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  1. With you there. Fucking terrible
  2. Simply Red

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    Have i been inadvertently talking about the rabbit of the hardest family in Cove?
  3. Simply Red

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    Lol dont cry about it. Yir rabbit got covid?
  4. Simply Red

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    @Peter71 did you join up just to post that? wow
  5. Simply Red

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    Clearly you didnt read my post properly. I simply relayed what a boy at work told me about his neighbour in Cove. I neither care or know what their personal circumstances are. If they are asking the public to help them pay a rabbits vet bill and have 2 bmws in the drive then id suggest they have a brass neck.
  6. Simply Red


    Couldve told you that based on that http alone. Dont need to read it to know its cobblers.
  7. Not aware of independence being in any other parties manifesto. I dont think the right party/leadership exists in politics. We have to piss with the cock we’ve got and that cock is wee Nicky.
  8. Independence is a pretty big “one thing” tbf. Id rather not vote for any of the cunts but i want independence so snp it is. Id rather vote for the taliban than the tories. Aberdonian tories
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