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  1. It will surely be insignificant regardless? Or are our fans rating him a 5m player too
  2. If Celtic genuinely want Barron and he wants to go to Celtic, he will. We may as well use it to our advantage to get our player if scales is good enough/wanted.
  3. For Kennedy n mclennan hopefully.. ramirez is American so doesn't need an international space..
  4. To be fair the sentence leading up to the "massive club" statement he said the stadium and training facilities are great. Looking at the stadium and training facilities at St mirrey, they probably are "massive" compared.
  5. Arguably agreeing a mutual consent goodbye with ramirez will be as good as getting a fee because of the massive wage he's on.
  6. Not like the BBC to fuck up I don't have a p&j subscription so couldn't actually see what it said.
  7. His wife still plays for hibs doubt he would pick the NE over central belt tbh.
  8. Hancock to Arbroath off, looks like he's going to Fleetwood.
  9. Jordan Larsson, released by spartak today and son of Henrik.
  10. I did and there's not a grassing hun bastard staring back. You cant say the same, son.
  11. Think how clubs could hold players to ransom if that was the case. You need to offer a player at least equal contract to what they are currently on to be due compensation; ie ethan Ross last year when he rejected the deal.
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