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  1. Simply Red

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    Surely Steve Clarke could give her a gig emptying balls at the training camp. Wee Billy could pop his cherry and be 10men v Croatia
  2. Thanks for the wee wave today Sooper
  3. Simply Red

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    Used to like Hingis. Cracking bod. Nipples always on show. blue wallpaper 1920x1080
  4. Simply Red


    You can call a woman whatever you like. Equality innit.
  5. Guff media and fans having a massive hissy fit as about their performance and result. Massive over reaction as usual. Lovely stuff. Cunts
  6. That’ll be Gilmour a mainstay in the starting XI now thank fuck. Bring on the Croats. Cant see the team fearing them at Hampden. Rio saying he’d never been more confident of a 3 goal win before the game. Fucking walloper
  7. Simply Red

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    Good when he played rhythm guitar with oasis in the early days.
  8. Snooker at the aecc used to be nae bad when you could sit and watch Jimmy White whilst chain smoking and drinking pints (him and me)
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