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  1. We also need to be less snobby and realise there are some decent older players in this league as well. It’s all about the team, not any one individual, so just cos a player ain’t getting a game for a so called lesser team doesn’t mean he ain’t good enough for us.
  2. Either of the St Johnstone back 3 would walk into our side; Kerr, Gordon or McCart
  3. Still never understood that deal.......
  4. Davidson has been allowed the time this season to develop and impose his strategy on the side, despite a pretty horrendous start to the season. He’d have been hounded out of his job by September if he’d been here, as I suspect Glass might find out if he has a “difficult” start to his tenure next season.
  5. McCann is supposedly going to the Tims. Right sounding name, I suppose.
  6. Aldo is pretty decent, to be fair, on that Shitfest of a website
  7. Not JET is it? Seen it banded about he is signing for us tomorrow.
  8. Can you imagine the carnage on here 12 months ago if we had signed then championship striker Nisbett? ”Fa’s he?” “Signing him for?” “Phit dis he dee?” etc etc
  9. Doncaster are down down, deeper and down. Derby will stay up with the draw.
  10. This Robertson/Hun thing.....is he a mate of The Rat, and joined in with the Sevco celebrations when they won the league? Is that how he was outed?
  11. McInnes fell out with Devlin well before a soul bar. Something to do with an injury incurred during a Scotland game.
  12. It’s the usual folk losing their same shit as per..... On Devlin, are we all in agreement he was a great player when teamed up with McKenna? Both were in the Scotland squad. Obvious even to a blind cunt that he fell out with McInnes for one reason or another and then injuries fucked him over. How about sending him over to Atlanta for the summer, or Denmark? Get him a half dozen games under his belt and take it from there? Robertson/Hun? I don’t recall that? Did he declare his undying love for Sevco when he left us?
  13. “This guy does a fantastic Ali G impression”. ”I don’t” ”oh sorry, it’s the other one.”
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