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  1. Simply Red

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    Dwarf woman is (other than the tits and hairy duff) Would you fuck a dwarf?
  2. Simply Red

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    Whats a cis again?
  3. Simply Red

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    In a hunner years time there will be a man-lady gold olympian who competes against men and women and ladyboys and beats them all. Id stick a tenner on it
  4. Simply Red

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    You could have a race v a trans and then batter or fuck it after depending on who won and/or how tidy it was, and it would be fair enough cos she used to be a bloody bloke. #cool diversities
  5. Cruel in the summer tho overheating like fuck cos their coats are too thick
  6. Makes yir pee smell funny eh
  7. Wee kids are more sensitive to loud shit. Factoid.
  8. Could be autistic or something
  9. Id pump her but shes horrific. Sycophantic, havering idiot. Not as bad as she used to be but her interviews are unlistenable for me.
  10. 94-95 as a teenager, brilliant. Everything after that just got steadily worse. Decline started the day Tony got the boot and they slowly morphed into a parody of themselves. Paid zero attention to them after Loch Lomond.
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