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  1. Two things. The wind was howling in that direction in the first half and the forecast was for it to drop later, and more importantly, in any case, we seem to prefer to shoot towards the RedShed in the 2nd half these days.
  2. Nah, not my bag. I leave that sh1t to others You working abroad - that why you can’t get to games?
  3. So you don’t actually go to the games?
  4. Based on what Sportscene said, rather that your informed opinion from actually being at the game?
  5. Great stuff today. First time we’ve scored 3 goals in the league this season, let alone 4. Defended really well when we had to, Bates was outstanding again, 3 really good performances this week. We move onto St Johnstone now and have to bury them too. St Mirren are not a bad team at all. Push their wing backs way up the park hugging the touch lines, and both saw plenty action. Although didn’t realise that Jamie McGrath played today till I heard the after match analysis on the road home . Maybe better analysts than me can comment on his contributions, but I thought it was minimal.
  6. It’s the same 11 as Wednesday night plus Gallagher is on the bench Gurr bombed completely
  7. Outside the the Sports Bar in Hutcheon St?
  8. The only way we should even consider selling Ramsay in January is with an £10 million price tag and an 18 month loan back
  9. Isn’t he a farmer too? It’s we’ll know how forgetful they are when it comes to declaring stuff like tax etc. Allegedly
  10. With JET, the only way I can see to successfully deploy him is “up top” and through the middle with runners playing off him, which would mean no place for Ramirez. And he needs to learn to lay the ball off far quicker, one touch if he can manage it. In spells both versus Celtic and Livvie, it looked like Ramirez was being deployed in a deeper role
  11. It’s going to be tropical compared to Wednesday night……
  12. Maybe the Briedablec (sp) defender is arriving in Jan, to play that left back or left wing back role, as was suggested in August? Agree regarding moving McCrorie into midfield, however well he’s doing in central defence. Allows Ferguson to move further forward, or alternatively, we sign a proper no. 10 if he moves on in Jan
  13. sooth_stander

    Beer taps

    They any good? Is it cost effective over just buying tinnies? What’s the best place to buy taps, and kegs?
  14. ABZ Podcast, Red Tinted Glasses, Hero We Go, Northern Goal, Pittodrie PS. I’m sure there will be more.
  15. Despite Bates and McCrorie looking good together, I’m still hopeful that Gallagher will come good, which would release Ross into midfield, allowing Ferguson into a more advanced position
  16. If JET starts, it has to be right up front and when Ramirez is unavailable. He’s just too darn slow to play anywhere else. Gallagher is fit for Saturday but no way does he start. Maybe, given time, it would allow us to play a back 3 or push McCrorie into midfield
  17. He’s on loan at Peterhead but not sure if he’s actually played for them yet, due to injury
  18. Lewis Ojo McCrorie Bates Hayes Ferguson Brown Hedges Jet Watkins Ramirez
  19. Crowd prediction tonight? I’ll go for 7981. The hoorin’ cauld weather won’t help. Either way, can see it being the lowest league crowd for a meaningful game in a long, long time
  20. Listening to various podcasts in the last week or so, from people that you would think would be in the know - we're going to be throwing money at this problem in January and the person throwing it will be Glass. So all he has to do is tough it out throughout December and all will be ok. The only person I think that can change that is Glass himself, depending on how ropey things get for him over the next few weeks. Looking at our run of away games, Perth on Dec 11th or Hibs on Dec 22nd might get very nasty and enough for him to say "Im out". Or maybe the RedShed will politely let him know soon enough that he's not wanted
  21. Gurr, don't forget about him It's probably going to take 18 months to rid the squad of the massive fuck ups made in the summer.
  22. Both Motherwell and United on losing streaks, other than we they play us or each other, and yet miles ahead of us
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