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  1. No question of that. To ignore Kennedy (in the current absence of Hedges and Watkins) is simply cutting of his nose to spite his face. Kennedy is no world beater but at least he has some pace about him
  2. Glass may well ride out this current “blip” (for my money, he won’t) but there will quickly be other bumps on the road ahead. We’ve all seen the script so many times before. Once you reach a certain low, there is very rarely, if ever, a route back, moreso with inexperienced managers.
  3. No way can Brown be the new manager. That’s jumping from the frying pan, into the fire, then onto the crematorium. I’d have no issue with him as assistant to somebody whilst still playing sporadically. The problem is, I think we all know who the manager would be, if Brown was part of the new structure. Would Neil Lennon go down well with our fan base?
  4. Jumping style reminds me of Van der Ark
  5. All this comparisons with Ian Cathro….. Yeah, shite manager but proven ability as a coach both before and since the Tynecastle shambles. Glass, on the other hand…….
  6. Correct. 2 men down. 3 if you include JET, 4 if you include Ramirez etc etc. Glass has to have a major rethink this week; realise Rome was never built in a day and that his soccer ideology will take a bit of time to implement. He needs to go 4-2-3-1 for the foreseeable, drop Ferguson and/or Ojo and buy himself some time , a commodity which is rapidly decreasing in front of his very eyes. Either he realises it himself, or Brown, Simmie and Robson lock him in a room and impose it on him. It’s that, or a one way ticket back stateside, with a return to football in the UK an impossibility
  7. I agree Cormack won’t allow this shitfest to get TOO much shitier but as was pointed out yesterday, if Glass does get the bullet, who the fuck is going to come in as new head coach and work under Steven Gunn; another inexperienced Cormack puppet who clearly is also out of his depth? Fuck, a year ago, Gunn was doing the logistics of foreign travel and player registrations, now he’s running the entire football operation. Frying pans, and fires. McInnes was a busted flush. Milne was an embarrassment. Now, we’ve exacerbated the situation and are locked into an arrangement with US investors who want their men in key positions
  8. Maybe he’s pissed off that his move to a house in Garlogie fell thru, got outbid.
  9. Yeah I thought so too. I was sitting not too far away and never heard anything being shouted at him as he warmed up, would have been very young kids if anything. I thought he left us on good terms but he can fuck right off after those antics, hippy bastard.
  10. Get Ferguson to fuck, give the Geordie lad Longstaff a go.
  11. Celtic haven’t won an away league match for 7 months. Guess where their next away match is?
  12. Fuck it, no time like the present to start this one. Glass needs to rip up his blue print as it clearly ain’t working. 4-2-3-1 for this one, fuck 3 sitting midfielders. Woods (if fit) Ramsay Bates McCrorie McKenzie Brown Longstaff Hedges Watkins Samuels JET Obviously more than a few other injury concerns in there. Will just have to see how the week pans out. And JET? Yeah I know I rubbished him yesterday but maybe up “top”, focal point, might suit him.
  13. He’s back in the states I assume? Gone all quiet anyway but I suspect he’ll pop up this week, showing his undivided support for his manager.
  14. Ryan Duncan I assume you mean? He’s a left winger but I agree, get him on the bench at least, and give him the opportunity that yesterday’s men like Nial McGinn or Hayes got instead.
  15. Agree with the first bit - Glass just doesn’t posses the leadership qualities required to manage a club of our standing. How Dave the Rave ever thought otherwise is hugely concerning. Cormack comes across as a puritan, church going kind of guy, as Glass does. He’s not daft, he’ll remove Glass when the trapdoor moves ever closer in late October but who would he replace him with? Imagine Cormack working with a Brian Rice kinda guy? Not suggesting him, but an utter cunt of a manager, who would have to report to another Puritan in Steven Gunn? It’s a shitshow and no mistake
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