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  1. Lets hear what this beauts been saying. Otherwise whats the point coming on here talking about how funny it is.
  2. I gave it 10mins. Unwatchable dogshit. Pity cos theres a decent story there with a magic back catalogue.
  3. Simply Red


    Seem to mind MHD saying he was from Thurso or somewhere up there.
  4. My missus has a ‘baby on board’ sticker on her motor so any simpleton micropenis cunt who is driving up her backside like a maniac gets a reminder his driving is endangering kids in the back.
  5. Simply Red

    Thread O Twitter

    Probably all Aberdonian conservative voters. A real thoroughbred breed of wanker
  6. In what way did he think he was too good for us?
  7. ^sums up the modern player. Absolute fucking pannys. If i was a manager, id also be worried about the players doing themselves an injury with the knee slide celebration.
  8. Boy i worked with told me some deeply retarded shit which he thoroughly believed: Michelle Obama is a man. That massive container ship that was blocking the Suez canal last year - its hull was full of kids on their way to peado island but the navy seals rescued them all (but its a secret) Theres a video online of Hilary Clinton disembowelling a kid with a big knife for the hell of it and laughing. When i asked the looney why wasnt she arrested “cos the cops are peado lefties aswell” This cunt was a pro-trump, pro-tory, anti-vax conspiracy lunatic. He spent all his free time reading this shit online and was convinced we live under a leftie (but zionist) new world order who are mad peados. Made me think he had serious mental issues and was probably a peado. Scary that he wasnt alone in believing all that shit.
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    Best type of socks to wear with flip flops
  10. Rainbow Trout (Harry) Monk fish
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