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  1. You wish you were canadian. We have beautiful summers here
  2. The only saving grace is the other clubs outside of top 3 have shown no consistency either. Same old issues yesterday inability to keep a cleen sheet and not winning away from home. Funny thing if afc can string a few victories together and we are back in European football.. but that is a big if.
  3. I miss mckenna.. defending has been our downfall this year. Needing 2 goals a game to win is a disaster waiting to happen. Never mind the road record...
  4. The reason we struggle is lack of clean sheets. That is the biggest difference between the top 3 club and the current squad. Picking on a 15 goal scorer who does not get much support or takes penalties plus is good with hold up play.. is bizarre.
  5. No truer words have been said on this forum in the current season
  6. How many times have we seen this before.. loads of possession with no chances and first shot on goal from opposition is a goal
  7. Almost 2500 posts in this thread about literally nothing.. and they say canadians are nuts... we could do a single post summarizing the entire transfer window.
  8. addition by subtraction seems to be the plan...
  9. What about doidge. Not sure there is much to the rumours of dundee interest. Thought he just signed an extension but did we not try for him back in 2018. It would be nice to have a second striker. Still shocked that hibs continue to add without selling anyone. Now saying that neither doig and nesbitt look as good as they did last year.
  10. I think glass was focused in building a competitive team right out of the gate as opposed to developing a team for future success and transfer fees in mind
  11. That probably explains why we dont get top dollar for ramsey or Ferguson
  12. A youngster with upside. Compared to older talent who play at a higher level of competition but will never be more than doss. Would prefer the hibs and our former strategy of buying up young talent from bottom 6 or lower leagues
  13. Not just hedges but personally the whole aberdeen squad seems to lack consistency.. show up for some games and others particular bottom 6 look uninterested. Mcinnes feasted on the cellar dwellers... glass not at all.
  14. I think that is more a reflection of some horrible defending. However can remember at least one or two goals that younger joe would have saved. Never meant to be the corner piece from a build from the back we deploy today. You could really see the difference when backup filled in for a spell
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