6. I assume it’s down to contract length he’s confident he will go this summer
  7. Season over for all now. Any pre contract deals can now be announced, let’s see what thought into next season the chairman and Manager have.
  8. Just as well red_john has morphed to somewhere else.
  9. Think club want a fee of about £250k, can’t see us paying that or the wages he might feel he wants
  10. Cormack with this latest news allowing a player to leave 5 days early cos he’s tired ( tell him to get a real job, shit pay 4 weeks holiday a year) has made our club a laughingstock. So much for his sales patter should stick to US bull shit
  11. So in 7 days we will get the statement. The Club have reluctantly agreed to accept the request by the player to stay in the states and he had been released from his contract. The club thank him blah blah blah
  12. I hope he’s not getting paid then, no work no pay
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