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  1. Apparently a dons fan was giving him shit when he was warming up infront of the main stand. If that is the case can you blame him for the way he celebrated? I'd have done the same to be honest.
  2. Harry Kewell sacked for 0 wins from 7. @dave cormack
  3. At least we can enjoy Friday and Saturday before the weekend is ruined Sunday.
  4. Someone from Ayrshire calling me a crackpot. I'll tell the jokes
  5. So you'd rather we signed a lower standard centre half earlier in the window than wait til other clubs have done their business to allow the better one (that we got) to leave? Weird.
  6. Bore off you have said this about 10 times now.
  7. As acceptable as starting a new thread on the matter.
  8. To clarify, is it a sorry or a shambolic state of affairs right now?
  9. Get Davidson in for a chat before the saints bus leaves. The clock is seriously ticking on Glass already.
  10. Fat hun cunt Stewart signed for Jamshedpur in India. Fucking rotten move.
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