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  1. If what you’ve suggested happened, and I doubt very much it will, Ramsay’s fee would be insignificant compared to what Barron will fetch. To go to The Tims, I’d be looking at £10m to allow him to go there. If Celtic refused and started playing silly buggers regarding Scales, we move onto someone else. However, it sounds like a deal will be done for Scales independently of Barron, in Jan Barron is the real deal, as I suspect Duncan is.
  2. I see we’ve added left back Brendan Hamilton from Glentoran to our U18 squad. Was he the guy spoken about a few months back, or am I wrong?
  3. With him being on a lucrative contract with a yr to run, surely the best case scenario for us is that he tears up the remaining yr in exchange for a free transfer? Any notion of a transfer fee is fanciful
  4. Mikey Devlin off to Fleetwood Yep, for footballing purposes
  5. Played right back for us up at Buckie on Saturday but you could see he was taking the ball on his left side. Played really well
  6. If Ronan goes anywhere, will be permanent, not a loan. McGrath will be a loan deal.
  7. On loan, aye. Good move for him. Old Skool manager who will “educate” the ex Fulham stopper.
  8. That’s the Fartz signed the attacking midfielder from Peterborough. You’d think that’s them out if the running for Ronan?
  9. I notice in the papers today that as a plea, a cry for help if you will, he’s taken up boxing as part of a fitness regime designed to get him back to the same weight he was in season 15-16. Looks the penny might finally be dropping for currently without a club player but you know how this plays out, once he gets a contract, McDonalds makes a reappearance in his life. Etc etc
  10. In terms of the Hun support, the word on the street in that The Ferguson’s are persona non grata down Ibrox way. Whether Sevco would bear that in mind when considering a bid for young Lewis is debatable but surely, Cormack knows what the implications are to sell to that bunch of cunts?
  11. And let’s face it, both are not of the required standard. Although, I suspect Watkins will see out his final year of his contract and probably Bates will leave next summer, still under contact. There’s only so many players we can afford to bin in a oner, both financially and for sheer squad numbers.
  12. “We’ve signed Liam Scales, Anthony Stewart and we’ve got David Bates and Gallagher there as well,” Goodwin said. “One or two of the guys may become surplus to requirements. One or two of the guys? Maybe Batesy shouldn’t feel too comfortable
  13. Harolder Ingolffsen tweeting that Paul Hartley was at the game today to run the rule over Hanratty and Nygenya
  14. And then of course, Kennedy’s been told he’s also surplus to requirements. Hasn’t he?
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