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  1. Some great points. However, Ryan Duncan is ready NOW, in my opinion. I wouldn’t be sending him out on loan anywhere. I’m sure he’d have played those last 3 or so games for us after Peterhead’s season’s ended, had it not been some some archaic SFA rules but even if Ronan and/or McGrath arrive next season, I’d be integrating him into the squad too
  2. 4 new strikers? I'd be stunned if we signed any more than 2, and that's even if Ramirez leaves. So many other areas of the team that need strengthening as well as the forward areas, and only so much of a budget, especially if more under contract players are getting binned off this wek
  3. Let’s face it, his time was up when DC returned and the likes of Jon Gallagher and Ronnie were foisted upon him. Great initial 4 years, average 2 years and after that, was tatties ower the side. That great philosopher David Brent once said - “Better to be at the bottom of the ladder you want to climb, than be halfway up one you dont”. You just hope we’re on the right building site this time
  4. Whose the fucker behind “Kerrso”? Sammy stewart, was it?
  5. Good Open Goal podcast with McInnes today. Speaks quite highly of his time here, the first 7 and a bit years anyway. No hint of bitterness Still plays golf with Wiggy!
  6. Yeah, I’m starting to have concerns about him too. Maybe centre half is his best position after all?
  7. Strolled it today, however But maybe that says more about powder puff Watkins than Gogic
  8. Joe McCrorie Bates Considine (c) McKenzie Barron Fergie Polvara Vinnie Watkins Hayes
  9. Fair doos to mini, credibility intact with me.
  10. No chance Kennedy is one of the 11, and it’s over and above JET, Brown and Devlin, so must me 4 or 5 youngsters
  11. Would be stunned if we got £3.5m for Ferguson, deservedly or otherwise.
  12. Think Curtis Main went in for an operation yesterday so it’s Shaughnessy we need to worry about, in terms of ex Dons coming back to haunt us. Lewis McCrorie Bates Gallagher McKenzie Barron Polvara Ferguson Vinnie Harvey Kennedy.
  13. Interesting reading Jim McInally's comments regarding Ryan Duncan, from his time at Peterheed. Says he reminds him of Tom Rogic. Can see where the comparison comes from (big loon, great movement etc ) but I still stand by my Ryan Christie comparsion. 'Kin annoying that he can't play these remaining meaningless games; prefect platform for him and one or two others.
  14. Probably just been told by Cormack that his summer budget has been slashed (cos he doesn’t trust him to spend it wisely)
  15. If somebody can be arsed watching a re-run of last nights game on RedTV, about 10 or 15 minutes into the game, Rob Mclean made some comments about the possibility of Montgomery extending his loan deal. I think it was just an off the cuff remark rather than anything informed, would just be interested to hear again exactly phit he said but even if its the former, the commentator should be shot for having those thoughts.
  16. I thought I saw improvement in McKenzie over the last 3 games or so - in an attacking sense anyway - but last night he regressed again. Body angle all wrong when receiving the ball etc MIGHT make it as a left centre half, that has to be his priority now. Fuck me, that’s 2 new full backs, at least one centre half, a goalie. That’s 4 new players already and we ain’t addressed the creative and attacking elements yet!!
  17. How would we have announced any pre-contracts? Are you a bit simple?
  18. I don’t think there are any pre contracts to announce. If there had been, we’d have announced them
  19. This ain’t getting fixed in one transfer window; it’s going to take 3 or 4, to fully fix the latter days of the McInnes reign and the Glass fiasco. If he only takes in 6 players this summer, as long as they are of the right quality and character, that will have to do for stage 1. And then the January window will be minor adjustments, ahead of another major recruitment drive the following summer. Anybody thinking this is getting fixed this summer is plain nuts
  20. What is becoming clear now is that this isn’t getting fixed in one transfer window or even two. This might take 2 or more years and will Goodwin will be there to see it through? If we only take in 6 players this summer but they are a good quality, that might have to do for the time being. Gradual improvement but with a bigger picture in mind.
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