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  1. Aye im sure we've signed him as our 7th cdm
  2. Is he actually that good? Would think us would be the highest level he would get to personally.
  3. We have signed 1 player on loan, from Brighton...... settle yourself.
  4. How? He's nae on loan it's a permanent deal.
  5. Hearts chuck out long contracts for fun. Usually to old or foreign muck.
  6. 100% this. He is hardly agreeing to walkaway 2 years into a 4 year contract for fuck all.
  7. You are on the wrong forum if you are going to be a snowflake coming out with pish like that.
  8. They are fucking mugs like always giving shite/old players long deals. Hope he agreed on fuck all of a pay cut to coach.
  9. Stupid hun cunts gave him a long deal,so no option but to keep him as a coach.
  10. Pretty sure we had Socidad then got papped off United on the Sunday?
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