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  1. Going by what Callum Davidson said the other day, it’s England he’ll go to. Who is it that is publicising our interest in these players? Their agents?
  2. He might indeed be entitled but if you AGREE a deal, as in “you’ve asked for x, and we’ve agreed to x” then for your agent to then go and hawk around England trying to get his client an even better deal, is Shite. I think this might be old news and that AFC in fact walked away from the deal a week or so ago. As they should have Fuck the little Irish cunt and fuck his agent too
  3. The wifie, with the Hun husband and daughter?
  4. Leaks seem to be spouting out of Pittodrie again, regularly
  5. What did mainstandmoan say about McGrath? Deal was more or less done?
  6. Seems to me like there was never much chance of him coming here in the first place, so shouldn’t we have pulled the plug a lot earlier? Getting linked with a heck of a lot of players. Deliberate leaks again?
  7. The only way I would take Shinnie back would be to play left back! Great 4 years with us but we have to plough ahead with signing younger, ambitious and hungrier players.
  8. Brown isn’t suspended, is he? Whose the 2nd Ferguson, some young loon? And, if it’s 5 subs, isn’t it 9 on the bench? Add Kennedy and Barron Lewis Ramsay Bates McCrorie MacKenzie Brown Ferguson Hedges Jenks Hayes Ramirez
  9. Reynolds moved back to Kingswells 3 or 4 months ago, think his wife has started a business there so would imagine it’s Cove he’ll appear next
  10. Think Alfie Bavidge is still only 15, as is Cammy Wilson
  11. Great, all done at the end of last year, fixed price, no fucking about
  12. Would have gone to this if I wasn’t down in Edinburgh this afternoon. Fatona and Towler suspended after their sendings off v Hamilton. And doubt Ryan Duncan will play tonight if he’s playing for Peterhead tomorrow. But worth going to, if anyone’s got the time
  13. Any car body workshops in Aberdeen that anyone can recommend? Scuff marks on the front bumper, some fucker must have done it in a supermarket car park last weekend and drove off. Had two quotes for far, from GT Autobody in Bridge of Don and the Aberdeen Paint and Body Repair Centre in Mastrick
  14. I agree. They will skoosh the championship now, even moreso if they also sign that reptile Lafferty
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