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  1. You got diarrhoea today? Mentioning it a lot
  2. Next manager needs drive, enthusiasm and not afraid to show emotion on the touch line. Lewis needs stripped of captaincy. Topper of a keeper but he offered know encouragement or drive to the team. Who knows who we’ll end up with but someone with Lennon’s temperament will get my backing
  3. He’s barely had game time this season. Still think he could com on and make a difference to a game
  4. What’s the story with Mcginn? I know you’ll all come back and say he’s done but surely he can still have some influence in a game?
  5. There’s clearly issues at pittodrie right now. How we can be actively looking for improvements to the squad a few days ago to now not being in a position to is baffling. Can’t believe, the team sitting 3rd in the premier league cannot attract the calibre of player signed by the teams placed 8th in the league or the championship. I genuinely think mcinnes’s times come to an end here, hence this approach
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