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  1. The administrators accepted it not the club.
  2. Tims 2 hibs 0 Dons 2 sevco 1 United 1 St mirren 0 Hearts 1 St Johnstone 0 Livi 0-1 dundee County 1 well 1 Dons 3-1 Ed City
  3. Plus add ons? They are getting him for free in 5 months time. No chance they are going to agree to a sell on clause with you lot.
  4. Aberdeen is a shithole. You can't blame players for picking the central belt/english cities over us.
  5. Embarrassing coming out and saying you want your business done before the huns game and only signing a lad who most likely wont even be in the squad tomorrow. Fuds.
  6. As vile as questioning a true Aberdonians hatred towards the huns? I think not.
  7. Not to specifically do them a favour but would he have seen more Rangers/Scotland games than Aberdeen/Scotland u21? Yes.
  8. It's an answer to your question regardless of whether I believe it or not.
  9. Because Duncan Ferguson is a hun bastard like yourself and trying to help out his old team before their 2nd financial meltdown.
  10. Also true, assumed you would know who's out of contract and who isn't being a top Don and that.
  11. I was like I said mcgeouch you melt before I realised I spelt it wrong and you are being smart, well played sir. Yeah he might keep him and expect Ojo to go and Ferguson to be sold so we will still need bodies into replace at cm.
  12. If he's signed on a pre it will likely to be to replace Ojo, Mcgeough, Campbell could go on loan and ferguson sold. All of a sudden no midfielders...
  13. Do we actually care? No. Should we be looking to compare the price because we have a younger and better player in the same position? Yes.
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